Top Sexy Girl Group

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Chapter 10: Top Sexy Girl Group

“Let go of me, you pig.”

I let go, and the moment I freed him, the man flung his fist towards my face. I easily dodged his swing. I may have been a pig, but I knew a thing or two about fighting. He started to swing the broken soju bottle again, as I avoided it while simultaneously kicking his left thigh.


The sound was tremendous. The impact was likely intense, thanks to my hefty weight. It was a low kick of about a tenth of a ton.

His left log started to wobble, and I took the opportunity to shove his chest with a front kick.


He was down and out. He wasn’t dead, but probably unconscious. Anyway, the crowd applauded my heroic performance. Among the cheers I heard a “Go pig!” I’ll have to punish that one too if I ever caught them.

The police soon arrived and started to clear up the scene. I turned around to see Minji still crouched over and crying. Was she that scared? I guess it was understandable, since a huge man came running at her with a broken glass bottle. It must have been shocking. She is young, after all.

“Oh, boo hoo.”

I actually felt a pang of pity for the girl, seeing her shaking and crying out of fear. I felt like I wanted to protect her. I was in the body of a woman, but my soul was still that of a man. And I was 30 years old. How else could I feel when this 21 year-old girl was shaking like that. She had a piece of trash personality, truly, but at least in this very moment I give her a hand. But in that hand was a handful of hair. I looked at Minji’s head in disbelief, and indeed, there was a bald spot. I guess I had yanked too hard, pulling out so many hairs one might have thought she was prematurely balding. Oh, she wasn’t crying because of the yanked hair, was she?

“Sorry. Anyway, get up bitch.”

She gently took my hand and stood up. And started crying again. The police soon approached us and I explained the situation. The police seemed to doubt me when I told him that I beat the guy up. Only after some witnesses backed up my story, did he believe me.

And in just a few moments, Jun-jin came running over to us.

“Sian! Minji!”

He gasped, trying to catch his breath.

“Just in time, aren’t you?”

“I went all the way over there, and came back here… Hah… Never in my dreams did I imagine that you two would be watching the fight here… Gah… You weren’t picking up your phones… But what’s wrong with Minji?… Hah… Haah…”

Jun-jin worried about Minji.

“Something happened. Take her back to the dorm for me.”

I left Minji in Jun-jin’s hands. She was still hobbling and wobbling from the shock.

“What in the world happened?”

Jun-jin looked serious.

“We were just watching the fight and got attacked. Anyway, take her back to the dorm. Don’t take her to a motel on the way.”

I wanted to say it, just in case. In my memories were many cases in which men commonly went to motels, especially with women hobbling and wobbling like that.

“Motel…? What do you think I am…”

He seemed hurt.

“Anyway, take her back and let her rest. I’ll go get the eggs.”

“Okay, I will.”

Jun-jin supported Minji and turned back, as I headed towards the store again. But for some reason, I felt a little twinge of regret.

“I should’ve beat him up more. I barely got started… Tsk.”

Yes. He went down in two measly kicks. Anyway, I felt good, having saved someone after such a long time off.


I returned to the dorm with the eggs. Everyone was gathered in the living room, consoling Minji who was still crying.

“Oh! Sian, hurry over!”

Yoo-young called to me.

“What happened?”

Yoo-young asked in a worried tone. All of my housemates were looking at me.

“We went to go watch some middle-aged men fighting on the streets and got attacked.”

“Really? Why?”

“He said he fuc… Ah, he mistook Minji for his girlfriend. So he came at her.”


Everyone nodded.

“But good thing you’re okay, Minji.”

Yoo-young gave Minji a tight hug. My heart hurt a little at this sight. I was a more sensitive man than one would think.

“Ah, Yoo-young. The eggs.”

I gave Yoo-young the eggs.

“Oh yeah. Girls, stay in the living room. I’ll make some steamed egg. Minji, you stop crying.”

“Okay, Yoo-young… sniffle..”

Minji breathed her snot in as she stole a glance at me. The way she looked at me seemed to have changed somehow, and so did her hair…


3 days had passed since the incident. Today was the day the first episode of Fifteen would air. On the first day, since all we did was introduce ourselves, there was no ranking. Only comments online. I already knew, I’d get a lot of hate. Even before I had reincarnated, this woman received a lot of hate from the masses. Most of the comments were about what a pig she was and how she had miraculously become an idol star with that body. Was being fat such a sin? Technically speaking, it wasn’t. But as an idol, and as a member of a team, it was her duty to strictly take care of herself for the sake of the team. The masses were criticizing exactly that point. Taking care of oneself. My body’s owner had known that very well, but her will was weak. She gave up and binged constantly, repeating the cycle over and over again. Stress, eat, sleep, cry… I personally thought she deserved the hate comments.

But not anymore. Things would change completely.

“85.8 kg.”

I beamed with satisfaction. This body had lost 10 kg after I had reincarnated into it. And I was gaining momentum. Of course. As one increases in muscle mass, they can perform higher intensity exercises, which in turn increases basal metabolic rate, which loses weight faster. I could even do a high kick now. But… looking in the mirror, there wasn’t much of a difference… Even after negative 10 kg, I didn’t look any thinner. If I couldn’t see a difference, other people most definitely wouldn’t be able to.

“Sian, how much did you lose?”

Rinzhi asked me cutely.

“I’m at 85.8 kg.”

“Omg! Really?!”


“You lost 10 kg?! Omg! Crazy!”

Rinzhi was sincerely shocked. According to my memories, it was the first time this body had lost 10 kg, after all. The most it had lost…2 kg? Pathetic.

“Aren’t you proud?”

“Totally! Then let’s eat something yummy today!”


I tilted my head. I was on a roll, what did she mean eat something yummy?

“If you constantly eat clean all the time, you lose motivation and burn out easily. You should reward yourself regularly. Reward yourself with something yummy!”

Rinzhi was already licking her lips. She must have been really excited.

“Mm… But still…”

I was afraid. I knew this body well by now, and it gained weight very easily. It clung onto fat like its life depended on it. I wasn’t sure if eating something tasty would be the point of no return for me.

“Nah! Don’t worry! You’ve already lost so much!”

Rinzhi took my hand and led me to the kitchen. Yoo-young and Minji were already there cooking some stir-fried squid. Spicy red sauce, udon noodles, and fresh seafood. It was the most enticing thing I had seen.


“What do you think? Looks good, doesn’t it?”

Yoo-young smiled at me proudly. She scooped a spoonful and brought it to my lips.

“Sian, see if it’s seasoned enough.”


I hesitated for a moment, and then opened my mouth wide like a baby bird. I sucked in the spoon in all its spicy, salty glory. One spoonful, two spoonfuls, more, give me more!

“Is it good?”


I gave her a thumbs up. It really was delicious.

“Sian, then will you slice the green onions over there for me? All we need to do now is add those. We still have some time left, right?”

She was asking about the Fifteen broadcast. It would start at 10pm, so we had 30 minutes left.

<Chapter 10: Top Sexy Girl Group> The End

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