Top Sexy Girl Group

Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Chapter 13: Top Sexy Girl Group

1 day after the start of YH Entertainment’s national audition program, Fifteen.

6/13 (Tue)



Everyone in the studio oooh-ed over my Day 1 weight on the screen. On the left side of the screen was my original weight of 95kg. People must have been taken by the fact that the first digit had changed.

“You must have been trying to lose weight since before filming started.”

Jinwoo said as he nodded. Then he scanned my body and shook his head. He was still displeased with the sight of me.

Then my Day 2 weight appeared on the right side of the screen.

6/14 (Wed)




The reaction this time was bigger. I had lost about 2kg in one day. Not anyone could do that. It was a given that they would react this way. Jinwoo must have also been surprised. He opened his mouth just a crack and smiled a tiny smile. But his expression hardened again once he looked back at me.

“Did you really lose 2kg in one day?”

Jinwoo asked without any expression.

“If you look at the dates you’d know.”

I pointed at the screen as everyone nodded along. Yoo-young and Jumi were especially happy for me, and Rinzhi and Hainan also clapped quietly in my direction.

“I see. I’m honestly surprised. From 95kg to 87.8kg. You must be really determined this time, Sian.”

“I’m betting my life on this competition.”


Jinwoo actually seemed impressed with my response. He clapped.

“But it seems you’ve been talking differently too?”

“What do you mean I’m talking differently? I am talking like a gir…just the same as always.”

I caught myself before I slipped. Everyone chuckled at my stuttering. Thankfully they hadn’t caught on. Jinwoo laughed too, then quickly stopped himself as he looked at me. Then he continued.

“But Sian, even if you’ve lost that much in a short period, you’re still a pi…Ah, ahem!…Yes, you still have a long way to go. I hope you’ll lose more. Girl groups are about competition. Especially these days, the competition is especially fierce. Self-maintenance is a requirement in this industry.”

Everyone nodded in agreement. So did I. He was right.

“Anyway, thanks Sian. So you’ve lost 8kg total? Good. I’ll consider your determination as what you are best at.”

A moment of silence took over the room. Why was that? Because Jinwoo was waiting for me to step off the stage, and I was waiting for the next screen. The next screen, as in my Day 3 weight.

“Sian you can step down now.”

“There are still 3 days left.”


Jinwoo was genuinely shocked. He stood up from his seat and looked at the screen, which showed my weight changes for the next two days. Again, everyone was astounded.

6/15-16 (Thurs-Fri)



Then next were Days 5-6.

6/17-18 (Sat-Sun)



Last was my weight from this morning, hot and fresh.

6/19 (Mon)



“Wow… Unbelievable!”

Jinwoo leapt up from his seat and began clapping, soon followed by a standing ovation from all the Fifteen members. I had gained their respect. Their applause gave me confidence and filled my heart. I felt sincerely rewarded for my efforts.

Anyway, Jinwoo eventually stopped clapping as did everyone else. He looked at me again.

“But Sian.”

“Yes, Producer Park.”

“Why can’t I tell?”

“Excuse me?”

“I can’t tell that you lost weight.”

“Oh, yes.”

I nodded, agreeing with him. What did he want me to do about it?

“But don’t I look just a bit slimmer?”

I asked him to take another look, and he shook his head once again.

“I’m sorry but I really can’t tell. Then or now, you still look like a pig… Ah, correction. I can’t tell much of a difference between your previous weight and your current weight. I personally would like if you continued to lose weight. Will you do that?”

“Of course. That was the plan.”

I nodded. My goal weight was 50kg. Someone might say, isn’t 50kg just average? That’s not quite the case. I was 168cm tall. And I had large breasts. Of course, my breasts would shrink as I lost fat, but I had genetics on my side. I was certain I’d be able to maintain C cups at the least. So in conclusion, 50kg was the golden number for my body.

“What’s your goal?”

“To reach 50kg.”


Jinwoo was amazed once again. He continued.

“Good. I’m impressed. Truthfully, as I said earlier, I thought you’d be singing. But when you said what you are best at is losing weight, I thought that you had given up on this audition. But little did I know, you had lost 14kg.”

For the first time, his expression was bright as he looked at me.

“I’m not impressed that you lost 14kg. Your determination. You couldn’t lose even 2kg from your trainee days to the two years since your debut! And now you’ve lost 14kg in just a few days! I’m touched by your strong will.”

Jinwoo actually had a soft look in his eyes, and I made sure to mirror the same in my face.

“But Sian.”


“It’s not like liposuction or anything like that, is it?”

“Of course not.”

For a moment I almost sent a flying knee kick his way, but I caught myself and responded with an innocent smile. Facial expressions were very important in this industry. One must always be polite and respectful.

“Okay. Anyway, I was truly impressed by you today. I hope you’ll continue to run with this momentum.”

“Thank you.”

I came down from the stage and returned to my seat. But at this point I had no idea, that Jinwoo’s verbal evaluation and his actual scores were not necessarily the same.


One by one, the Fifteen members showcased their best talents in front of Jinwoo. Original Lovely Girl members Yoo-young and Jumi sang and earned high praises from Jinwoo. On the other hand, Jihyun Yoo (22) showed instability in her high notes, causing a slight frown in his face. However, her beauty and mysterious aura earned her praises from Producer Park in the end.

Next came Rinzhi, Ara, Sena, Hainan, Liang Liang, Jia Lee, and Yoojin Jung who all danced. Rinzhi’s powerful moves received the biggest reaction and highest praise. However, Jia, Yoojin, and Liang Liang were not ones to be overlooked either, in my opinion. Jia’s performance was fresh and alive, making the audience dance along. Yoojin’s sexy number and great assets excited Jinwoo. And no one could take their eyes off of Liang Liang’s mesmerizing performance, which including popping.

Minji Lee (21), Eunmi Lee (19), Areum Yeo (19), and Jimin Kim (18) rapped. All of their performances were powerful. Jinwoo chose Minji, but I personally thought Jimin’s act was the strongest and most touching. Also, Jimin was the cutest and prettiest out of the four.

Anyway, so ended the Week 1 auditions. The results were not available right away. Once the episode aired on Friday, viewers had until Sunday to cast their votes. There were 3 categories of rankings. One by online voters only, another by Producer Park’s scores, and the last one was the two combined. And based on this ranking, we would be given stars.

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