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Chapter 981 - Fiancée Means that Shes Not Married to You Yet

Chapter 981: Fiancée Means that She’s Not Married to You Yet

Every time he stopped at a red light, Wei Zhiqian could not help but look to his right.

But the seat was empty.

Wei Zhiqian pinched the space between his eyebrows.

This could not go on.

Now he was engaged to Tan Mo as he wished.

But as long as they did not get married, Tan Mo would not go back to the Old Mansion with him on New Year’s Eve.

If they got married, Tan Mo would definitely go back to the Old Mansion with him on New Year’s Eve.

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According to the custom, they would go back to her house on the second day of the Lunar New Year.

However, there were not so many customs nowadays.

After many young people got married, they would go back and forth on New Year’s Eve.

They would go to one house at noon and one house at night.

They would accompany the elders of both parties on New Year’s Eve.

Or they would invite the elders of both parties together and celebrate the New Year together in a restaurant.

However, for the Tan Mansion, it was much simpler, there were only so many people.

However, there were too many people to gather at the Old Mansion, not to mention that there were weird members like Wei Mingxiao who would also be there.

If they really gathered together, the atmosphere would probably not be good.

Wei Zhiqian did not intend to make the members of the Tan Mansion suffer.

Therefore, when he married Tan Mo, he would discuss with Tan Mo how to celebrate the festival with the two families on the eve of the Lunar New Year.

If he could spend the New Year’s Eve with Tan Mo at the Tan Mansion, Tan Wenci and Xu Mingzhen would be very happy.

At that time, it would depend on how the time was allocated.

Wei Zhiqian looked at the signal light that had turned green.

As he stepped on the accelerator, he thought to himself, it seems like it is time to put the wedding on the agenda.

Wei Zhiqian arrived at the Old Mansion.

There were already many cars parked outside the Old Mansion.

It seemed that the families had mostly arrived.

As soon as Wei Zhiqian stepped into the main hall, he heard lively chatters and waves of laughter coming from inside.

No matter how unpleasant it was before, everyone was still amiable and lively today.

All the unpleasant things in the year would be forgotten today.

However, it was not known if Li Xiangrong was influenced by Sheng Yilan, or if she was a talent potentially.

At first, Sheng Yilan was the only one who was acting weird from time to time.

Now, it was Li Xiangrong and Sheng Yilan who were acting weird together from time to time.

The mother-in-law and daughter-in-law worked well together.

However, because of the festival, they did not want to make a scene during the festival.

Therefore, with respect to their weird behavior, no one paid attention to them. No one took them seriously.

However, Sheng Yilan and Li Xiangrong also had some considerations, so they did not take things too far.

Especially after the Old Mister and Old Madam gave them a look of warning occasionally, the two of them restrained themselves.

“Zhiqian is here.” Wu Qinxia saw Wei Zhiqian first and said with a smile.

“Why are you so late? Is the company busy?” Sheng Yilan asked.

Wei Mingwen and the others had already arrived.

“I sent Momo back to the Tan Mansion first.” Wei Zhiqian explained.

“Wow, you two have been together for a long time. Why are you still so inseparable?” Sheng Yilan teased sarcastically.

Wei Zhiqian pursed his lips, “No matter how long, how many years, or how many decades, it’s always the same.”

Sheng Yilan smiled, “How silly. When you two are really together for a few decades, you’ll be tired of being together by then. How can you still be so inseparable?”

Wei Zhiqian said indifferently, “I’m still confident of this.”

“People can’t predict their own future, right?” Li Xiangrong added.

“Indeed, they can’t predict their own future, but they can control their own minds.” Wei Zhiqian became colder and colder, “Momo and I are both confident about this.”

“Besides, Momo and I have always been together since she was six years old. We’ve only started dating after knowing each other for 12 years. In all these years, we haven’t seen each other sick of each other.”

Li Xiangrong pursed her lips in displeasure. She did not know if she should smile or not.

Wei Zhiqian was already here, but Wei Keli had not arrived yet.

However, no one talked about Wei Keli even though he had not arrived.

It was as if Wei Keli did not exist at all.

If others did not mention him, Sheng Yilan could only bring it up herself, “Why hasn’t Keli arrived yet?”

Although he and Wei Mingxiao were very disappointed with Wei Keli’s previous matter.

But he was still his own grandson.

No matter how disappointed he was, it couldn’t be compared to family ties.

In addition, Wei Keli’s business was doing very well, and Wei Mingxiao still felt proud.

This grandson had made him proud.

In the previous matter, there was no denying of his wrongdoing. Although it could not be easily forgiven, Wei Mingxiao and Sheng Yilan still thought that the matter was over.

“He’s very busy now. His official career is just starting and rising. He can’t be idle on normal days. There are no definite holidays for him.” Speaking of this, Li Xiangrong had something to say, “He can’t even be idle today. He can’t even get off work on time.”

Sheng Yilan chimed in with a smile and said, “It’s good to be busy. I’ll be worried if he’s free.”

“Being busy means that his business is good.” Sheng Yilan said with a smile.

Li Xiangrong also said with a smile: “I didn’t expect that he could do so well. He has just started, yet he can already expand his business. Although he can’t be compared with Weifeng Company, he is still better than many companies.”

“Keli indeed didn’t let us down.” Wei Zhijian nodded with pride on his face.

Xiao Menghan looked at him coldly and sneered in her heart.

Only Wei Keli’s family would acknowledge each other and was moved by themselves.

Did the others say anything?

Even Wei Mingzhong’s family was expressionless and did not say anything.

Seeing that no one asked, Sheng Yilan could only continue to attract attention, “Right, what has Keli been busy with recently? Although his career has just started and it’s a little tiring, things can’t be rushed. Let him know to not throw himself into his work.”

Li Xiangrong was about to say something when Wei Keli came.

However, Yuan Keqing was still by Wei Keli’s side.

It was not an exaggeration to say that the Old Madam wanted to throw up when she saw these two together.

Wei Mingzhong’s family still did not know what Wei Keli did.

Wei Zhijian’s family would definitely hide it from them.

Not only for the sake of their friendship with the Qin family, did they not dare to leak the matter.

It was also because Wei Keli’s actions were too disgraceful.

This was not something to be proud of, so why did he have to tell it to others?

Wei Mingzhong’s family was, to put it nicely, relatives.

But if they were to really discuss it with their own small families, they were all outsiders.

“Great-grandpa, great-grandma.” Wei Keli brought Yuan Keqing and greeted them one by one.

Yuan Keqing also followed Wei Keli and greeted them.

Wei Mingzhong’s family did not say anything. They did not respond and pretended not to hear anything.

Not to mention Wei Keli.

Yuan Keqing was not married to Wei Keli yet.

It was a bit too much for her to rush here on the eve of the Lunar New Year.

Old Madam was even more impolite, “Why is Ms. Yuan here?”

“Great-grandma, Keqing is my fiancée.” Wei Keli said, “So I brought her back for the Lunar New Year.”

“Fiancée means that she’s not married to you yet, so she’s not a member of our Wei family. It’s not appropriate for her to come back now, right?” Old Madam said with a cold face, without any intention of saving Yuan Keqing’s face.

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