Top Sexy Girl Group

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Chapter 5: Top Sexy Girl Group

“Okay, then let’s shower together so we can bond more.”

Yoo-young made the executive decision for us, and we all nodded in agreement. Rinzhi sidled up next to me.

“I want to do it with Sian!”

Then Hainan followed suit.

“Me too, Sian!”

Lastly, my roommate Yoojin also chimed in.

“I want to join too.”

And so I showered with these three girls. I couldn’t bring myself to look at their bodies with my eyes open for fear that my heart would explode again.


We finally finished our shower and headed towards the room. The room soon filled with the whir of hair dryers, and stray hairs covered the floors.

‘This is no joke.’

I thought to myself. The amount of hair on the floor really was no joke with 3 girls living in one room.

“But Sian.”

Rinzhi, who had finished drying her hair, turned towards me as she sat on her bed.


“What are you going to do for this week’s mission?”

“What I can do best?”


Rinzhi nodded. She spoke excellent Korean for a Chinese person. Just in case you were wondering, Rinzhi had trained under YH Entertainment for 3 years.

“I’m still debating what I’ll do.”

“You can sing. You’re good at singing.”

Rinzhi stuck her thumb up at me. Yes, she was right. I was a good singer. That’s how I got to be part of Lovely Girl in the first place, even with this fat body. But earlier I gave it a go, and the results were no good. Vibration, detailed key changes, switching to and from falsetto, all these things I found in my memories that I was once able to do… I couldn’t do them. Most of all, I couldn’t put any genuine feeling, groove, or soul into my singing. In short, I couldn’t sing. This was a critical situation.

“Something other than singing.”

“Something else? Is there something else you’re good at?”

Rinzhi looked at me with curiosity. To be honest, it seemed more like a look that said, “Really? You? Are you really good at anything else? Don’t lie.”

“I think I’ll lose weight.”


Rinzhi giggled. Even Yoojin, who had been drying her hair next to us, burst out laughing.

“Would that be okay to do for the mission?”

Rinzhi was still laughing. She continued.

“But Sian. In your 1 year of training and 2 years after your debut, you always said you’d diet and never succeeded. No, you actually kept gaining weight.”

Rinzhi suddenly looked worried. She switched between moods so freely.

“This time will be different.”

I was determined. Who was I? I was one of Heaven’s chosen strongest. That title is not one so easily earned. I endured training more painful than death itself. My will and determination were that strong. 93 kg? Piece of cake. I would change my entire body. I’d turn over a new leaf!

“Yeah, it’ll be different this time. You always said that too.”


Yoojin laughed again and Rinzhi’s words. This bitch keeps laughing at me. I was starting to get offended.

“You must be enjoying this, Yoojin.”

“Oh, sorry Sian…Hehe…”

Yoojin responded as she stretched her glamorous body, putting it on full display. I couldn’t help but grin.

“Then I’ll help you lose weight, Sian.”

“No, it’s okay. I’d rather do it on my own.”

“Then let’s at least match our diet to each other’s. I gain weight pretty easily too so I’m always on a diet. I’ve been eating chicken breasts for 2 years.”

‘She’s a strong-willed bitch.’

I didn’t say that out loud. Rinzhi was indeed a strong-willed bitch in my memories. She really ate only chicken breasts and vegetables for 2 years. I could probably lose the weight faster if I followed her diet.

“Okay, then I’ll match my diet to yours.”

I nodded at her, and she embraced me again, making the noises of a baby bird. Is she a lesbian? Why does she keep latching onto me? Well, I’m starting to get used to it anyway.

“Yoojin, do you want to join?”

I asked as she scoffed. She gave me a look.

“Sian, I don’t need to follow a diet. Look at me. Everything I eat goes to my boobs.”

She puffed her chest forward, and I was nodding before I knew it.

“Aww, I’m so jealous, Yoojin.”

Rinzhi said as she looked longingly at Yoojin’s chest.

Anyway, the time flew deep into the night as we chatted, and I came outside again. I was determined to start losing this weight right away. Producer Jinwoo Park. What that fool remembered of me was simply a lazy pig. I was going to prove him wrong as soon as I humanly could. I would face searing pain for this mission and make the best of the new body I was given in this world.


I ran about 10 laps around the neighborhood. My bones started to ache due to my excessive body weight and lack of muscle.


I gasped for air. It seemed that my lung capacity had increased from last time, at least. What difference a measly 3 kg made.

“Wow, this is hard.”

I took one last deep breath and flopped onto my stomach. Then I began to do some push-ups. What was most important for my body at the moment was to build muscle. Increasing my muscle mass would increase my basal metabolic rate, allowing me to lose weight even faster and perform more intense exercises.

“One million twenty one…”

“One million twenty two…”

“One million twenty three…”


I collapsed at one million twenty four. Now it was time for sit-ups.


I took a couple deep breaths before laying back down. Then I bent my knees about half-way and pulled my upper body up….splat.

Could my body really not even go up 15 degrees? My abundant belly fat didn’t allow me to go up any higher.

“Wow… Fucking pig, seriously…”

I was getting really angry. I got up again and laid down on my stomach. I bent my arm to 90 degrees and stretched my legs straight out, lifting myself up off the ground into a plank. My abdomen slowly heated up. My elbows and shoulders became tense. My whole body began to shake uncontrollably.

“Oh please… Just 1 minute… Come on…ugh…aghhh…!”

Were planks always this difficult? I clenched my teeth and held on just a little longer, till I barely reached 1 minute.



I was exhausted. But it seemed to be working. Just 1 minute of that caused me to sweat like there was no tomorrow.

“Not bad.”

I steadied my breath again before going into another plank. I endured another minute. My body soon grew accustomed to it, and I broke 2 minutes. Then 3, 4, and 5 minutes.


I felt refreshed. The most refreshed I had felt since entering this world.

“Okay, let’s get on the scale now.”

Looking at the clock, I realized I had worked out for about 5 hours. I should have lost about 3 kg. I immediately ran up to the dorm.


“Oh, where were you, Sian?”

It was Yoo-young. Why wasn’t she sleeping at this hour? It was already past midnight.

“I was working out.”

“Really? Oh my gosh… Look at that sweat.”

She gently pushed back the hair on my forehead. Was this really something to be impressed by?

“Are you starting another diet?”

Yoo-young asked with a smile.

“Yeah. I need to lose weight.”

“It’ll be hard… You’re so weak-willed.”

“Not anymore.”

“You always said that.”

She laughed again. We were having the same conversation I had with Rinzhi. That was right, in my memories I could see that my body’s owner had always said the same things. That it was different this time. But this time, it really was different. I had the will and determination of one of Heaven’s strongest.

“But why are you up?”

I asked.

“Oh, I was just thinking.”

“About what?”

“What to sing…”

“Ah, so you’re going to sing?”

“Yeah. That is what I’m best at, after all.”

“He’ll love you no matter what you do.”

It was true. Yoo-young had a fresh and cute look. She had milky white skin. The boys loved her. Unfortunately she had been in a no-name group, but she even got hit on time to time by male celebrities.

“I know.”

“Ah, so you know.”

“But I want to use my talent.”

“You should.”

I nodded in agreement and headed towards the scale.

“Are you checking to see how much you lost?”

Yoo-young followed me.


I nodded as i stood in front of the scale.


I unlocked my phone and checked the picture I had taken of my weight that morning.



92 kg

<Chapter 5: Top Sexy Girl Group> The End

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