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Chapter 186 - The Battle (Part 1)

Chapter 186: Chapter 186: The Battle (Part 1)

The front doors of Goblin Entertainment were wide open. The other superhumans and I charged without hesitation. We found ourselves in a giant lobby, noticing that there was a large group of goblins waiting for us. We didn’t bother with greetings before we began fighting. The goblins had their clubs while we had our baseball bats. I swung mine relentlessly. Oh, now that I think about it, the men fought with the men and the women fought with the women. And me? I fought with the male goblins. Actually, they came at me first. But…well, they knew that I was a guy already. Besides, I preferred it this way. It wouldn’t have felt right to go up against female goblins.

“Sian, you bitch!” Sihoo shouted as he approached me. Sihoo. The goblin I had the misfortune to meet while filming that show. You saw the way he kept giving me an attitude. And what did he just call me? A bitch? On top of that, he knows I’m a guy!

“You mean bastard?”

“Sian, you bastard!”

With a cry, Sihoo swung his goblin club at me. He brought it down with great killing intent but I easily dodged it.


That move only made him angrier.

“You bitch!”

He began to swing his goblin club again and again but I just kept dodging each blow. I knew he was slow but I didn’t know he was this slow. And he calls himself a goblin?


With another cry, he swung the goblin club. In response, I swung my baseball bat. The two weapons soon collided.


Upon contact, a shower of gold pieces came down from the goblin club. All the superhumans immediately stopped fighting with the goblins to pick up all the pieces. Money really does change people. I picked up a piece as well, just so you know.

“It’s real gold, right?”

“Why would it be fake?” Sihoo responded, eyeing all the superhumans with a condescending expression.

“But still, that’s so strange that all that gold would come out like that.”

“That’s why we try to be careful with our clubs. One wrong move and we’d be drowning in them.”

“Why don’t you donate it or something? There are plenty who could use it.”

“No thanks, bitch.”

Sihoo soon gave another swing while I blocked it with my bat.


Once again, hundreds of gold pieces showered down. And once again, the superhumans paused their fighting to pick them up. I picked up another one myself.

“Impressive. I wonder how many platters of sushi I could buy with this.”

“You could probably buy enough to surround the whole Earth.”


I picked up my baseball bat while Sihoo picked up his goblin club. I decided that I had a new goal right then and there. And not just me. All the superhumans had the same idea as they eyed their opponents’ clubs. This didn’t feel right. Anyways, we all began to fight again and the gold showers started coming. The gold piled up so much that if someone were to pass by, they would’ve thought that they had struck the lottery. Of course, the world never fails to deliver. Look at that. Some female student had just walked into the building and saw all that gold. She immediately began to pick up the pieces and began to take photos with her phone. By the looks of it, it seemed like she was uploading the photos on NiTube. She didn’t even seem to notice everyone fighting around her. She wasn’t taking any pictures of us, just the gold. Anyways, after she took all those photos, she bolted out of there.

“Get her!” a goblin soon shouted. Another goblin changed into a ball of fire and flew after her. Unfortunately for him, he never got to the student…because I had taken my bat and swung at the fire.


With a mighty slam, the bat knocked the ball of fire right out of the park. It broke through the stratosphere and kept on going until it was out of the Earth’s atmosphere.

“Hmm, did I hit it too hard?”

I couldn’t help but worry that he wouldn’t be able to come back. But then, I noticed all of the people approaching the main doors of Goblin Entertainment. At first, it was by twos and threes. Then, it was tens. Then thousands. The lobby was now in chaos. The people who had come were busy picking up all the gold pieces. Soon, there were so many people that it was almost impossible for the battle to continue.

“Well, this won’t do.”

I opened an emergency exit door and began to run up the stairs. The goblins chased after me, but they had no hopes of catching me. By now, I had gone past ten floors, but I still had no idea where Jia and Nayoung were. And so, I started to call Heejin as I ran. Luckily, she picked up this time.

– Hi, sweetheart.

“Where are you?”

– In your heart.


– Just kidding. The 63rd floor.

“Okay. I’m going up.”

– Hurry up, sweetheart.

“Of course.”

I hung up and started running up to the 63rd floor. Every once in a while, a goblin would burst through the emergency doors. But they were the ones in for a rude awakening as I was not only calm but fast enough to attack them when they appeared. As soon as they showed up in front of me, I would hit them in the face hard. So hard, that the sound of impact would ring throughout the whole building.

