Top Sexy Girl Group

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Chapter 6: Top Sexy Girl Group

“I wonder…”

How much weight did I lose today? I put one foot on the scale, which then began to rapidly increase in number, passing 50 kg.


I had only put one foot on the scale… Anyway I stepped onto the scale with both feet this time and squeezed my eyes shut. I felt like my blood pressure was increasing as the numbers on the scale grew.


I was opening my eyes when Yoo-young squealed in shock.

“Oh my gosh! Sian! You’re 89.9 kg!”

“Oh, damn.”

I opened my eyes and looked down at the scale. I worked out for 5 hours and lost 2 kg. I expected at least 3… Utterly disappointing. Figures, as my current body was nowhere near as efficient at burning fat as my previous body. But Yoo-young seemed amazed.

“I’ve never seen you get down to the 80s!”

“Oh, oh yeah…?

I smiled sheepishly. 89.9 kg. Yeah, at least I entered the 80s.

“You’re really determined this time, aren’t you?”

Yoo-young was genuinely happy for me. She gave me a tight squeeze, and my heartbeat quickened again. Yoo-young Lee. She’s pretty and sexy. And she had that mature charm of that of an older woman. It was arousing.


I couldn’t breathe…

“If you lose weight, Producer Park will definitely be pleased!”

“Y, yeah.”

I gently peeled Yoo-young off my body and I was able to breathe again. Why was I given a woman’s body when I’m obviously such a man? Am I supposed to suppress my needs and desires? Suddenly I was deep in an identity crisis.

‘Whoever did this to me… I will not let you off the hook…’

That damn Grim Reaper… I will be sure to berate him thoroughly.

“Hey Sian, you’re going to shower now, right?”

“Yeah, I should. I’m dripping in sweat.”

“Then let’s shower together! Wait a second. I’m going to go get my towel.”

She went back to her room and I stared after her in bewilderment.


This is all thanks to that big bathroom…


“Why are yours so big?”

“I don’t know.”

I looked down at my chest. I was a C cup. An impressive size. Not more so than Yoojin Jung, but I, too, had quite the glamorous set of assets. Although who knew what would happen once I lost weight. I was sure they’d shrink as I lost fat, but I still had genetics on my side.

“Lucky. Mine are so small.”

Yoo-young complained about her chest as she looked down. But it was okay. She had other (?) nice assets.

We continued to chat about breasts as we showered. Well, it was mostly Yoo-young pushing this topic of conversation, making me feel shy.


The sun rose the next morning. My roommates, Rinzhi and Yoojin, got up early to shower.

“Early birds.”

I woke up just now. 8am. Why on earth do these girls wake up so early? Well, they did all seem to go to bed early last night.

“Ah, I’m thirsty.”

I headed towards the living room, and was met with a surprising scene. All the girls were already out here with full faces of makeup on! I wasn’t the only one that was surprised. They all looked back at my bare face, eyes wide with shock.

“Hahaha, look at that pig’s fat face.”

Minji snickered. Areum Yeo followed suit. Areum Yeo. Average face and a somewhat chubby build. A confident high schooler with a bubbly personality.

“What do you mean? She’s looks pretty to me.”

Hainan had my back. She was a beautiful soul. There are some girls with not only beautiful faces, but beautiful hearts as well. Hainan was the poster child for such girls. She was only 18 but was more mature than many adults. Perhaps she had been forced to grow up faster, living in a foreign country for such a long time. Side note: she was a 4th year trainee at YH.

“That looks pretty to you? Hainan, are your eyes on your feet?”

Minji’s words ticked me off a bit. I approached her. I wanted to feed her a knuckle sandwich for breakfast. Lucky for her, the front doorbell rang at that moment. Sena hopped over to open the door. Ah, yes. Sena was a 20 year-old Japanese girl. She’s rather timid and very kind, so naturally everyone liked her. She’d been practicing pilates and yoga since she was a child, so she was flexible and a great dancer. She was slim and fit.

