Toaru Majutsu no Index: New Testament

Volume 1, Prologue: The People Who Became the Protagonists by Some Kind of Mistake. War?

Volume 1, Prologue: The People Who Became the Protagonists by Some Kind of Mistake. War?

“Quenser! The same guy from last time appeared again! It’s an Object! That strange weapon really exists!! What do we do now, can anti-tank shells work against it!?”

“Isn’t that obvious, Heivia? We can only do that!!”

“Okay…Hey wait!! How did you end up with that conclusion? Anyone can tell that it’s stupid!! The enemy’s a monster with a main body larger than fifty meters and has over a hundred cannons of all sizes! Besides, that’s not a machine that can be stopped with one or two direct hits from a nuclear bomb! That thing will destroy everything just by walking whether we shoot at it or not!!”

“You know the main cannon? It’s that stupidly-huge lower-stability-type ion cannon. The inside of the cannon is completely hollow, and the heat it produces will blow it off if a magnetic field isn’t used to protect it… so you’re telling me there’s no way? A way to interfere with the inside of that main cannon!?”

“Oh? I suddenly thought of something good. I’m great! Wait, am I a genius!?”

“What now, Heivia?”

“Perfect. This is absolutely perfect!! If we do this, Quenser and I will definitely be saved!!”

“Just hurry up and say it!!”

“Go into the battlefield and act dead.”

“Go get stomped to death, you bastard!!!”[1]


Staring at the large screen, Hamazura’s hand that was holding a popcorn container inadvertently shuddered.

He had made the wrong choice.

This stupid movie wasn’t meant to be watched with a girlfriend.

“Well, it’s just a Kinuhata-style movie that Kinuhata recommended.”

The one who said this was his girlfriend beside him.

Her name was Takitsubo Rikou.

Even though it was an occasion like going out to watch a movie in a cinema, she was still wearing a pink sports jacket. She would most likely wear this even to a wedding ceremony or a funeral.

To Takitsubo, the most important thing about choosing clothes was comfort. However, Hamazura honestly wished that a sexy swimsuit or a bunny suit would replace her sports jacket.

Rikou, with a look that showed that she had lost half of her patience with the movie, said, “Hamazura, what do we do next?”

Unfortunately, they didn’t have much time left after the next meal; they had to meet up with Mugino and Kinuhata. They had something they needed to get done no matter what.

Nevertheless, Hamazura thought.

His mind wasn’t focused on the battle scene on the screen in front of him, but the “real” war that he knew of.

“…Somehow managed to survive World War III.”

He did not yet know who would become the leading protagonist.


1. ↑ The above is from HEAVY OBJECT, another series written by the author of this series.

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