Top Sexy Girl Group

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Chapter 14: Top Sexy Girl Group

“Alright, then I’ll announce Week 2’s mission.”

Jinwoo said with a smile. We could all only react differently to that smile because we had each received different evaluations. Some were somber, some were determined, and some were indifferent.

But I didn’t feel any of those things. I felt the same as ever. I had heard both praise and mockery, and they had canceled each other out.

Anyway, Jinwoo continued.

“Week 2’s mission will be a rival mission.”

We all looked at each other. I guessed that we were all looking at each other with a specific rival in mind. But who was mine? If I had to pick one, it would probably be Jumi… Yeah, there was no one else. There were a total of 4 vocal-focused members in Fifteen. Yoo-young and Jihyun Yoo were already had a pretty much established rivalry, which left Jumi and myself. But I wasn’t confident in my vocals at this point. Of course, my body still remembered the techniques, but my soul wasn’t the same. I felt like even dance would have been better. I realized as I had been working out these past several days that my body did have a basic athletic ability. And it was becoming more and more apparent with each kilogram I lost.

‘I need to avoid Jumi.’

I thought to myself. I needed to avoid vocals.

Anyway, Jinwoo pressed on.

“I thought about how I wanted to structure the rival system… And I think it’d be best for me to assign the pairs.”

Everyone focused on his words.

“Of course, I won’t be assigning them alone. I will be consulting the vocal training and dance teams, choreography team, and all the other instructors that have seen you all grow throughout your time as trainees. So rest up today, and tomorrow you will receive text messages with your rival.”

Everyone nodded, looking at their respective predicted rivals. Jumi was the only one that waved at me.

Next, we received our Week 2 dorm assignments. I was grouped with Jumi Yeom (21), Ara (21), Jimin Kim (18), Hainan (18), Jihyun Yoo (22), and Jia Lee (21). Rinzhi was very sad to part ways with me.


We arrived at our dorm after filming. It happened to be the same dorm building I was in before, so I was able to keep my room, into which Jihyun and Jia moved in. Jihyun Yoo. She was 22, the oldest along with Yoo-young. A student at a prestigious university with a pretty face. Unfortunately, she was supposedly quite the attention-seeker from males. I would be able to confirm if this was true as we were to be roommates.

Jia Lee. She had a very glamorous look, like a party girl. She was very active and outgoing. The room was already filled with a different energy.

“Sian, Sian.”

Jia plopped herself on my bed as she called to me. I sat up and looked at her.


‘We’re the same age. Let’s speak comfortably to each other.”

“Sure, why not.”

I agreed. I would have to keep seeing her, so it wasn’t a bad idea. We were both 21 anyway.

“But Sian.”

Jia said.


“How did you lose so much weight so fast?”

Jia asked with active curiosity. Seeing her up close, she was even prettier. She had a very small, oval face. And her features were perfectly placed on that small face. Her red-wine hair made her look even more like a clubber.

“I just ate chicken breasts and worked out.”

“Really? You can lose 14kg in a short period doing just that?”

“Yup. But I don’t think you need to lose any weight.”

I said as I scanned her body. Average height and a slim figure. A body many men would love. Ah, never mind. She didn’t have boobs.

“No. I need to lose a bit too. I’ll look better that way.”

“You’re pretty enough already.”

It was true. She was pretty already.

“No, no. They said you can’t trust what girls say to girls. They have different eyes from men.”

‘I am a man, idiot…’

I shouted in my head.

“Anyway, if I lose 2kg more I’ll be at 45kg. Then I’ll have the perfect body, heehee.”

Jia giggled. She had a beautiful smile.

“I don’t think you need to lose weight.”

I got up from bed and stepped onto the scale. I had been eating only vegetables during the audition. How much would I have lost?

6/19 (Mon)




I was 81.2kg in the morning, and I had already dropped more than 2kg! I knew controlling food intake was most important to a diet. And because I had been increasing my muscle mass, my basal metabolic rate was working harder and burning more fat.

“Wow, Sian. That’s crazy, you lost more…”

“I’m going to go work out.”

“Aren’t you tired? Aren’t you going to eat?”

“I’m going to eat some tomatoes later. You guys go ahead and eat.”

I said as I slipped out of the room. I started running around the neighborhood. Now that I had lost some of the fat and grown a bit of muscle, I felt like my innate strength was kicking in. I used that strength to run even faster, longer, and work out more efficiently.

“Whooo, it’s hot.”

I stepped back inside the dorm, beads of sweat dripping down my face. I felt like I had taken a shower in sweat.

“Do I smell really bad?”


Jimin said as she took her hand off her nose. And she continued.

“You’re going to shower right now, right? Let’s shower together.”

“To, together…?”

I was taken aback. I’ll repeat it again, my soul was still that of a man. I was still shy showering with girls. And these girls were of average age 20 on top of that… Anyway, why did they love showering together so much? Was it simply because the bathroom was big? Anyway, they all had their preferences and it was no use wondering on my own.

“Why? You don’t want to?”

“No. Let’s do it.”

I agreed. I brought my clothes from my room, but that wasn’t the only thing I brought. Jia followed behind.

“Me too, me too~”

“S, sure.”

And so the three of us hopped in the shower together. Jimin and Jia started to strip right away. I didn’t even look Jimin’s way. She was still 18 and underage. I needed to protect her. So naturally, my eyes turned to Jia, and…absent. They were just absent.

‘Ah, I shouldn’t be doing this…’

I shook my head back and forth, disappointed at my lustful self. And I looked in the mirror.


My jaw line was starting to show. Though, I was sure it wasn’t visible to other people. But I could see it for sure. And I heard that your eyes would grow bigger if you lost face fat…no? I felt like my eyes had gotten a little bigger.

“I didn’t know my double eyelids were so pretty.”

I had natural double lids. Looking carefully, they were actually quite nice. The way the folds creased deeply, it was charming. This was strictly my opinion, of course.


Suddenly Jia hugged me from behind as she called my name. I felt her chest press into my back, and I jerked.


I almost choked. Unaware of my shock, she looked at me. I couldn’t look her in the eye, and so my gaze naturally shifted towards her body. She was of average height, but golden proportions. She was very slim. Her behind was shaped like a perky, ripe peach. However, I was still in the body of a woman, meaning I couldn’t do anything to her. It was torturous. Was I being punished? For what crime? Why did the heavens thrust me in this tragedy!

“Wow, Sian your boobs are huge.”

Jia said as she put her hands to my breasts. I was taken aback. Even Rinzhi didn’t go this far. She touched my breasts…!

“S, sure… But don’t touch.”

I said as I blocked her hand. She then looked down at her own chest.

“Why are mine so small?”

She said as she massaged her breasts. Every time she squeezed, the point of each breast rose up and down. I was shaken.

“Sian, do you want to try feeling them?”


I looked the other way.

“Huh? Are you embarrassed? We’re all girls, who cares?”

“Guys don’t touch each other down there either.”

“Really? How do you know?”


No matter how many times I thought it over, Jia had a bit of a lesbian feel to her. Why else would she ask me to feel her breasts.

“Let’s just hurry up and shower.”

Jia pouted and turned to Jimin this time.


“Jia, don’t come for me.”

Jimin dodged her as best as she could. Jia Lee. It’d be fun to see her and Rinzhi together.

<Chapter 14: Top Sexy Girl Group> The End

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