Top Sexy Girl Group

Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Chapter 8: Top Sexy Girl Group

All the girls went out to eat. The VJs also grouped up for their meals. My VJ, however, was still filming myself and Rinzhi.

“Aren’t you going to eat?”

I asked Jun-jin. His camera was filming me, but he was looking at Rinzhi. He couldn’t even hear my question. Or did he choose not to hear it?

“Mr. VJ.”


“Oh, yes, yes…”

He finally turned his attention towards me.

“I asked, are you not going to eat?”

I restrained myself from shouting. The cameras were rolling…

“Ah, yes. Not yet. In about half an hour.”

“Really? You’ll get hungry watching us eat.”

I opened the lunch Rinzhi packed us and laughed dryly. It was filled with pale white chicken breast and vegetables,

“Are there any grilled ones?”

I asked Rinzhi. Plain, boiled chicken breast wasn’t quite appealing to me. Of course, I had never had such plain, unseasoned chicken breast before, but something far back in my memories was resisting it heavily.

“You have to eat it like this to lose weight, Sian.”

Rinzhi was adamant. So this is why she was so slim. A born dancer. Rinzhi was slim, but she was also fit and toned from dancing. That was one of her charms. It was just unfortunate that her chest was on the smaller side. But it’s not like you needed a large chest to become an idol star. Ah, well for Yoojin it was a different case… Her chest surely was an asset. She could probably secure many drooling male fans.


I forked a piece of chicken. It looked disgusting.

“You’ve eaten this for 2 years?”

“Yup. It’s hard at first but you get used to it eventually. It’s low in calories and it’s filling. How awesome is that?”

“Yeah… Eat up…”

I took a bite of the chicken. I put my fork down.

“I give up.”

“No, Sian. You have to eat it. You can’t do it if you don’t have strength.”

Rinzhi put the bitten piece of chicken back into my mouth. I gingerly chewed and swallowed it. I had never tasted anything so dry and, well, tasteless.


After dinner, the trainees started to gather in the practice room one by one. Yoojin with the big breasts came first, then Japanese trainees Ara and Sena came in. Soon Jia Lee and Liang Liang followed. Jia Lee was the same age as I was, and something about her was very glamorous…Like a party girl? A sexy girl at the club? She also had a very active and outgoing personality, but she and I were still a little awkward. She had started training just a year ago.

On the other hand was Liang Liang. She was just 18, the same age as Hainan. She also was a born dancer, rivaling with Rinzhi. You could call them the top two dancers among the group. In my opinion, one of the two would definitely make it into Lovely Girl. If I had to name a character flaw, it would be that she was a bit greedy. However, that’s just my opinion.

“What about the other girls?”

I asked Rinzhi. There were only 6 total, including Rinzhi. There should have been 15.

“Ah, they’re in the other practice room. And Yoo-young, Jumi, and Jihyun (22) are doing vocal training.”

“Maybe I’ll go visit them.”

I suddenly missed Yoo-young and Jumi, my original teammates. I also wanted to see Jihyun (22). She was a year older than me and had a brilliant mind. She was a student at a prestigious university and she was pretty in the girl-next-door kind of way. She was, however, a bit of an attention-seeker, especially from men. It was hard to count how many men she had gone through. What exactly was her charm? I was very curious.

“Going already? Watch me practice.”

“Mm, should I?”


Rinzhi sat me on the floor. Then she started to dance in front of the mirror without any music.

It was a very elaborate performance, comparable to a sword dance. How could a dance be so beautiful? I let my jaw drop as I watched her in action. In just moments, she switched gears. What were elegant and graceful movements became quick and sharp. She pumped her chest up and down and my eyes grew. She was a full A cup at best, but in the moment they looked like double Ds! It was that alluring.

“Was she always that good…”

I was truly impressed by Rinzhi’s performance. If she had been holding real swords, how much more marvelous would it have been! I saw her in a different light, and I wasn’t the only one. Yoojin Jung, Sena, Jia, and Liang Liang were all in awe. The VJ made a beeline towards Rinzhi.

Just then, Yoojin came to the center and started pumping her chest like Rinzhi. Her breasts were like missiles about to shoot out of her clothes. Nothing came close. “Perky” was not a good enough word to describe them.

Following suit, Jia cheered as she whipped her long black hair back and started dancing. Everyone joined in. The VJs beamed with happiness as they filmed.

“They’re having so much fun.”

I gently stood up and to let myself out of the practice room.

“Where are you going?”

Jun-jin asked as if he was disappointed.

“To see Yoo-young.”


Jun-jin looked relieved.

“Why? Were you afraid I’d be going to the gym?”

I must have nailed it in the head. I knew Jun-jin would enjoy it here much better. Cuties left and right, and they were dancing too. Just watching them would heal all his wounds. But at the moment he was with me, the pig, and the pig was exposing her pink bra in all her sweaty glory. His eyes must have rotted. Which is exactly why I decided to go work out.

“I’m gonna go work out.”


Jun-jin let out a sigh of disappointment.


We all gathered in the dorms after practice. I weighed myself before going out to the living room, and I came out to be 87.6 kg. I had lost 1.5 kg today. Diets were really difficult. Today was hard enough, but to think of repeating this cycle over and over… I was especially pained by the fact that I couldn’t eat white rice and savory soups and side dishes.

I came out to the living room and saw Minji and Yoo-young watching TV together. Minji saw me and greeted me excitedly.

“Hey Sian!”

‘What’s up with that bitch all of a sudden.’

The same bitch who wouldn’t stop calling me pig was so excited to see me. I wondered why. The reason was simple. The cameras installed there, there, and there. Minji was trying to show viewers this new character she had created for herself.

‘Sly bitch.’

I thought to myself. Anyway, I went over next to her as she waved me over.

“You guys must have made up.”

Yoo-young knew that wasn’t true. She had once gotten upset at Minji, telling her to stop. Minji also happened to be scared of Yoo-young, so she listened to her silently. But of course, she was different when Yoo-young wasn’t around. Basically, she was a bitch.

“Made up?”

I tilted my head.

“We did make up, Yoo-young!”

Minji responded loudly. Yoo-young chuckled.

“Yeah, you two should get along. Who knows, we might all become a team.”

Minji nodded dramatically. No matter the angle I looked at her from, she was a conniving bitch.

“Good, good. Then will you two go buy some eggs from the store? I’m going to cook up some steamed eggs to feed the girls.”

Yoo-young smiled sweetly. She was sweet and pretty and at the same time played the role of the oldest diligently.

“Okay, Yoo-young!”

Minji grabbed my hand and headed towards the front door. I was so baffled at her actions I could only stare at her in awe. I was waiting for a good time to throw her a punch. Just you wait.

We stepped out the door, and the bitch tried to start something with me immediately.

“Hey pig, be more friendly with me when the cameras are rolling. It’s called a show window friendship, you stupid pig.”

I scoffed at her words and put up my hand. Just as I was about to yank her hair, a VJ emerged from the stairs at the end of the hallway. I quickly put my hand down. Failed again. The VJ that had interrupted me just now, it was Jun-jin Lee. That bastard… I swear…

<Chapter 8: Top Sexy Girl Group> The End

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