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Chapter 187 - The Battle (Part 2)

Chapter 187: Chapter 187: The Battle (Part 2)

“What’s this?” The goblin said, looking incredibly confused. From his perspective, it probably did look weird. A small, delicate girl like me was able to hold up a giant goblin club.

“What do you mean? I’m a human,” I answered, swinging the club around. I pointed the club at the man.

“How could a girl like you pick up my club?”

“How could you threaten a girl with a club? That’s pretty rude of you,” I said with a bemused smile.

The goblin’s face hardened in response.

“What did you say? I was going easy on you because you’re pretty and you give me attitude?”

“Prettier than Heejin, right?”

Yeah, Heejin is pretty, but let’s be honest. I was prettier.

“Fine. I’ll give you that one. To be honest, you are prettier. But Heejin is better mannered than you.”

“Oh, really?”

I immediately sent all that recorded audio to Heejin. All of a sudden, the goblin’s phone rang.

“You wait right here. My girlfriend called.”


As I answered, I began to put in some of my powers into the club. I was going to finish this guy with one hell of a swing. Anyways, the goblin picked up the call from Heejin but I could hear her voice through the phone.

[You bastard! What?! Sian is prettier than I am?! How could you do this to me?! You asshole! Creep!]

“Hee-Heejin…T-that’s not what I mean…I just..”

[Shut up! You idiotic pathetic excuse of a man! And what?! You want to keep Sian as your second girlfriend?! Are you serious?! And who was that came after me, whining and begging me to be your girlfriend?! Fuck off, you pig!]


Click. Beep beep beep beep.

Before the asshole could even say anything else, the call ended. The asshole…I mean, the goblin looked incredibly sad. But then, all of a sudden, his face grew dark as he glared at me. But just then, Heejin called again and the goblin wasted no time in picking up. Once again, her voice rang throughout the building.

[You asshole! We’re done! And Sian is a guy! You idiot!]

Click. Beep beep beep beep.

And just like that, she hung up again. After revealing the truth about me. The goblin looked dazed like he didn’t know what to do. I wonder which part shocked him the most. The part about Heejin breaking up with me or the part about me being a guy?


But the goblin didn’t respond. So I tiptoed past him and stood behind him. He didn’t move. He seemed conflicted. Then again, it was too late. With incredible speed, I jumped up and brought down his giant goblin club down on the back of his head.



The goblin went down, just like Goliath had. And hundreds of gold pieces showered down. I picked up the biggest piece and hid it in my shirt.


After dealing with the hulk of a goblin, I made my way to the lobby of the 63rd floor. I was still holding onto the club, and that’s where I saw Heejin. Not just her. Jia and Nayoung as well. Oh, and Jinwoo. They were in separate glass stalls and at the moment they saw me, they began banging on the glass, shouting. Unfortunately, I couldn’t hear them at all. The glass was probably soundproof. Oh, couldn’t I just use my powers? I was, actually. And I still couldn’t hear them.

“Looks like they’re safe,” I said, approaching Heejin.

“Of course,” Heejin answered with a smile, but she didn’t look too happy. Probably because of her boyfriend. After all, he did say I was prettier than Heejin and that he wanted me to be his second girlfriend. What kind of girlfriend would like that?

“What happened to my boyfriend?” Heejin asked.

“I knocked him out,” I answered with a smile of my own. I didn’t kill him. Just knocked him out. She ought to be grateful. But for some reason, Heejin didn’t look too pleased.

“You should’ve just killed him.”


Are they really dating? Anyways, I spoke up again.

“You kill him, then.”

“I will. But, sweetheart.”


“They saw you fighting.”

“They did? Crap.”

If they saw me fighting, then they would’ve seen some impossible stuff. They must be panicking.

“No panic. Just shock,” Heejin said, glancing over at Jia. I looked at Jia as well. Her eyes held a mixture of curiosity and a plea to save her. Nayoung and Jinwoo weren’t nearly as shocked as she was. They had already seen me do crazy things. Ugh…what am I going to say to Jia?

“Looks like it. Well, since I’m here, I’ll just save them then.”

“If you can.”


I held up the club I had stolen from Heejin’s giant boyfriend and pointed it at her.

“Are you going to fight me?”

“Me? Absolutely not.”

“Then Duk-hyun?”

I mean, if not him, then who else? It had to be him. 100%. The chief of all goblins.


As expected, I had guessed correctly. As Heejin gave me a wink, Duk-hyun appeared behind her, right in the stall where Jia was.


