Top Sexy Girl Group

Chapter 2 - Top Sexy Girl Group

Chapter 2: Chapter 2: Top Sexy Girl Group


I looked in the mirror again. Such a pig, no matter how many times I looked. I was 168 cm tall and weighed 95 kg. Can you even imagine? How must I feel, looking at that in the mirror? I was one of the strongest and most handsome men in my time. But now? Sigh… Anger began to rise. Grim Reaper… I knew I couldn’t trust you. Of course you messed up my reincarnation… I won’t let you go when I see you next…

“I need to pee.”

I ran to the bathroom. Pulling down my pants, I reached down for my… it wasn’t there.

“Haah…Damn it…”

I sighed heavily and sat on the toilet. I began to relieve myself. It was strange, so, so, so strange.


I flushed the toilet and came outside. I looked in the mirror and…SMASH!

I broke the mirror.


I came out to the living room and sat. Our manager had called us for a meeting. To my left sat Yoo-young, and to my right was Jumi. Jumi was a girl of average looks and a slightly chubby body. She had large eyes and a great voice. I wish she wasn’t so touchy with me though.

“Go ahead.”

Yoo-young spoke first. She was our leader.

“Um… Well…”

He seemed hesitant. He was 30 years old, and his name was Hak-gyu Lee. He looked trustworthy and seemed like your average Joe. He was a very pure fellow, which was both a blessing and a curse.

“Come on, what i sit? What happened? Did the president say something? When’s our new song coming out?”

Jumi shot bullets of questions at him. She was a very impatient person.

“Well…your group… So… You know, you’re a trio…”


Yoo-young nodded.

“But… The president wants to recruit 5 more members and make a 8-person dance group…”

Hak-gyu looked extremely apologetic. So basically the president decided the 3 of us had no chance of success. Well, he wasn’t wrong. In my memories, our ballad trio, “Lovely Girl” was a flop. The owner of this body had always felt guilty about that. She felt that the group wasn’t able to gain popularity because she was fat. Of course, she had tried to lose weight, but to no avail. She had actually gained more weight. I pitied her, as she had even contemplated suicide.

“8 members?”

Yoo-young tilted her head.

“Yeah, we’ll have 15 people including yourselves and some YH Entertainment trainees go out on a national audition survival show.”

Hak-gyu explained the situation.

“A national audition survival show…”

“You know the mu-music channel, right?”

“Of course.”

Yoo-young responded and Jumi nodded. Mu-music was South Korea’s biggest music channel. Anyone who came out on an audition program on that channel was almost guaranteed success.

“We got a contract with them.”

“Omg! Really?!”

Yoo-young and Jumi were shocked.

“Yeah, the president was somehow able to secure the deal. The show will be called ‘Fifteen.’”


Yoo-young and Jumi seemed excited. Understandably so, since merely showing face on mu-music would secure a good-sized fan base. Their excitement didn’t last long, however, as the manager continued.

“But, there is a chance you guys may be cut.”

Hak-gyu gave me a pointed look. I almost gave that face a flying scissor-kick.


According to Hak-gyu, Fifteen auditions would start immediately next week. It was unfortunate that we, a group that had already debuted, could be cut. I wasn’t complaining, though.

“Isn’t Produce Park too cruel?”

Yoo-young looked hurt. As the leader of Lovely Girl, she wasn’t just cute. She was smart and outspoken as well. She was definitely upset.

“Really, this is too much. We worked so hard just to debut. But for what? More competition?”

Jumi chimed in. And then she proceeded to question me.

“Sian, aren’t you upset?”

“Not really.”

I shrugged. To be honest, I was indifferent. I cared more about existentialist issues, such as why I was reborn as a woman. Was it planned? Or was it a simple mistake on the Grim Reaper’s part? What did I do so wrong? No. I didn’t do anything wrong. Then why? Was it really a simple mistake? I began to get angry again.

“That’s it. I’m going to go see Producer Park.”

Yoo-young stood up from her seat.

“Yoo-young, let’s just be patient.”

Jumi held onto Yoo-young’s arm.

“This is just not fair. Did we just laze around all this time? I trained for 10 years. You trained for 8 too. Sian trained for 1, but… Anyway, if any of us get cut, I don’t think I’ll ever get over it.”

Tears had formed in her eyes, ready to drop any second. It was understandable that she’d be upset. She trained 10 years and barely debuted, just to endure 2 more years of struggle. And now she was being asked to audition and compete in a survival. I agreed with Yoo-young.

“But you know how stubborn he is. He never takes back a decision he’s already made. Let’s just squash the others with our talent and show them what we got, yeah?”

Jumi wiped Yoo-young’s years, and they hugged. What a beautiful sight it was. Truly endearing. Do women share all of their joys and sorrows? Jinwoo Park? This guy was a renowned artist and asshole. He had said something that had left an everlasting scar on my current body’s heart. To please, lose some weight. That a celebrity should take care of herself. To at the very least, not terrorize other people’s eyes. These words had hurt my current body, but honestly I was in agreement with Jinwoo Park. Come on, 95 kg? Too much.


Of all bodies to be reincarnated to, why this one? This lazy, unkempt body angered me.

At the sound of my sigh, Yoo-young and Jumi turned to me and included me in their embrace.

I was so fat, they fit right into my arms. I was caught off guard again. Women in my arms… I couldn’t even imagine…


I couldn’t bring myself to push them away. I stayed still in the most awkward position.


That day at dawn.

I slipped out of the dorm for a moment. I just couldn’t bear the thought of living in this fat body. I was already displeased about being reborn as a woman, but with such a fat body on top of that? I looked at the skies and roared.


I accidentally put my strength into it, and it hit the neighborhood with a force. I heard windows opening left and right, and quickly hid behind a building.

“I should remember to control my strength.”

My lower abdomen was filled with that strength. I thought only your soul comes with reincarnation. Anyway, having my strength was a comfort amidst this crisis. Truthfully, I could live without the strength. It’s not like my athletic or fighting abilities would be gone without it. Wait. Or would they…? My current body is quite the opposite from my old one. I don’t know. I’d need to fight someone to know.

Anyway, I decided to lose weight. I needed to lose all this fat before I could think of anything else.


I lifted my foot and kicked in front of me. But I couldn’t even raise it 15 degrees. I had too much fat.


I began to get angry again.

“Okay, let’s do some running first. I need to lose the fat before I can kick or anything else.”

I began to jog.

Tap tap tap tap.

Tap tap tap tap.

Tap tap tap tap.


Not even 10 seconds passed before I ran out of breath. What the hell! I summoned my strength and began running again. However, it didn’t help much, as my body didn’t even have basic endurance. I used my sheer determination to start running again. Not just anyone can be named one of Heaven’s strongest. One needs intense determination and drive. A bit of running won’t…splat.

I fainted.

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