Top Sexy Girl Group

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Chapter 9: Top Sexy Girl Group

“Why are you here now?”

I asked. Jun-jin laughed awkwardly.

“I forgot to do the evening interview.”


Indeed, we hadn’t done the evening interview.

“Sorry, Sian. Can I have a few minutes?”

“I have to go buy eggs right now.”

Yes. I was going to the store with Minji, just us two. A great opportunity to teach Minji a lesson. I was not about to let it slip.

“Oh, then I’ll tag along. That should be some good footage, you two going to the store together. There are rumors that you don’t get along.”

Jun-jin said with a smile. Get lost, you bastard. Is what I wanted to tell him… But those blasted cameras…

“Sure, let’s go together. We’re really close so get some good footage in.”

Of course, that was Minji and her phony, sweet smile. Then, she linked her arm in mine. Phony, phony, phony bitch.

“Ah, you two were close.”

Jun-jin smiled like a proud uncle.

“Of course. We’re so close. Aren’t we, Sian?”

Minji smiled up at me. If I could just yank all those nostril hairs out I would.

“Sian, why aren’t you answering her? You must be upset at Minji about something. Are you butthurt?”

Jun-jin smiled mockingly. I almost cut his tongue. It’s always infuriating to be asked if one is butthurt when one is most certainly not butthurt. And on top of that, I was at a disadvantage here. They were just adding fuel to the fire. Jun-jin Lee, Minji Lee. I really needed to schedule a day to give them a good beating or two. Ah, since Minji is a girl, I’ll just yank out her hair.

“I’m not.”

I forced a smile. It wasn’t easy putting on a happy face. Normally my fist would have gone out first, but that was a big no no in this world. That’s why poker faces were so important. Especially in the entertainment field.

“Your smile is very awkward. I think you are butthurt.”

“That’s enough.” ‘Before I knock out all of your corn teeth.’

I said the first part aloud, and the latter silently. Anyway, that put a stop to the questions. We headed towards a nearby store.


We passed by the downtown area on the way to the store, and of course no one recognized us. It was to be expected. The first episode hadn’t even aired yet.

“The store is farther than expected.”

“No, it’s right past downtown.”

I said. It was in my memories. Minji put her mouth close to my ear and said so only I could hear,

“Of course the pig would know exactly where the store is. Keke.”

‘Twinkle, twinkle little star. How I wonder what you are. Up above the world so high, like a diamond in the sky. Twinkle, twinkle little star. How I wonder what you are.’

I sang Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star to myself to cool down the steam coming out of my ears. Getting angry would have meant that I lost. I wanted to pluck out every single nose hair and armpit hair this bitch had, but that would only damage my own reputation. When no one else was around, that’s when I would punish her. I wouldn’t leave a single hair on her body.

“Let’s go through the alleyway over there.”

I headed towards the shortcut to the store and the others followed behind. Then suddenly, Jun-jin stopped in his tracks.


“Uh… I just really need to use the restroom…”

“You’re really something.”

I said with a smile.

“Sorry… I’ll be right back.”

“You can go in that shop right there.”

It wasn’t my shop, but I was sure the owner would take pity on the man.

“You two go on ahead. I’ll be just a minute.”


Jun-jin left as soon as I responded, and I slipped through the alleyway with Minji. I saw the bitch start to open her mouth to start with me again, and I opened my palm. I would smack her face as soon as she started talking. But it was in that moment, that we heard some middle-aged men fighting on the terrace of a nearby shop. There were about 8 open soju bottles. Did they really drink all that themselves? Some guys around the area tried to stop them. They were drunkenly shoving their fingers in each others faces. They were big men, and the passersby couldn’t easily restrain them,

“Hey, let’s go watch. Looks fun.”

Minji stupidly said. Was this bitch crazy? You shouldn’t get involved in a fight with men that big. It’s dangerous. But she wanted to go and watch?

“Yeah, let’s go.”

I agreed with a smile. I was a man. Well, just in spirit. Anyway, we went to go catch the show. We approached the scene, just close enough to see their faces. They both looked exhausted, but thoroughly upset at each other.

“You bleep-! I’ll bleep-ing bleep you! You bleep-! Damn bleep-!”

“You bleep-ed my girlfriend, you bleep-! You son of a bleep-!”

They shook off the people holding them back and went at each other. Right punch, left punch, hook, uppercut, guillotine choke, takedown, pounding, the works. They fought like mixed martial artists.

“What a hot mess.”

I commented. It was really a chicken fight. I wanted to get in there and show them how it’s done. I was sure I could take them both down with one swing. Anyway, why was this bitch Minji having so much fun with this? Was she into martial arts? Well, whether she did or not didn’t have anything to do with me. I turned back towards the fight. They were rolling on the floor now, and things really started to escalate. Someone called the police, but just then, one guy grabbed a soju bottle and smashed it on the table.


The broken soju bottle bore its gnarly teeth, and the guy holding it began to swing it around recklessly. The crowd backed up, afraid. His opponent, too, backed up.

“Come here, you bastard!”

He swung the broken bottle once more, and looked around the scene. He made eye contact with us. No, he made eye contact with Minji. And suddenly he was walking towards us. No, he was walking towards Minji, looking her in the eye. He started to speed up and shouted at the top of his lungs.

“You bitch! You gold digging bitch! You were here!”

He must have been so drunk he had mistaken Minji for the girl he was sleeping with.

Anyway, he swung the broken bottle towards her, and she instinctively crouched down, screaming.




The bottle was flying towards Minji. I saw everything in slow motion. I debated. Should I block that bottle, saving Minji? Or should I leave it be? Minji was certainly trash. She was cute and had a nice chest, but otherwise she was just trash. Did I need to save such a bitch? Wasn’t this just punishment? But if I didn’t save her, she really could die. The bottles gnarly teeth was aimed exactly at her head. I thought again. About all the shitty things she had done and said to me. Were they worth her death? I didn’t think so. She was verbally abusive but not enough to pay with her life. And more than anything, I wanted to punish her myself, and I had the ability to do so. Then should I save her? If it was a basketball or baseball, I wouldn’t have. The worst that could happen was a concussion. God, should I save her? I thought once more. Yes, if she died just like that, I wouldn’t ever get my chance to punish her. I needed to yank out all her hair.


I grabbed Minji’s hair and yanked her head back. I yanked her so hard her whole body fell over, and she was able to dodge the broken bottle. The man quickly grabbed the bottle again and started swinging again, and I grabbed his wrist. Perfect timing. And strength. If I didn’t have any strength, it would have been pointless.

Eek! Eeek! Eeeek!!!

The bitch kept screaming, not knowing that I had just saved her. I lightly pushed her neck with my foot.

“Shut up bitch.”

And I turned back towards the big guy. He was also looking back at me, with an ominous expression.

<Chapter 9: Top Sexy Girl Group> The End

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