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Chapter 183 - Kidnapping (Part 1)

Chapter 183: Chapter 183: Kidnapping (Part 1)

The show soon aired on OPN.

As expected, they edited me to look like the bad guy. They basically made it look like I had run away. Of course, that led to a lot of negative comments about me whereas Hyunmin got all the praise.

“Wow. That bitch,” I spat out. She really is quite an actress.

“Sian, don’t curse,” Jinwoo said as he watched the show with me.

“Oh, sorry. But you know, she really is a piece of work. Do you know how two-faced she is?”

After all, she was the one who tried to make me look like a lesbian so that the public would hate me.

“Really? From the looks of it, it seemed like you just ran away. How could you just abandon Hyunmin like that? After everything else you’ve done…are you afraid of ghosts?”

I can’t believe that Jinwoo, out of all people, was actually falling for this.


“Oh, sorry.”

I really need to work on that cursing.

“Miss Sian.”

“Yes?” I said, turning to look at Jinwoo. Wait a second…why is he so formal all of a sudden?

“What?” Jinwoo said, looking at me all confused.

“Oh, didn’t you say my name?”

“Me? No. I’m just watching TV.”

“Oh, really?”

What the heck? I definitely heard him call me ‘Miss Sian.’ I looked around, checking to see if there was a ghost. But there was nothing else inside Jinwoo’s office aside from a pesky mosquito.

“What was that?”

“What? Did you see another ghost?”

“I don’t see one, but I definitely heard one.”


Jinwoo shuddered in response.

“Hey, quit it…”

“Never mind. I guess I heard wrongly.”

But as soon as I said that, I heard it again.

“Miss Sian.”

“A ghost!” I shouted, bolting to my feet. Jinwoo was already out the door before I was.

“Wow, he’s fast.”

I’ve never seen Jinwoo run before. Was he a pro-athlete this whole time and I just never knew?

And just then, I heard it again.

“Miss Sian.”

“Ugh, who the hell is this? Come out right now!”

A ghost I cannot see? Does that even exist? To be honest, I did feel a little scared. Just a little though.

“Oh, sorry. I didn’t realize you couldn’t see me.”

All of a sudden, a great gust of smoke appeared in front of me. When it cleared, I jumped back in shock.


It was a Grim Reaper.

He was wearing a black cloak and had dark circles all the way down to his waist. His eyes were wide open to the point that he even had double eyelids. I’ve never seen a Grim Reaper with double eyelids. He looked to be in his early 30’s. What the hell?

“Hello,” I said with a smile. The Grim Reaper had a confused look on his face. I guess my sudden change from shock to glee surprised him.

“You seem glad to see me.”

“I wanted to see you, Grim Reaper.”

“I see,” the Grim Reaper replied with a smile. He then continued.

“Impressive. Most humans get scared and cower in fear when they see a Grim Reaper.”

“Well, I’ve always wanted to see you. In private.”

The Grim Reaper must have felt the anger in my eyes because he quickly took a step back.

“I’m not here to take you.”

“I don’t care about you.” With that, I took a step towards him. He took another step back.

“I’m here to pass on a message from the Grim Reaper who sent you here.”


I froze. This was definitely something I was interested in.

“The one who sent me here. Where is he?”


“So I can beat him up, of course.”


He didn’t respond. But you know, I’m dead serious. He’s the one who turned me into a girl. Just thinking about everything I’ve gone through so far…ugh…being unable to touch when I wanted to, being unable to do the deed when I wanted to…it makes me sick.

“Bring him here.”

Hurry the hell up so I can teach him a lesson.

“I’m sorry but that’s not possible. I’m just here to pass on a message from him.”

“Ugh…fine. What is it?”

Can’t be helped.

“The goblins have finally learned about you.”


“It will get dangerous.”

“For me? Ha.”

I smirked. He probably hasn’t heard of me pummeling all those goblins the other night.

“No, for the people around you.”


What was he talking about?

“We know everything about what you did to those goblins the other day.”

“Oh, you do?”

“Yes. We know everything. Anyways, because of that, the goblins will not go after you, but they will go after everyone around you. They’ll use that to threaten you.”


That is bad news. The people around me are just normal humans.

“Then what should I do?”

“It’s all up to you to figure it out.”


Luckily, I kept that to myself.

“I know you called me a bastard.”


Can he read my mind?

“Your face is easy to read.”


What’s up with this guy?

“Anyways, I’ve passed on the warning. Good luck.”

“So this is the only reason why you came to see me?”



Are you kidding me? Shouldn’t he be telling me how to get a man’s body or something? No way can I just let him disappear like this.

“Hang on.”


“You should at least tell me how to get a man’s body.”