My eyes widened. Duk-hyun was invading on Jia’s personal space inside that tiny glass stall. Would you be able to stay calm? But then, this Duk-hyun guy did something even more unforgivable. He pushed Jia’s back against the wall and forced a kiss onto her lips! Of course, Jia tried to fight him off, but it did no good. To be honest, it was bad enough that this bastard was stealing a kiss from Jia but he began to reach up and squeeze her boobs. With a glance at me, he smirked. The anger eventually reached the top of my head and exploded.

“Hey!” I roared. It was so loud that all the windows on the 63rd floor cracked as I sped over to the stall Jia was in. I aimed a burst of power at the door.


The impact was intense, but unfortunately, the door didn’t shatter. Duk-hyun’s smirk grew wider. He kissed Jia on the lips again and disappeared…only to appear behind me.

“You bastard!”

I raised my fists as I turned. While it caught Duk-hyun by surprise, he managed to avoid my fist. His hand grabbed my neck and threw me out of a window.



My body shattered the glass and went out of the window. But I was able to stay in the air and make my way back in. Then, I stood in front of Duk-hyun, facing him eye-to-eye.


Focus. Getting all excited would only make it easier for the enemy. When fighting, it was best to stay calm and cooler than your opponent. But every time I glanced at his lips and hands, I began to see red. How dare he touch Jia’s lips and body! This bastard! He was going to pay for that!

“So you’re Sian.”

“That’s right, you bastard.”

“Aw, why so angry? Is it because you kissed that bitch?” he jeered.

He flashed his gold teeth at me. I vowed right then to yank them all out and make him choke on them.

“What did you call her?”

“What? She’s a girl, isn’t she? That makes her a bitch. Unless she’s a guy.”


I then raised the goblin club. I’ll finish him with this. How dare he touch Jia. My Jia. This bastard. I’ll never forgive him.

“Hey, don’t curse. If you keep doing that, I’ll kiss and touch her again. Maybe in other places,” he added, eyeing Jia with perverted looks. Jia crumbled to the floor, hugging her body. She had just been assaulted. I could only imagine how she was feeling now.

“I’ll castrate you first.”

“Pfft,” Duk-hyun snorted. Then, he scanned my body.

“You’re not bad, either.”

“Sorry but I’m a guy.”

“But your body is a girl. So even if I were to have you, it wouldn’t make a difference.”

“If you can.”

“Hehe,” the asshole snickered. Then, he disappeared. He appeared right next to me and stretched his hand out, placing it on my chest.


He was probably expecting to squeeze my boobs, but he couldn’t. Why? Because his hand had not come into contact with my chest, but the gold pieces in my shirt.

“You like?” I asked with a smirk. He looked surprised. Of course, he was. It wasn’t just one gold piece. Right now, I looked like an F-cup because of all the gold. I had stuffed my bra with them.


“What are you muttering about?”

I sent a fist flying towards his head, followed by an uppercut right hook. Like a beautiful work of art, my fist connected with his lower jaw with a satisfying snap. He then stumbled backward. With a round kick, I got his legs and knocked him down. And like that, he was out.

“You’re dead meat.”

I straddled him and once I was in position, I pounded into his face.

Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow pow pow pow!

I made sure to give his lips special attention to pay back for all the dirty things they had done to Jia’s. No way was I going to forgive such an act. Then, after a good beating, I took the dagger out of my pouch and brought it down on his forehead.


And with that, he was dead. It was almost too easy.


The moment Duk-hyun died, his body disappeared. Where did he go? Hell, most likely. That’s what the grim reaper said. Anyways, after sending Duk-hyun off, I stared at Heejin. Now that the leader was gone, it was over, right?

“Well, that’s it then,” I said with a shrug. Heejin remained speechless. She looked furious. Of course, she was. All that happened was Duk-hyun becoming shocked because he couldn’t feel my boobs. I would come to know later that Duk-hyun had some trauma with breastmilk. That’s why he had been so shocked. Granted, it had been gold, not breastmilk. But thanks to his shock, I had been able to get him good and send him off. If I had a chance to do it all over again, I would.

“That’s impossible…”

Heejin gasped, her eyes wide in shock. Well, she better accept it soon because you can’t escape the truth.

“I mean, it could happen. He’s probably in Hell right now.”


“Now. If you could be kind enough to let my friends go?”

I took a step towards Heejin as Heejin immediately took a step back. With a pop, she changed into a ball of blue goblin fire and flew away at great speed. I didn’t try to stop her. She and the others were no danger to me now. Their leader was gone. The goblins would no longer be a problem anymore.

“Hey, Jia.”

I slowly approached Jia. The moment she saw me, she burst into tears. And honestly, so did I.

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