Top Sexy Girl Group

Chapter 4 - Top Sexy Girl Group

Chapter 4: Chapter 4: Top Sexy Girl Group

“You’ll be competing with each other for two months from this day on. You will be judged by the viewers on your performances. Viewer scores and my scores will be combined to determine your rankings. You’ll be given stars according to your respective rankings. 3 stars for 1st to 3rd place. 2 stars for 4th to 9th place. 1 star for 10th to 15th place. You’ll be evaluated for a total of 10 weeks, and the 8 members with the most stars at the end will join the group. Understood?”

Everyone nodded. It wasn’t rocket science.

I raised my hand with a question.

“Ah, yes, pig… I, I mean Sian. Do you have a question?”

“Can we use the same practice room? What about our dorm?”

That was my question.

“Ah, yes. Good question. You may use the practice rooms at your convenience. There will be two dorms which you can use in groups of 8 and 7. I will randomly assign your dorms every week.”


I questioned again.

“I don’t want you to form cliques. I want you to be friendly with everyone, which is why I will be assigning the dorms at random. You guys understand, right?”

Everyone nodded. Yes, I understood. But…ah, that means we’d have to move around every week. What a bother.

“Alright, then I’ll let you know your tasks for the day. First, you’ll be given a mission. Then, I’ll assign you to do your dorms. In exactly a week, you’ll be performing your missions on this stage. Got it?”

“Yes, sir.”

Everyone nodded in response. Jinwoo continued.

“Okay, so your mission is…drum roll.”

Making his own sound effects, he said,

“Show me what you are most confident in!”

He proudly announced the mission. Some nodded, some frowned. But most looked full of thought. What I am most confident in…

‘What’s it for me?’

I thought carefully. Yeah, I’m a good singer. I’m a good singer, and…I’m a good singer. I’m only good at singing and I’m good at only singing. I had no other talents or skills. Actually, I wasn’t even sure if I’d be able to sing well. This body might be a great singer, but I had no idea what I was doing. I only knew how to put my life on the light in battle.

Anyway, Jinwoo continued.

“If you show me your best talent and impress me, you’ll be able to earn a good score.”

Again, the trainees had mixed reactions. The frowning trainees were likely girls who had trained for the longest periods. Of course. The longer they had trained, the better Jinwoo Park would know their talents already. It would be harder to show him something new and impress him. This was especially the case for me, Yoo-young, and Jumi. We had already shown our best talents for two years. If we were to sing again for this mission, it likely wouldn’t earn us good scores.

“Oh, man. I’m not good at anything besides singing…”

Jumi worried next to me. So I chimed in.

“I’m nothing without singing.”


Jumi laughed. Was she agreeing with me?

“Oh, I’m sorry for laughing, Sian. Haah…But seriously, we’re in trouble.”

Jumi kept worrying as she linked her arm in mine again. I felt her breast press against my arm, and I broke another sweat. Her chest size was surprisingly impressive.

“Now I’ll assign you to your dorms. It’s simple.”

He picked up a metal case by the panel’s table. There were 15 pairs of wooden chopsticks inside.

“Pick a pair of chopsticks. Those with red tape should move towards the left, and those with the blue tape should move towards the right.”

He started coming down from the table and stood on the star-shaped stage.

“Now come and draw a pair of chopsticks.”

We merely looked at each other, and Yoo-young, the oldest among the group, went ahead first.

She picked a pair with red tape.

Next came, Jihyun, myself, Jumi, Ara, Minji, and so on. Thus, the first week’s dorm assignments were determined.

There were 7 other girls in my dorm.

Yoo-young Lee (22), Rinzhi (21), Minji Lee (21), Yoojin Jung (20), Sena (20), Areum Yeo (19), Hainan (18).

These were my roommates for the week.

“Minji’s here too.”

I scoffed behind her back. The bitch that insulted me. I planned on beating her to a pulp the second we stepped inside our dorm.

“But there’s one thing I hope you’ll understand.”

We turned to Jinwoo again. He looked at us with a gentle smile.

“There may be a camera in the living room for broadcasting purposes. Please understand, okay?”


Everyone answered aloud.

“Alright, then everyone work hard and I’ll see you next week!”

“Yes, sir!”

And thus, the first recording of Fifteen came to a close.


We got in the van again to the dorms. We began to unpack as soon as we arrived, and headed towards our assigned rooms. There were 3 girls in my room including myself. Rinzhi (21) and Yoojin Jung (20) were my roommates. Side note: Yoojin had an enormous rack.


I stared at the beds inside the room. There was one twin size bed, and one bunk bed.


Rinzhi hugged me from behind.

“The bed might break if you use the top bunk. Why don’t you sleep on the twin bed?”

Rinzhi subtly dissed me and I agreed.

“Okay, I’ll sleep there.”

I put my luggage down on the twin bed. It looked uncomfortable.

“Should I use the top bunk?”

Yoojin asked Rinzhi. Yoojin Jung. 20 years old, pretty tall. She had a youthful face but glamorous body.

“I’d be grateful~”

Rinzhi hugged Yoojin this time. Rinzhi definitely likes hugging.

Anyway, we put away our things and came out to the living room to greet our housemates. The only girls I knew in the dorm were Yoo-young, Rinzhi, Hainan, and that bitch Minji.

I came out to the living room to find that everyone else was already gathered. I wedged myself in between them.


My rear end was so heavy, it actually made that sound.

“Everyone’s here.”

Everyone focused on Yoo-young as she spoke.

“Since we’ll all be sharing our living space, let’s do our best to get along.”

“Yes, Yoo-young.”

We all smiled awkwardly at each other. Yoo-young, too, smiled awkwardly before she continued.

“Then should we introduce ourselves? Let’s start with Sian on the left.”


I nodded and started to introduce myself.

“Hi, I’m Sian Lee. I’m 168 cm tall and I weigh 93 kg (the girls were all shocked at my weight.) My talent is singing. Fun fact, I have never dated before.”


All the girls giggled at my fun fact. I guess it was obvious that I would have never dated anyone.

“Sian, you didn’t need to reveal even your weight.”

Yoo-young suppressed her laughter. Rinzhi started her introduction.

“Hai~ I’m a trainee from China. My name is Rinzhi~ Let’s be good friends~”

She spoke in her special brand of cutesy charm. With average looks and a slim body, dancing was her talent. She was what Lovely Girl needed.

The girls continued to introduce themselves one by one. Yoojin especially caught my eye. She was only 20 years old, but had such a glamorous body. What caught my attention was her announcement of her love for alcohol. A drinker, huh? Anyway, she was apparently able to start drinking in the evening and continue till the crack of dawn. That turned me off a bit. I personally didn’t appreciate women who love to drink. Of course in moderation was fine, but all night… How many mistakes she must have made… And with that glamorous body on top of that? How could men leave her alone? Just a little bit of seductive behavior from her and they would be head over heels.

Anyway, introductions came to a close and we began to decide on turns to wash up. Just then, Rinzhi piped up with an idea.

“Let’s shower together so we can get closer!”

Some were excited at the idea and some were a little embarrassed. I was admittedly on the excited side. How should I say this? Seeing such cute, young girls opened my heart. The world was becoming more and more fun.

<Chapter 4: Top Sexy Girl Group> The End

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