Toaru Majutsu no Index: New Testament

Volume 4, Main.01

Volume 4, Main.01

Starting November 13, we, the 27 companies of the Anti-Academy City Science Guardians, will be holding a tournament called “Natural Selector” in Eastern Europe’s Baggage City.

The rules are as follows.

A victor will be determined in a one-on-one tournament style.

The stage shall be a circle with a diameter of thirty meters. When the match begins, all entrances will be sealed. As such, escape is impossible. Destroying the walls with an attack shall not be penalized, but leaving through such a hole will lead to disqualification.

An immediate loss will be determined either by completely losing one’s consciousness or giving a sign of surrender. If the opponent is killed in the process of knocking them unconscious, the victor will not be penalized.

The time for each match will be fifteen minutes. Once that limit has been reached, a tournament doctor will determine the victor by measuring the physical damage to each contestant.

Contestants may bring in equipment including clothes so long as it does not exceed eighty kilograms. However, the contestant must be able to wear or hold the equipment in both hands at the time the match begins. No platform or tripod may be used to hold the equipment in place.

No gunpowder, explosives, poisons, bacteria, radioactive materials, etc. as established by the Second Frankfurt War Treaty may be used. Any materials not covered by the treaty are not restricted.

Anyone who does not meet the above requirements will not be allowed to participate. Also, if non-compliance is discovered partway through, the participant’s progress will be revoked and the participant will be made to leave.

If a non-compliant participant refuses to follow our orders to leave, they will be forcibly removed by our unmanned weapons.

This tournament, named after the process of natural selection, has only one prize. The victor will verify a global standard for the replacement of Academy City’s espers.

With things such as UFOs and OOPArts, many people have faced bitter experiences because people assume anything not from Academy City is not scientific and must be fake. We plan to show just how unreasonable that treatment is.

We urge you to use this chance to prove that it is real.

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