The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!

Chapter 1520

Chapter 1520: Chapter 1520: Giant Aquatic Dragon and little loach

The Giant Aquatic Dragon panicked and crawled over, hissing and hissing.

Nangong Luoyue and the others were so frightened that their faces turned pale. They wanted to rush out of the cave, but Yun Chujiu unexpectedly stopped, she turned around and said to the giant aquatic dragon with a smile, “Giant Aquatic Dragon, don’t Tell Me You Believe Me? Do you want me to help you remove the Devil Oath?”

The Giant Aquatic Dragon was confused by Yun Chujiu’s trick of playing hard to get. Seeing that Yun Chujiu had finally returned, it immediately nodded its huge head.

“Giant Aquatic Dragon, since you trust me, we have to establish a spiritual connection. Otherwise, I won’t be able to know what happened. If I don’t know what happened, I won’t be able to help you remove your inner demon oath!”Yun Chujiu said with a smile.

Giant Aquatic Dragon paused for a moment, then took the initiative to establish a spiritual connection with Yun Chujiu.

Giant Aquatic Dragon didn’t expect that Yun Chujiu, after establishing a spiritual connection, would actually forcefully use the beast taming technique. Giant Aquatic Dragon was so angry that it almost twitched. It desperately used its spiritual sense to resist, wanting to bite back.

However, it didn’t expect that it would encounter a little monster with a perverted spiritual sense. After struggling for a few times, it could only be controlled by Yun Chujiu miserably!

“Hahaha! Little Loach! You still dare to pretend in front of this fairy. Come here! Obediently bow to this fairy! Otherwise, you know the consequences!”Yun Chujiu had one hand on her waist and the other pointed at the giant aquatic dragon. She was extremely smug.

Nangong Luoyue and the others looked at each other. What happened?

Why did little jiu call the giant aquatic dragon Lord respectfully just now? How did it become a little loach in such a short time? F * CK, did little nine use the beast taming technique? Did he successfully control the giant aquatic dragon?

How, How was this possible? Didn’t they say that the beast taming technique could only control demonic beasts whose spiritual power level was lower than his? How did little nine do it? This, this was too abnormal, right?

Compared to the stupefaction of Nan Gongluo Luoyue and the others, that giant aquatic dragon simply wanted to strangle itself to death. How could I be so stupid? How could I be so stupid? How could I be fooled by this damn brat? She didn’t even want to help me remove the oath of inner demons. She just wanted to control me!

Although the giant aquatic dragon was filled with grief and indignation, it didn’t dare to disobey Yun Chujiu’s words. It could only nod its huge head at Yun Chujiu as a form of greeting.


Yun chujiu curled her lips. “Do you think that I’m trying to trick you by not keeping my word? “Let me tell you, this fairy has always kept her word. The reason why I controlled you was because I was afraid that I would help you remove your inner demon oath. You went back on your word and killed us, so I took the opportunity to control you. “Now, tell me, how did you get coerced by the owner of this cave?”

Hearing Yun Chujiu’s words, the giant aquatic dragon felt a little better and used its spiritual sense to tell the story.

The story was similar to Yun Chujiu’s guess. The Giant Aquatic Dragon was not the Spirit Beast of the cave master. Instead, it was captured by the cave master and forced to swear an oath in its heart. Unless the cave master’s disciple came and took away all the spirit tools.., otherwise, it could not leave.

Over the years, the giant aquatic dragon had been dormant most of the time. It would only occasionally eat some shallots and Moonlight Moss. It was so miserable that it had nothing to live for.

“Little loach, that’s not right. Why didn’t the owner of this cave keep the things in his storage ring? Why did he put them outside instead? Could it be that there’s something mysterious about this spiritual artifact?”Yun chujiu asked in puzzlement.

A trace of surprise flashed through the giant aquatic dragon’s vertical pupils. This little pervert was really smart. He had originally wanted to trick her, but she had actually discovered him!

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