Top Sexy Girl Group

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Chapter 16: Top Sexy Girl-Group

“Don’t go overboard with your diet. If your body crashes, what are you going to do? I’m saying this because I’m worried for you.

“If I exercise and pass out, make sure you get a good shot. Make it touching.”

“Haha…that type of joke…”

“Anyways, I don’t look like a pig anymore, right?”

“No. You still look like a pig.”

Jun-jin replied in a very straightforward manner. Have I been too nice to this bastard? I really want to punch him in the face, but I held it in because he was holding a camera. Next time, I’ll sneak up on him in the streets and beat him up that way.

“Have you ever been hit by a pig?”

“No. Never. Why?”

“Oh, just wondering…if you ever want to know what it feels like, let me know.”


Jun-jin laughed at my words, then he asked.

“You’re not mad because of what I said, are you? Aw, come on, Sian. Don’t be mad. Alright then, hit me. Come on. I’ll let you hit me just once.”

Jun-jin turned off the camera and held out an arm. This was my chance.

“Are you sure?”

“Hit me all you want. How much could it hurt? I’ll let you hit me as an apology for calling you a pig.”

Jun-jin really said those words with no fear. Damn.

“Alright. I’m really going to hit you,” I said one more time.

And he said, “Jeez. Just hit me already. Let’s see how good it feels.”

“You think it’s going to feel good?”

I clenched my fists tightly. I contemplated whether to hit him with mere physical strength or if I should bring out some of my inner force along with it. In the end, I decided on the latter. I may never get another chance like this. I need to give all I got when the opportunity comes up.

“Then I’ll consider this payback for all the times you made fun of me.”

“Do it then.”

With a grin, Jun-jin held his arm out further, and then I gave a strike with my fist.



There was the sound of bones breaking and Jun-jin fainted.


“The bone was set nicely,” the doctor said.

“Of course,” I replied modestly. Setting the bones isn’t hard since it’s a hobby of mine.

“Where did you learn?”

“Oh, well, it’s just something I picked up…” I answered vaguely. Even if I told them where I learned it, they probably wouldn’t believe me.

“For now, he’d have to wear a cast for a while.”

“I’ll tell him that. He’s not dead, right?”

“It’s just shock so there’s no need to worry. Anyways, how did his arm break?”

The doctor asked suspiciously.

“We were walking and he just…tripped.”

“Really? The break is really severe for a mere trip…”

“Oh…really?” I muttered.

Afterwards, the doctor and nurse left. I sat in a chair and waited for Jun-jin to wake up.

“Why did you have to talk big like that? Tsk tsk.”

I clicked my tongue as I stared at the passed out Jun-jin. Who the heck passes out from being hit once?

I was mocking Jun-jin and wouldn’t you know it, he opened his eyes. I wonder if he heard me.


He opened his eyes, sat up and…


He suddenly let out a scream. Understandable. His arm probably hurts like a bitch.

“Are you okay?”

“What…where…where is…”

“You’re at the hospital. You passed out, remember?”

I spoke to him with the click of a tongue. How much time was wasted because of this guy? I could’ve used this time to exercise and lose another 2kg.

“Pa…pass out? Oh…I…fainted…oh…”

Jun-jin suddenly let out a breath. Then he turned to me and asked, “How are you so strong?”

“You’re just weak.”

“Really…I don’t think so…I was the champion of arm wrestling in high school…”

“Well, anyways, you’re up now so let’s go. I paid the bill with your money.”

“Oh, yeah….of course.”

He spoke as he climbed out of his bed. The frown on his face was constant. The arm must hurt a lot.

“I’m sorry,” I apologized. While he did tell me to hit him, I could’ve controlled my strength a little better. How was I supposed to know his bones would break so easily?

“It’s fine. I guess my body was more brittle than I thought.”

“That’s true.”

After that, Jun-jin gave a bitter smile.

“But how are we going to film now?”

I asked Jun-jin. One of his arms was now useless. Carrying a camera with just the other arm would be difficult.

“I can do it.”


“Really. I can do it.”

“Go ahead if that’s what you want. I have to go to the bathroom.”

I walked out of the ward after saying those words. But then, I heard Jun-jin mumbling. As I controlled my inner energy, my eyesight and hearing naturally went up as well. Just now, Jun-jin heavily muttered.

[That pig has strength but no sense…hmph…]

So I replied as I left, “This pig apologizes for being too strong with no sense.”


While Jun-jin looked flustered and bewildered, I continued to stare at him before I smirked and headed for the bathroom.


I left the hospital with Jun-jin. This bastard actually picked up the camera with one hand and, after struggling for a bit, began filming me.

“If it were me, I’d take a break.”

“I’m still a newbie at work…I can’t afford to do that.”

“Still, how can you only film with one arm? I bet even your seniors can’t do that.”

“I’m still going to do it.”

“You’re really stubborn.”

At that, Jun-jin chuckled.

“But, Sian.”


“Why didn’t you wash your face?”

‘Fuck,’ I said internally.

“I couldn’t get ready properly because I had to take you to the hospital.”


“Hurry up. I have to take a shower then do some weight training.”

“Oh, okay.”

And the two of us returned back to the dorms.


When we returned to the dorms, Jihyun was in the living room, moving around hurriedly. Everyone else had woken up and left early to practice so what was this girl doing?


“Oh, Sian. Hi.”

“What are you doing?”

“I slept past my alarm.” Jihyun spoke as she gulped down some fruit juice she made in the blender. After drinking the whole thing, she spoke again.

“But what are you doing here? And why aren’t you ready yet?”

“Oh, I was working out. Anyways, good luck today,” I said as I headed into our room. But Jihyun followed me.

“Sian! Sian!”


“Did he call?”


“Did Chun-ah call you?”


Of course he won’t call. I’m a pig.

“Really? But I told him to call.”

“Guess I’m not his type.”

But as soon as I said those words, I received a text. From an unknown number…

“Hey, is this the number?”

I showed Jihyun the text I just received and Jihyun happily confirmed.

“See? I told you he likes you! Have fun!”


Alright. Let’s give him a good one.

“What did that bastard write?”

I read the text message.

[Hi, Sian. This Chun-ah, leader of the boy-group Heaven and Earth. I got your number from Jihyun.]

[Oh, right.]

I gave a short answer. No reason. I just find texting to be tedious.

[When are you free?]

That surprised me. He wants to meet me? Why? I texted back anyway.

[How about tonight? I think I’m free later.]

No need to drag this out. I asked him to meet up tonight. Most would ask how I could be thinking of dating in the middle of auditions, but I’m not going to date. I’m going for the specific reason of beating this guy’s ass and relieving some stress while I’m at it.

[Me too! Let’s eat dinner then!]

Chun-ah had no idea what was in store for him and walked right into the trap I set up.

[Okay~ See you tonight~]

[See ya!]

The texting finished there.

“So are you going to meet him?” Jihyun asked curiously.

“Yes. We agreed on a date.”


“Tonight at dinnertime.”

“Really? Don’t you think that’s too early?”

“The earlier, the better.”

“Oh my god…you’re thirstier than I thought!”

Jihyun smiled and gave my shoulder a nudge.

Jihyun left for the studio soon afterwards, and I began to pick out my outfit.

“It will probably be best to dress a little slutty, right? I’ll take my recorder as well.”

I borrowed the recorder from Jihyun. There really was nothing that girl didn’t have.

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