Top Sexy Girl Group

Chapter 3 - Top Sexy Girl Group

Chapter 3: Chapter 3: Top Sexy Girl Group

I was so worn out, I had fainted for a moment. No one discovered me. Well, it was very late. No one would be out at this hour. I began to run again.

One lap around the neighborhood.

Two laps around the neighborhood.

Three laps around the neighborhood.

I feel like I might throw up.

Five laps around the neighborhood.

Six laps around the neighborhood.

late at night. No one would be out wandering at this hour. I began to run again.

One lap around the neighborhood.

Two laps around the neighborhood.

Three laps around the neighborhood.

I feel like I’m going to throw up.

Five laps around the neighborhood.

Six laps around the neighborhood.

Seven laps around the neighborhood.


I ended up vomiting indeed. And I began to run again.

Eight laps around the neighborhood.

Nine laps around the neighborhood.

Ten laps around the neighborhood!!!

“Haah…ha…ugh…shit…ack… Can’t run…anymore…haah…”

I went back up to the dorm, took a shower, and stepped onto the scale.

93.5 kg.

I had lost exactly 1.5 kg.

“Wow, all that running and that’s all I lost?”

What the hell. When am I going to lose weight at this rate?

“I should run again tomorrow morning.”

I ran again the next morning and collapsed. My body was a lot weaker than I had thought. This might sound harsh, but it really was trash. It gained weight even from drinking water.

Anyway, I repeated the cycle of running and fainting for 5 days straight, losing only 3 kg.

I was so frustrated that my body couldn’t keep up with the amount of exercise I wanted to carry out. I had no idea what to do.

And finally, the day of the Fifteen auditions arrived.


I came to the YH Entertainment practice room. All the trainees were to gather there and move to the audition venue together.

“Oh hey, Sian!”

A foreign girl came running to me and gave me a big hug. Her chest squished into my chest, and I became nervous again. She was a Chinese girl named Rinzhi, also 21 years old. My memories told me that she, too, had a habit of latching onto me, and that’s why I didn’t like her. I didn’t like being squeezed and clung to. Even if it’s by a woman. Are you wondering if I’m gay? I have wondered that too, but that is most certainly not the case. I hated men even more than women.

“Hey, Rinzhi.”

“Oh, why are you talking like that? You seem so dry and cold~”

Rinzhi forced her way into my arms again, and I just gave up. If I pushed this young soul again, I had a feeling she’d be hurt. As a man, it was my duty to protect this woman.

But another young soul had discovered me from afar and came running. Her name was Hainan, an 18 year-old from Vietnam. But she was quite a looker. There was a point a while ago where the profiles of YH trainees had been leaked, and Hainan was of course at the top. Milky white skin, a small, egg-shaped face. Her facial features were constructed in the perfect ratio. Her doe-like eyes were especially beautiful. She was of about average height, but had perfect proportions. She was just the beauty among all beauties. I had a feeling she would definitely make it into the group. The group would need a girl of at least this level of beauty to squash all the other girl groups. Anyway, she came to me, with her arms open wide.



I hugged her. I mean, she was pretty. And young. I hugged her with the heart of a doting uncle, not a predator.

“Are you feeling okay?”

Hainan asked of me with her accented Korean.

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

I patted her head. She really did look like a porcelain doll. I didn’t know such milky white skin could come from Southeast Asia. I had never seen such a beautiful woman. She could easily be Miss Universe. No, she was even more beautiful than that.

“I was really worried about you.”

Hainan told me shyly as she linked her arm in mine. I nodded.

“Yeah, thanks.”

Maybe because my body was so soft, these kids kept latching onto me. I wasn’t particularly enjoying this situation but I started to think maybe it wasn’t so bad after all. How should I say this? Perhaps I was becoming desensitized to all the skin to skin contact with women.

Anyway, at that moment another bitch entered the room, and she scowled at me. Her name was Minji Lee, and her talent was rapping. She was the same age as me, and her favorite hobby was hating on me.

“Shit, is that you, pig? You really need to lose some weight. Disgusting, just disgusting!”

