Top Sexy Girl Group

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Chapter 11: Top Sexy Girl Group

“Yup, we still have time. I’ll slice them up quickly.”

I picked up the green onions on the table and put them on the cutting board. I wanted to use scissors, but surprisingly enough, there weren’t any. So I grabbed a knife. Knives were my specialty anyway. At the moment I may have been a pig, but I was originally a sword-wielding warrior. I never lost to anybody with a sword.

“Okay, let’s get started.”

I held the knife in my hand, and it felt so strange. It wasn’t my original body, after all. I started to chop the onions.


It was difficult. I almost sliced my own finger. Minji quietly came by my side. She seemed to have been avoiding me after the incident. If she didn’t provoke me, I had no reason to provoke her. But why was she approaching me now? I needed to be careful this time. I had a knife in hand.

“Uh… Hey Sian…”

“I’m holding a knife. Watch what you say.”

I warned her in advance. I didn’t know what this hand would do with the knife.

“Oh, no… Um… I wanted to say thanks…”


I stared at Minji, knife in hand. Was this bitch out of her mind? I couldn’t ever get used to her. I was waiting for her to tell me she was kidding and call me a fat pig again. But she looked me in the eyes and thanked me so sincerely. Well, I did save her life. I guess she did have a conscience.


“Act like your old self. I can’t get used to this.”

“Old self…?”

She pretended that she couldn’t remember. What a bitch.

“Yeah. Act like you always did and make me mad. So I don’t have to feel guilty pulling out all your hair.”

“I’m sorry, Sian… I’m really sorry for how I treated you. I apologize.”

She apologized. She was truly a mystery.

“This is really weird. I got it so just gather everyone in the living room we can all watch Fifteen together as we eat.”


She immediately skipped over to the living room. What the hell? Could someone change so instantly? You never know what could happen. Humans are the most unpredictable species. To think that you really know someone is arrogance. Anyway, I dropped the chopped green onions into the stir-fry. The aroma filled the room.

“I’m hungry~”


“So hungry!”

The baby birds sang their hungry melody from the living room. Yoo-young, Rinzhi, and I brought the food to them. They had already set the table, and all that was left now was to eat.

“Did you turn on Fifteen?”

Asked Yoo-young.

“Yes, Yoo-young. It’ll start after the ads.”

Hainan answered her. In moments, Fifteen’s first episode began.


I was nervous. How fat would I look on TV…



I clicked my tongue at my piggy self on TV.

“Sian, you need to lose more.”

Rinzhi said as she snuggled into my arms.”

“Sian, don’t. I like you just as you are.”

Hainan snuggled up against me from the other side. It’s so fucking hot, these bitches.

“But still, you’ve lost a lot, haven’t you?”

Asked Yoo-young.

“She lost 10 kg.”

Rinzhi responded in my stead. Everyone gasped.

“Really, Sian?”

Yoojin was the most shocked. She was my roommate, for Pete’s sake, and she didn’t even know. Well, she really wasn’t much herself without her breasts. Her head was as hollow as a pumpkin. One conversation with her, and you’d know that right away. Unless she was deliberately playing dumb, she really was an airhead. Was I being harsh?

“Yeah, it’s true.”

I answered proudly. And of course, Yoojin answered back like the bitch she was.

“But why doesn’t it show at all?”

“Do you want me to show you my fist?”


Everyone laughed, except Yoojin. She whipped her head back towards the screen, and I smiled in triumph. Everyone knew that I saved Minji, and somehow that gave me the title of the strongest girl in this house. Rinzhi and Hainan especially liked me. They kept pestering me to be their bodyguard.

Anyway, we ate and laughed through the episode and it finally ended. It was fun, and there were thankfully no controversial scenes. But of course, there was a lot of talk about me. It was time to sift through the comments on the internet.

[Sian Lee? That pig is an idol???]

[Everyone and their mom could be an idol nowadays.]


[Who’s that pig?]

[She was a member of the ballad group Lovely Girl~~ She’s good at singing at least~~ But you need more than that to succeed in this industry~~ Take care of yourself Sian~~ You’re bringing down Yoo-young Lee and Jumi Yeom~~ There’s no way you’re making it into the group this time~~ If so I’ll assume the show is rigged~~ Or you’re dating Jinwoo Park~~]

[re: enough of the flying tortillas you dumbass~~]

[re: dating Jinwoo Park? Is that for sure? Or else you’re getting sued dude.]

[re: she is a pig but she’s a good singer. but who wants to look at such a pig?]

[re: Yoo-young is pretty. Jumi is cute too. Sian Lee… Barf!]

[re: These comments are soharsh. Have you ever thought of how she might feel?]

[re: you think all you want.]

Best Reply

[Stop eating you pig.] Likes: 8320 Dislikes: 126

[Looking to buy eyes that haven’t seen Sian Lee.] Likes: 7382 Dislikes: 152

[God… 2 years of the same comments and she’s still the same. Hopeless.] Likes: 5223 Dislikes: 21

“The majority is hate comments.”

Whether listed by most recent or by most likes, it was all hate. Well deserved, I’d say. For 2 years fans begged this body to lose weight for the sake of the team but it never happened, and in the end Lovely Girl ended up on this audition show. It was well-deserved hate. There weren’t many fans in the first place, but even the few seemed to all have left.

“Don’t mind them, Sian. Just keep doing your thing.”

Yoo-young patted my back. Did she really not resent me? I found in my memories that Yoo-young and Jumi never resented me. They never blamed anyone else, and actually comforted me, saying that we can just try harder. They were such good people.

“But people are so cruel.”

Hainan said as she looked through the comments. Her eyes were brimming with tears. Was she crying for me? What a shock. I mean, I too would cry for my colleagues when they died in battle. Yes, I would shed a tear or two when my colleagues were killed. But Hainan was crying for me because of some comments on the internet. Were all women like this? If there were cameras rolling I’d put the blame on that, but there were none at the moment.

“Hainan, why are you crying?”


Hainan embraced me and sobbed even harder. What a funny girl.

“Don’t cry, Hainan.”

“Don’t read the comments, Sian. Wahhh…”

“Okay, okay. Stop crying, Hainan. I’m totally fine.”

I patted Hainan’s back. I was the one receiving the comments, but I was consoling her… It was a funny situation, but… It was nice to know that she genuinely cared for me.

“That’s it, Sian. You’re going to work harder. You’re going to lose all that weight and prove them all wrong!”

Rinzhi cheered me on, along with Yoo-young. Even the shy Sena joined in.

That night, I worked out with all the strength I had. I did the same that weekend, and Monday finally came along. Monday was filming day. My weight had gone down to 81.2 kg, for a total of 14 kg lost.

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