“Oh yeah.” The grim reaper smiled in response to my words.

“So there’s a way?”

I lit up immediately. Does this mean I can go back to being a man?

“The truth is, the reason we sent you here is so you can hunt down the Goblin Chief.”

“The Goblin Chief?”

“Yes. His name is Duk-hyun Yoo. He is a goblin that is currently trying to take over the world. That’s why we sent you to this world. So you can catch him and we’ll throw him into the fires of Hell.” Visit website our

“Why can’t you catch him?”

Seriously. Why me? Why turn me into a girl and put me through all that? What good is being a god if you’re going to be stupid?

“Yoo is a very strong and powerful being. And we ourselves can’t stay very long in this world. That’s the reason why we sent people like you to this world. Your strengths will allow you to become known to the public, including the goblins. And then, both groups will learn about each other. Just like you did.”

“So…I just have to catch this Duk-hyun guy?”

“Exactly. When you catch him, we can then make them disappear,” the grim reaper said, looking relieved that I finally understood.

“By myself?”

“No. There are other people at Han Entertainment. You need to band together with them to fight the goblins.”

“But they suck as well.”

“That’s true. They’re very corrupt. I guess it’s just up to you then.”


For a grim reaper, he was awfully callous. I’ve heard that deities hate to get overly involved. He’s just like that.

“Oh, and if you catch him, you’ll be able to return to your original body.”


That’s the best thing I’ve heard since entering this world.

“Yes. This, I promise.”

“How can I trust you?”

“I’ll swear my status as a grim reaper on it.”

“Okay then.”

He better not be lying about this. I don’t care what he is.

“Well, I have to go now. Good luck.”


With a pop, the grim reaper disappeared.

“He better be serious…”

Finally, there was hope. Hope to become a man again.

“Oh, wait. Where’s Jinwoo…?”

I walked out of the office. I looked around the corridors, but I couldn’t find Jinwoo anywhere. All I did was say that there was a ghost. There was no need for him to run away like that. Just then, a piece of paper floated down from the ceiling and landed near my feet.


I picked up the piece of paper and unfolded it. In red letters, it read:

[If you want to find Jinwoo, come to Goblin Entertainment by midnight tomorrow.]


Looks like the grim reaper was right. But you know, why did this man have to go get himself kidnapped? Not long after, I immediately headed over to Goblin Entertainment.


I soon arrived at the building. To my surprise, the lights were turned off. How could all the lights be out? It’s only 10 pm.

“Should I just break in again?” I muttered, looking up. I found the window of Heejin’s office. It, too, was dark.

“Well, let me try.”

I began to scale the wall. And just then, my phone rang. It was Heejin. I picked it up.

– Sweetheart, what are you doing?

Sexy voice. It was nice.

“Where’s Jinwoo?” I asked. Hey, he’s my boss. I’m not totally heartless.

– Don’t worry. He’s fine.

“Can I have proof?”

– Nope.


– Rude. You shouldn’t call people that.

Judging by the fact she was giggling, she wasn’t that mad.

“He’s not dead, is he?”

– Absolutely not. I told you before. We don’t kill people. We just torture them.

“You’re torturing him?”

– Yes, we are.

“You bitch. Where the hell are you?”

This time, I snapped.

– You know, you’re rather scary when you’re mad. Do you want me to scare Mr. Park?

“Up to you,” I said. Heejin giggled.

– But you know, sweetie, there’s nothing in our company building right now. Just come back at midnight tomorrow. It will be open then.

“Why tomorrow?”

– Oh~ We have to kidnap the other members of Lovely Girlz. And Nayoung as well.

“You bitch.”

I immediately hung up and ran over to the dorms. At the same time, I called Jia.


Beep beep beep beep.

She wasn’t picking up. Unfortunately, not just Jia. None of the members were picking up. I ran over to the dorms as fast as I could. A few people did see me, but there’s no way that they’ll believe what they saw. They’ve probably never seen anyone run so fast. I did worry a bit about the security cameras, but right now, the members were my main priority.


I soon arrived at the dorms.


Luckily, all of the members were there, watching TV in the living room.

“Oh, Sian. Is something wrong? You still have your shoes on,” Ji-hyun said to me.

“Sian…why did you…break the door…?” Hainan asked, staring at the broken door. The other members followed suit and gasped at the sight.

“Oh my god!”

“Thank goodness.”

I was so relieved. They haven’t kidnapped the girls yet. But wait…there was one missing.


Where’s Jia?

“Hey, where’s Jia?”

“Jia? She left to go to the market,” Ji-hyun answered, still staring at the door.

“The market?! When?!”

“About thirty minutes ago? Why? Call her.”


With that, I ran out the door and sprinted to the nearby market.

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