Minji scowled at me as hard as she could. And Rinzhi, with her arm in mine, piped up.

“Minji, you’re being really harsh. Sian is trying too.”

“What? She’s trying? Pft!”

Minji scoffed. And then she continued.

“I don’t think Sian could ever lose weight. Why? Because she’s lazy as fuck. Did you know? Lovely Girl flopped because of you! Don’t you ever go on the internet?”

I clenched my fist at Minji’s words. Well, she said nothing but the truth. All of the comments about Lovely Girl online were hate comments directed at me. Is being fat a crime? I’m sorry but it was to me. As one of Heaven’s chosen strongest, I couldn’t dare to tolerate such obesity.



“Can you come to the restroom with me?”

I asked. I needed to start taking care of my reputation. I wasn’t about to beat her up right then and there. I would do it in the bathroom. But things don’t always go as planned. Minji stuck her tongue out at and began to mock me.

“I don’t think I want to, ya fatty! Catch me if you can~”

Minji began to run away, and I didn’t bother to follow her. I knew my body better than anyone. I barely had any muscle, I could barely perform any type of exercise, and my innate strength wouldn’t even help.

‘Damn, she pisses me off.’

I consciously made a note of that bitch in my head.

Anyway, the trainees began to gather one by one. These were their names.

Me (21), Yoo-young Lee (22), Jumi Yeom (21), Rinzhi (21), Minji Lee (21), Eunmi Lee (19), Jia Lee (21), Ara (21), Sena (21), Jimin Kim (18), Jihyun Yoo (22), Liang Liang (18), Areum Yeo (19), Hainan (18), Yoojin Jung (20)

There were a total of 15 of us. 8 of these girls would pass and form YH Entertainment’s new girl group.

‘Hainan’s the prettiest.’

I thought to myself. No matter how many times I looked, she was the prettiest one.

“Are you all gathered?”

Hak-gyu looked around at each of us, as we all responded in unison.


“One, two, three, four…All 15 are here. There are two vans waiting outside. Go ahead and get in in groups of 7 and 8.”

“Yes sir~!”

Again, we all responded in unison. All the girls ran excitedly scampered outside.

“God, what am I doing?”

I shook my head as I muttered, following the group. On either side of me were Rinzhi and Hainan, still arm in arm. Jumi also latched onto my back. Anyway, we got into the van. The van was huge. It was almost shocking, seeing it in person, after only having these memories to go off of.

‘This is supposed to be faster than a horse…?’

I thought to myself, as I sifted through my memories. All these strange, unfamiliar memories. Each one was somewhat shocking and intriguing. I felt myself falling for this new world bit by bit. Perhaps it was the novelty of it all? But I was still frustrated at the fact that I was a woman. I just couldn’t understand.


We arrived at the mu-music studios and walked inside the audition venue. It was vast, to say the least. I was able to see the audience benches, but no audience.

“Are you kids here?”

I heard a middle aged man’s voice coming from the panel of judges. A spotlight beamed down on the panel and the man came to light. It was none other than YH Entertainment’s founder and talented producer, Jinwoo Park. And like clockwork, all the girls bowed at the sight of his face.

“Hello Producer Park!”

I merely tilted my neck. And of course Jinwoo Park saw that.

“Sian, you aren’t going to greet me properly?”

He was smiling as he spoke, but not really. So I bowed my head a little lower. He forced a smile and nodded.

“It’s nice to see you, girls. Welcome to the national audition program, Fifteen!”


Clap clap clap clap!

Cheers and applause rang throughout the studio. Everyone wore hopeful, excited looks on their faces. Yoo-young and Jumi, however, didn’t look so happy. We had already debuted. But to participate in yet another competition? Who would be happy in our shoes?

“This is where you’ll be fighting to live out your dreams. What do you think? Don’t you love it?”

Jinwoo seemed quite proud of himself. We looked around the studio. It was admittedly decorated nicely. There was a stage to the right where we could all stand in a line, and the same on the left. In the center was a large star-shaped stage where we would be able to showcase our talents. And above that was the panel’s table, where Jinwoo Park was seated.

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