Soon, I was on the 62nd floor. Just one more floor and I would find Jia and Nayoung. Oh, and Jinwoo as well. Hmm, I wonder why I’m not that worried about him. Maybe it’s because he’s a guy? Anyways, I arrived at the 63rd floor and was standing in front of the door. I just had to open the emergency exit door and I would arrive at my destination.

“Alright, let’s go.”

I grabbed the door handle and turned it.


The handle broke.


What happened? I didn’t turn it that hard. Why did it break? I couldn’t understand. Just then, Heejin called me. I picked it up immediately.

– Sweetie.


– Don’t come in that way. Use the main stairwell.


Whether I use those stairs or these stairs, it’s the same thing. Why does she have to make this so difficult?

– The door handle is broken. We can’t open the door.

“I’ll open it.”

With that, I aimed a strong kick at the door, and just like I said, the door soon opened.


I was now on the 63rd floor. I brought the phone back up to my ear.

“I’m here. Where are you?”

– Oh, dear. Hang on. My boyfriend will go and meet you.


I don’t know why she’s sending her boyfriend, but as she had the leverage, I decided to wait for the guy. And soon after, he really did show up.


He was huge. Built like a Hulk. Almost twice as big as me. His head almost touched the ceiling. Soon, he was facing me and he asked, “Are you Sian?”

“Yes, I am,” I answered. So that’s what Heejin liked. A brutish looking thud.

“You’re prettier than I thought you’d be.”

“Of course I am.”

Of course I was. I was the face of Lovely Girlz. My face is on a completely different level. And not just my face. My body is perfect too.

“I just might fall for you.”

“Not sure that’s a good idea.”

“Why? Because I’m dating Heejin? You can be my second girlfriend,” he teased with a creepy smile. I smirked back. In your dreams, you creep.

“No thanks.”

“You sure? I can make sure you live a life of comfort. Still not interested?”

“I’m a guy.”


He was clearly shocked. I guess he didn’t know.

“I said I’m a guy.” ‘Idiot.’

The second part, I kept to myself. Since he was Heejin’s boyfriend, I didn’t want to say anything that would needlessly offend him. After all, Heejin still had Jia and Nayoung.

“Wait, how are you a guy? You have boobs. Plus I don’t see any balls,” he pointed out, shamelessly giving me a once-over.

“You can ask Heejin later,” I said. It was too much trouble for me to do it. I continued.

“But why did Heejin send you to me?”

“Oh, right. She wanted me to stop you. I was wondering how strong you’d be that she’d send me. And now that I’ve seen you, I’m more confused. Why send me to block someone like you?”

He snickered while I gave him an evil smile. I especially loved beating down guys like him. It’s so refreshing.

“Anyways, if you want to see Heejin, you have to get past me first. You might as well just take it as being unable to see her. You should leave while I’m telling you nicely.”

He held out his left hand and soon, a goblin club immediately appeared in his grip. It was big, just like he was. I bet the gold pieces that came out of this one would be enormous.


Whoosh~ Whoosh~

He then began to swing the giant club. It did look dangerous. The club was as big as I was.

“If you want to run away, now’s the time to do it. I’ll let you leave. I don’t like to hit girls.”

He was still seeing me as a girl. Did Heejin not tell him I’m a guy? Then again, physically, I am a girl.

“Let’s at least have one match.”

“One match?” the goblin repeated, his eyes widening with surprise. I then gripped my baseball bat.

“I’m going in.”

“Come on, babe,” the goblin said, gesturing towards me. I ran towards him, like David running up to Goliath. But soon, I disappeared from his sight and reappeared behind him. I swung the bat against his butt.



What was this?

The first sound was my hitting my mark with my bat, but the second sound was the sound of my bat snapping in two. That surprised me.

“What the-”

It really was shocking. I surely put all my strength into the bat against the goblin’s butt. But surprisingly, there wasn’t a mark on him while my bat snapped in two! That meant that this goblin had buns of steel! It was like hitting a brick wall!

“That tickles.” The goblin giggled as he turned around. I began to step back. What was this guy?

“Did you hit me with this?” he asked, picking up the pieces of my bat. His hands were so big that my bat looked like flimsy splinters on them. No surprise there. His club was the size of me, after all.

“Do you have anything else?” I asked. He held out his club to me.

“You want to try this? I don’t know if you’d be able to pick it up, though.”

He gave me another smirk. Every time I saw the corners of his mouth move, I just wanted to rip his lips apart.

“Here. Let me try,” I said, holding my hand out.

The goblin’s smirk grew wider.

“Alright. Here you go.”

He tossed the club to me and I caught it. Yep. Caught it nice and easy. It was easier than I thought it would be. The man’s face turned to that of confusion.

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