Top Sexy Girl Group

Chapter 19 - Top Sexy Girl-Group

Chapter 19: Top Sexy Girl-Group

Tagukwon is pretty intense. My fists flew and hit every part of the bastard that he didn’t need to just barely live. I have to say that each and every hit was amazing, almost like a work of art in fact. And there really was no bruising. The guy who taught me truly was a great friend.

After about five minutes, the bastard was out cold. To be honest, if my fists hadn’t been so strong, I could have hit him for longer, but I guess all the fat made my hands stronger than I thought.


Chun-ah gathered up his strength and tried to get up. I gave him another kick.


He fell to the ground again.

“Are you hibernating or something? Get up!”

I wasn’t done with him yet as I still hadn’t released all my stress. But this bastard continued to play dead.

“I know you’re still breathing. Get up.”

Even with that, the bastard still refused to get up.

I stepped on the guy’s hand with my foot and pressed down. That woke him up.


As soon as he started screaming again, I grabbed him by the throat. Again. That made him stop. Maybe it was all the screaming or the fact that he couldn’t, but the guy fainted again. This time, for real.

“What the fuck?”

How disappointing. I didn’t even hit him that much. Just how weak is this guy?

“Hey. Come on. Get up.”

I tried to wake the bastard up, but he wouldn’t. With no other option in mind, I simply picked him up. I placed him in front of the toilet bowl, raised the covers, and dunked his face into the bowl.

Splash! Splash!

The sound and the cold from the water did the trick.

“Huh..Puh!!..Ha…Hgg…Stop…P-please…S-stop..!..I-I’m….sor..sorry..!” The bastard suddenly dropped to his knees to a begging position.

“You know what you did?”

“That…I…I don’t know!”

The moment he stopped speaking, I planted a drop kick on his filthy mouth.



The bastard fell against the wall and went down again. I approached him and grabbed his phone. I suddenly remembered a news article I once read about people who threaten girls with their nude photos. Does Chun-ah do that sort of stuff as well?

“Hey. What’s your phone password?”

“Wait! N-no!”

The bastard desperately tried to grab his phone, but I stopped him by pushing him away with my foot.


I demanded again,





He really is something. Calling himself an angel. Anyways, I opened his phone with the password and opened the gallery. Just as I expected. There were hundreds of nude photos saved on his phone, some of them including the women’s private parts. I could immediately tell they were taken secretly.

“Wow, pervert. I haven’t seen sex maniacs as bad as you.”

Then again, there were no phones where I was from…

“Did you take these to threaten these women?”

At those words, the bastard couldn’t say anything.

“I said, did you take them to threaten these women?” I asked even louder. Suddenly, in a fit of anger, the guy shouted, “Fine! Yes, okay? I did! I threatened them so they couldn’t report me! So what!? What’s wrong with that?”

I gave him another good blow to the face and he went down again.

“You got everything on camera. Isn’t this a little overboard?”

What a strange guy.

“What’s this? You have it on video too?”

I played the video. It was porn. But the main guy was Chun-ah. I also saw a girl who looked underage.

“Wow. Are you serious? What the fuck is this? Are you having a threesome?” I looked at him and clicked my tongue. He was still glaring at me, his face full of resentment.

“Everyone does it! Why am I the bad guy? Fuck you!”

After shouting that, the guy desperately tried to open the bathroom door and run away. I kicked the door shut and hit him with my knee continuously in the stomach.



Once again, the bastard fell to his knees.

“Guess you still got some in you if you can run away like that.”

I paused to think some more. How should I properly deal with this trash? This guy’s loathsome behavior definitely match the rumors that are floating around about this guy. He definitely needs to be punished.

“How about this?”

I looked at the recording device that had caught every sick word the bastard had said. Somehow, I didn’t think it’d be enough.

“Should I cut off your dick?”

I was seriously considering castrating his manhood, but then decided that was too cruel.

“Oh well.”

First, I began to tear my clothes, especially around my chest and thighs. Then I began to punch myself in certain places until I bled. I tore my lips just a bit to make it bleed. Transformation was complete.

“Fuck, that stings. Did I rip it too hard?”

My lips really hurt.

“What…what are you doing…?”

“Creating evidence.”

“I…I never hit you!”

Even when he’s down, this bastard won’t stop talking. I bet he’d keep jabbering all the way down the river.

“You were about to, weren’t you?”

“I never hit you!”

“Let’s just say you did then. And it’s not like saying you were trying to rape me is a lie.”

I mean, if it weren’t for my interference, it’s true that those things would have happened. I sat on the toilet seat and prepared myself to play the victim. Then I phoned the police. But even I must say, I’m really good at this acting stuff. I thought about earlier when I considered becoming an actress…maybe I really should consider it.

After a while, the police showed up.


The questioning ended soon. I handed over my recording device and showed the officer my torn clothes and injuries as evidence. He collected my statements as well. Afterwards, I made a special request. If possible, could he please omit Yoo-young and Hainan’s name from the recording? The officer said he would do his best, but my name would most likely come up since it was part of the investigation. That much was obvious. The reporters will definitely be all over this and mention me. Probably something like XX entertainment’s trainee Miss L currently on a Korean audition show. Or something like that.

“You can go now,” the officer said to me.

“Is the evidence enough?”

“It’s more than enough. Are you okay though?”

The officer asked as he handed me some clothes. They looked a bit too small for me, but I put them on anyway.

“I’m okay. But you saw the photos on his phone, right? He said he took them to blackmail the victims and keep them quiet.”

“Yes, we got them. Assault and rape are serious charges. We’ll do our best to find and help the other victims.”

Suddenly, from across the room, I heard Chun-ah shouting.

“I’m telling you! She hit me!!! She hit me, you idiot!!! Let go of me! Hey! Let go of me!”

Chun-ah continued to struggle as the police officer holding him did his best to keep the bastard down.

“He just doesn’t know when to stop.”

“We get people like that sometimes. Though I’ve never seen a guy try and lie to say he was injured when he doesn’t even have a mark on him. If you’re a celebrity, you should learn to act like one. Tsk tsk.”

The officer looked at Chun-ah and shook his head. I let a small smile slip out when he wasn’t looking. I did hit the guy. But that’s the beauty of Tagukwon: it leaves no evidence. The few that are there was simply chalked up to me trying to defend myself. The way the officers saw it, I was in the worse state with my heavy bruises, torn clothes, and lips. As far as the police were concerned, I was the victim.

“Well, since you’re done with questioning, I think I’ll go now. I’ll pray a fair and just sentence.”

“Okay, take care. If you need anything, let us know.”

“Thank you.”

I thanked the police officer and left.

“I bet I lost more weight.”

My body did feel lighter. I wonder how much I lost?

“But first hmmm…”

There was one thing I was worried about. While it’s true that I wasn’t raped, the fact is that I almost was. I couldn’t help but worry about what that would potentially do to my image. I am a trainee on a Korean audition program, after all.

“Ugh. Whatever.”

I decided to just wait and see. Whether the public looks at me with sympathy or not, I didn’t care. It’s not like being an idol was the only option for me. There were a lot of things I could do. I could compete as a female martial artist. Maybe even organize my own competition and tournament for both men and women.

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