Top Sexy Girl Group

Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Chapter 7: Top Sexy Girl Group

“But why are you dieting all of a sudden?”

Jun-jin tossed this question at me and the atmosphere suddenly turned chilly. I looked at him in disbelief. Are you fucking kidding me? I’m dieting because I’m a pig. I’m dieting because of assholes like you who mock me and scoff at me. Is what I wanted to say to him, but… Cameras were rolling. Reputation, reputation…

“Why am I dieting? I want to be slender like other girls.”

I gave him my best camera smile.


And this asshole laughed again. Why I oughta…

“Is that funny?”

“Ah, haha. No…sorry…keke…”


I let out a chuckle as I used all my might to suppress the fury. It’s like a marathon. The first 30 minutes are like death, but once you push through it, you get this great sense of achievement and satisfaction. I guess as I was suppressing my anger for a while, I was starting to almost enjoy it. That’s why I laughed.

After stretching, I headed towards the weight machines. After weights, I’d do cardio. Doing cardio first sucked out all my energy, and I wouldn’t be able to do any weights. It would be pointless. Typically you should use your energy on weights first, then do cardio. Weights are important to increase your muscle mass to increase your basal metabolic rate. A higher basal metabolic rate means your body will burn more calories, and you’ll lose weight faster.

“Okay, starting with push-ups.”

I got onto floor, face down. Jun-jin started to film me in position.

“Should I count for you?”


“Oh, alright.”

I began.

One…two…three…four…five…six…seven…eight… million twenty one…one million twenty two….one million twenty three…one million twenty four…one million twenty five…one million twenty si…splat.

I collapsed at one million twenty six.

“Isn’t it 126?”

Jun-jin questioned.


I answered.

“But why one million twenty six…”

“It’s just nice to hear.”

I beamed at him, and he chuckled. He seemed flabbergasted.

“But that’s still very impressive… With that bod… I mean, with that weight, 126 is good.”

He was genuinely impressed.

“I did 125.”

I corrected him. Anyway, I was sweating like a pig. My white shirt was sticking to me like a second skin, exposing my pink bra.

Of course, men were stealing glances at me. I didn’t care. Maybe because I was actually a man, it didn’t bother me. Still, I was aware that I might have been looking a little provocative.

“A little provocative, aren’t I?”


Jun-jin laughed at my question, yet again. I really wanted to punch out every single tooth he had in his head every time he laughed like that.

“Honestly, I’d say it’s a little more…terrorizing than provocative…”

He shot bullets at me in a phony apologetic tone. Sure, he was right. When a sexy woman exposes herself, it’s enticing. When a fat person like me does the same…people scowl. People are cold. They would most certainly leave hate comments.

“Please edit this part well.”

“Yes, it’ll probably be edited out.”

I continued my workout. Push-ups, sit-ups, bench press, plank, and the works. I used all of the machines in the gym, leaving the running machine for last. I spent the whole day at the gym. The sun started to set.

“I’m gonna go watch the girls in dance practice~”

Jun-jin seemed especially pleased at this. It must suck for him too. There were plenty of pretty girls in Fifteen, and he got stuck with me. And I wasn’t even doing anything interested. I was working out all day. But what could we do? It was what it was.

Anyway, I left for the practice rooms and Jun-jin happily followed.


I gently slid open the door and…boom!


I was so huge my rear end collided with the door. All eyes turned towards me.

“Omg! Sian!”

Rinzhi welcomed me first, as Yoojin waved. Then Ara and Sena shyly greeted me.

“Only four of you?”

“Yeah, they all went to eat. Did you eat yet?”

Rinzhi asked as she approached me.

“No, I wanted to eat with you.”

“I knew you loved me. Chifanle meiyou?”

Rinzhi suddenly spoke to me in her mother tongue, and I responded in Japanese.


“Pft, what the heck.”

Rinzhi lightly slapped my shoulder and slipped right into my arms. She really loved it there.

“Do you want to sleep together tonight, Sian?”


“Why? Because there’s not enough room?”


I nodded. It was squishy enough on my own. But to sleep with Rinzhi too? No way. She might suffocate to death if I happened to roll on top of her.

“Hmph. But I like you.”

Rinzhi gave me another tight squeeze. Really, was she a lesbian? Why does she keep doing that? Anyway, I could see that Jun-jin’s grin was stretched so wide it was about to fall off his face. He was busy filming all the other girls. At the moment he was filming Yoojin. Probably filming her ample bosom. She happened to be performing a popping dance, pumping her chest. All cameras were pointed at her.

“Shallow idiots.”

I clicked my tongue. So distracted by boobs that he forgot his main agenda. Just then, Ara and Sena approached me.


Sena greeted me very respectfully, even though we were the same age.

“Hello, Sian.”

Ara smiled awkwardly. She, too, was the same age. They were both very pretty Japanese girls. Sena looked like an anime character. She didn’t have the same entrancing aura as Hainan, but she had her own charm. She also had a good cup size.


I greeted them in return.

“Sian, let’s go eat together.”

Sena invited me.

“No, not Sian.”

Rinzhi chimed in.

“Sian and I are on a diet right now so we’re mainly eating chicken breasts and vegetables. Sena and Ara, you two should just go by yourselves.”

“Oh, really? Sian…doesn’t have any weight to lose…”

Ara blasphemed, and I just smiled. She was pretty. Yeah, I was letting her go because she was pretty. I was the one that needed the most forgiveness. I was just too fat. 90 kg…Haah… It was just too much. How did this body even become part of a ballad trio in the first place? They really must have only looked at talent. Yes, that was the case according to my memories. YH Entertainment launched this campaign for a [Faceless Singer], for which I auditioned and made it 100% with pure talent. Although I’ve lost that soul now. I’m sorry, body, but I don’t think I can do that anymore. Maybe if I practiced. But for now, I needed to lose weight first.

“Still, she can’t. Sian is really determined this time.”

Rinzhi kept me on track. I was grateful. Dieting was better with someone else, than alone. And I trusted her expertise.

Then, Yoojin came over, breasts jiggling. Why was she wearing such tight clothes? Her breasts were almost piercing through the fabric. She chucked an irritating comment our way as she passed by.

“Gosh, everything I eat goes straight to my chest…”

Everyone immediately looked down at their own chests. Of course, except for me. They were mine, but I didn’t really like these breasts. They were still new and unfamiliar to me. It’s only been so long since I was reincarnated…

I still do double takes when I pee.

Chapter 7: Top Sexy Girl Group

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