Sena opened the door and the mu-music camera crew came inside. Thus, my special breakfast plans for Minji were canceled. I couldn’t use violence in front of all these eyes. The cameras were already rolling.

“Good morning. We’re here to film as you were told yesterday. We’re also going to be installing a camera in the living room, if that’s okay with you.”

“Yes, that’s fine.”

That was Minji.

“Will there be cameras in the rooms?”

Me this time. The staff answered.

“We won’t be installing them in the rooms to protect your privacy.”

“I see.”

I said with a disappointed look. The staff member scoffed.

“I think there is especially no reason to install them in your room, Miss Sian Lee…Haha…”

He was mocking me with a smile. I wanted to knock out all of his yellow teeth. I made a mental note. First Minji Lee. Then this asshole staff member. His name was Jung-jin Lee. I’d have to pencil in his murder some time.

Next, the Lovely Girl manager, Hak-gyu came inside the room and started to announce today’s schedule.

“Everyone just do what you need to do. Go to the practice room, meet your friends, whatever. Starting from the 2nd week you’ll be given more rigorous missions and probably won’t have time to meet people outside the program. I suggest you meet your family and friends this week.”

We nodded at him and he continued.

“And starting from 11am today, each of you will get a personal VJ that will follow you around. It might be uncomfortable at first, but it’s for the show so look your best for the cameras. Got it?”


Again, we nodded.

“Okay, then good luck.”

Then he turned to me and did a double take. He rushed over.

“Sian, you should hurry and shower… We’ll start filming soon…”

He was rather cautious in his words to me, out of respect for the 2 years we worked together.

“Is my bare face really that bad?”

“Look in the mirror…”


I stood in front of mirror in my room, and I had to hold myself back from breaking it. I had entered the 90s, but the fat was still clinging onto every crevice of my face.

“I need to hurry up, shit.”

I strengthened my will once again.

I exited the dorm with my naked face. Ah, I did wash my face and hair. I also put on some lotion and BB cream. Isn’t that basically a naked face? Well anyway, I made a beeline for YH Entertainment.

“Where are you headed?”

My VJ shoved the camera in my face. And of course, of all people it was the asshole, Jung-jin Lee.

“I’m going to the gym.”

“The gym?”

“Yes. I’m trying to lose weight.”

I looked straight at the camera as I spat out those words. And I gave a little wink. You know, for the fans. The camera reeled back.

“Why are you pulling the camera back?”

“Sorry. Haha…”

He shoved the camera back in my face. I gave him a little grin and started walking again. Then I turned around to look at him.

“What was your name?”

“Jun-jin Lee.”

“Wasn’t it Jung-jin?”

“It’s Jun-jin.”

“Ah, sorry.”

I slightly bowed my head in apology and kept walking. Then Jung-jin, I mean, Jun-jin caught up to me and started to film from the side.

“But wasn’t the mission to show what you’re best at? You’re good at singing.”

Jun-jin questioned. Are VJs supposed to have this many questions?

“I’m better at losing weight.”


He laughed. My fury gauge was about to explode, but I restrained myself. I was on camera. Hold back. Hold back.

Anyway, after some more useless conversation, I arrived at YH Entertainment’s gym. The gym was huge and empty, probably because it was early morning.

I headed straight for the scale first. Jun-jin followed me and pointed the camera at the scale.

“Are you trying to look at my weight?”


Jun-jin moved the camera away.

“Look then.”

He pointed the camera back immediately.

“Make sure you get that.”

I grinned as I stepped onto the scale. As always, the needle wavered furiously before coming to a stop.

89.1 kg.

“Hmm, I lost a bit more.”

I nodded with satisfaction. Jun-jin, on the other hand, was shocked.

“Eigh, Eigh…Eighty…nine…point one…?”

“Your shock is making me feel embarrassed.”

“Oh, s, sorry.”

“Sorry doesn’t cut it.”

I stepped down from the scale and started to stretch. I reached up for the sky, then reached behind me, to the right, and to the left. Every time I leaned over my shirt rode up, exposing my side fat. It was quite unsightly.

<Chapter 6: Top Sexy Girl Group> The End

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