Top Sexy Girl Group

Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Chapter 17: Top Sexy Girl-Group

Women’s Changing Room-

After fitness training, it was dinnertime. It’s hard to believe, but when I weighed myself just now, it was 72.8kg. Exactly what I expect from dieting like crazy.

“Let’s go.”

I began to take things out of my bag.

“Sian, what’s all this stuff?” Hainan asked as she changed with me.


“Stuff? What kind of stuff?”

“Just stuff to help with my stress,” I said as I ruffled Hainan’s hair. The more I look at her, the cuter she is. How is an 18-year old this pretty? She really is the best of the best. Her body…I won’t think about it as she’s still a minor.

“Stress? Are you going clubbing?”

“Yeah, right.”

“The clothes you’re wearing are so revealing,” Hainan commented as she pointed at my items. Okay, then. Let’s take a look at some of my items, shall we?

Name : Sian Lee

Age : 21

Appearance : To be confirmed. I’ll need to lose more weight first.

Height : 168.2cm

Weight : 72.8kg

Chest : C-cup (Can go up to D during the “time of the month”)

Special Characteristic : Identity confusion


*Padded bra: Can make round and full chests look even bigger. They will definitely keep Chun-ah’s eyes on me.

* Low-cut sleeveless top: Boobs are important. There’s no way I can pull this off without it. The moment I hide my body, then its impact on Chun-ah’s dick will lessen because of his giant ego.

* Short mini-skirt : Might as well go all in. If he hates fat girls, he’ll stay away. If not, well…guess he’ll get what’s coming to him.

* 10cm high heels: These shoes make my fat calf look just a little slimmer and a little prettier…if they can hold my weight, that is…

* Black panties: I just happened to try it on. My secret weapon in case the bastard actually keeps his hands to himself. Don’t know if I can say this, but I borrowed them from Jihyun as well. But it’s too small for my butt so it feels like it’s going to rip.

* Orgasmic perfume: A scent that men apparently like.

* Mini spy-recorder: I prepared them to record all the disgusting things that this bastard will say. I’m going to end this guy’s career. In case he gets his fans to cause trouble, I can threaten him with this audio.

“What do you mean it’s too revealing?”

“Just look at it,” Hainan said as she eyed the black panties that were my ultimate weapon.

“Oh no. You can’t look at this stuff.”

I put my hands in front of Hainan’s face to cover her eyes. But then she separated my fingers and looked at me.

“Um, Sian. You’re not going somewhere weird, right?”

“Can’t you trust me?”

“I do, but your clothes are so uh…slutty.”

“Well, the truth is…”

In the end, I decided to tell Hainan everything. I didn’t want her to worry. Yeah, it’ll be fine if I tell her. She’s quite mature for her age so I was sure she would understand.

“What is it?”

“I’m going to beat up Chun-ah Lee.”


“I’m going to seduce him and when he tries to touch me, I’m going to beat him up.”

“Ohnmy god!”

Hainan looked shocked. Seeing that expression on her face made my heart ache. She looked so worried for me. But my concerns were for nothing.

“That sounds fun!”


In the end, I was the one shocked by a completely unexpected reaction. It sounds fun…?

“Beat him to a pulp! From what I hear, he’s total trash.”

“Uh, o-okay…”

Who knew she would actively support something like this? Then again, Hainan knows what I’m like. The members of Fifteen have heard about my hero-like backstory from when I helped out Jimin. Of course, I’m not sure if they would really believe it.

But Hainan’s support took some weight off my shoulders, and I began to gather my items with a lighter heart. First, I put on my panties. But ugh…the stretch of fabric squeezed between my ass cheeks feels so uncomfortable and awkward. Do I really have to wear these…?

“Whoa, Sian! Sexy!”

“Yeah, yeah…”

I put on my padded bra. I can say for a fact that when you already have a big chest and put on pads, the results are impressive.

“Wow, Sian!” Hainan complimented as she gave me a thumbs up. Then she added, “You look sexier than before since you lost all the weight.”

“Do I?”

Makes sense, considering I’ve almost reached 60 kg. All of the angles in my face were starting to come out and my body is starting to take shape as well. If the guy was more open minded, he just might fall for me.

I put on the low-cut top and skirt. The fact that the panties were slightly peeking out made me feel a bit conscious.

“But, Sian, don’t you think this is a little too much?”

“You think so?”

I tied a cardigan around my waist. That was better. When I’m ready to tempt Chun-ah, I’ll take the cardigan off and show off slight peeks of my panties under my skirt. I’ll drag him all the way to his hell.


Hmm, still a bit slutty, but much better than before.

“Here. Your perfume.”

Hainan spritzed the perfume on me and I hit the recorder on my waistline. I simply have to press the button and it will record. This piece of shit is going down.

“But, Sian, can you wear heels?”

“This is my first time.”

“Try them on.”


I put on the heels. But oh my god! My foot…my foot…And the muscles in my calves just…!

“Are you okay?”

“No, I’m not. Should I just wear something flat?”

“No way! When you wear a mini skirt, you should wear heels! Just bear with it.”

With those words, I pulled myself together. She’s right. I can get through this.

“Is it done?”

I looked in the mirror again. These clothes really do make a difference. Especially my chest…I may be biased, but they are quite a masterpiece. Whenever I bend down, the view down my cleavage was really nice.

“Sian, you look great.”


“But this won’t hurt you, right?”

“Don’t worry. I’m going to record everything.”

“Tell me everything, okay?”


After giving Hainan another pat on the head, I left the studio. I started out for the place Chun-ah and I had decided on. Then a thought came over me.

“Do I really have to do this…”

My confidence suddenly began to shake.


I arrived at the place. I thought it would be a restaurant, but it turned out to be some sort of bar.

“Let’s put my mask on.”

I put it on to be safe. I just have to cover my face. I’m not going to be standing here for long.

“A bar, huh?”

I’m not familiar with bars, but I know they’re associated with a lot of things. It’s a place for team dinners, a place to loosen up, a place to network, a place to date, and some come to bars to “work on” people. Isn’t this too cliché? Make someone drunk so they agree with everything you say? I don’t know why Chun-ah wanted me to come to a bar, but considering his reputation, it was probably to “work” on me. If that’s true, then I’d be more than happy to give him his due.

“Are you…Miss Sian?” A rather broad and rough looking guy came up to me and asked. How did he know? Does he watch the show? But I’m wearing a mask so there’s no way he’d know…

“Yes. How did you know?”

“You looked like you were waiting for someone.”


I was too obvious.

“You’re looking for Mr. Lee, right?”

“Yes, where is he?”

“Go inside. He’s waiting in our VIP room.”

“Oh, okay.”

A VIP room. That means he’s a regular. Makes sense. He’s one of the top idols, isn’t he? He already think he’s all that since he earns so much money at such a young age. He probably has at least five sports cars or something.

I followed the man inside. As soon as I was in, I saw that it was more luxurious than I had imagined. Looking around, I saw women dressed to the nines and were conversing with men wearing expensive suits and luxury watches.

‘Money really is amazing.’

Whether it’s my past world or this world, the ones with money have the most fun.

We made our way down a corridor before the man stopped in front of the room furthest down the hall. He turned to me and spoke, “You can go in here.”

“Oh, thank you.”

“There’s a bathroom inside so you don’t have to come out.”

“Okay, thanks. You can go now.”

I waved my hands.

“I hope you enjoy your evening.”

The man gave a bow and then turned to walk away. I opened the door and stepped inside.

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