TranXending Vision

Chapter 1200 - What A Monster

Chapter 1200 – What A Monster

Danger had arrived early, long before his supposed end. Once again, Murphy’s Law decided to toy with Xia Lei; things were getting really bad now.

In the well-kept garden behind the Peace Mansion, Xia Lei brought out the satellite phone given by the Prehistoric Chosen One after much contemplation. He dialled the only saved contact.

Doot doot doot… Doot doot doot…

No one had answered the phone even after sixty seconds.

“Damn it! Why is he not picking up?!” Xia Lei furiously dialled the number again.

This time, he had no luck either.

Third time…

Fourth time…

It was at that point that Xia Lei gave up, heart filled with pent-up frustration and questions. “He certainly knows the truth and yet he’s allowing Zhu Xuanyue to have her way? He doesn’t wish to see me and he clearly doesn’t wish to tell me the truth. Wait… If Zhu Xuanyue’s kind has arrived, he would be hiding because he’s no match for them. If this was the reason behind his disappearance, he should’ve arranged a meeting before hiding, warn me about it and perhaps have me realize my part of the deal. But why is he not picking up? What is going on?”

The arrival of Zhu Xuanyue’s kind meant great danger to the Prehistoric Chosen One. The black-robed man’s smartest choice in that situation would be to work with Xia Lei and share his intel. In that case, he would be compelled to answer the call and even come meet Xia Lei. Even if that wasn’t the case, he should still answer the call. After all, the Prehistoric Chosen One did promise to contact him whenever he received new information on Zhu Xuanyue.

No matter how hard Xia Lei pondered about it, nothing made sense.

Xia Lei returned to his study and brought out his hacking laptop.

He did not require Sa’im or the Relief Society’s intelligence network to bring him intel and he certainly had no need for Tang Yuyan to relay Bureau 101’s intel. Xia Lei now had his own channel to attain information.

Super Xiao Qian.

In the past three months, not only had he completed all software codes for Yan Wang and Kun Peng, but he had also finished programming Super Xiao Qian up.

Tonight would be the first time he set Super Xiao Qian to work.

Booting his laptop, the face of an incredibly gorgeous woman welcomed him. This face was created through merging Fan Fan, Liang Siyao, Jiang Ruyi, Tang Yuyan and Shentu Tianyin’s faces together. He had handpicked their best features and borrowed the greatness of Artificial Intelligence to create a new face. Seeing this face would allow him to remember his six women and their children.

A few clicks and the face began to zoom out. The woman on the screen had now revealed her body. Her form was perfect- Wonderful proportions, tall with well-balanced limbs, voluptuous figure and artfully sculpted thighs that stretched on into long legs. Her bodyline was peak aesthetic and drenched in charm, she was crazily sexy. Her body was birthed through the merging of Tsukino Kyoko, Annina, Sylvia and Szlamy’s body. The sight of her body would allow him to remember all the women he had affairs with.

What was his rationale behind this?

These women were the best things life had given him. Each of them had their own stories and a lovely memory to be associated with. He wished to remember them through this approach. In the future when his inevitable demise wipes him out of existence, she’d live on in the virtual world.

She was Super Xiao Qian.

Xia Lei’s fingers broke out into a fiery dance across the keyboard, sending out command prompts rapidly. In the end, he tapped the space bar once.

Super Xiao Qian blinked her eyes open and stared at Xia Lei. A robotic voice rang through the laptop’s speaker, “Facial recognition in process… Recognition complete… Master, how can I help you today?”

Xia Lei ordered nonchalantly, “Establish internet connection.”

“Understood.” Xiao Qian abruptly morphed into countless dots of lights and weaved through a blue screen that was littered with binaries of 1 and 0. It looked almost like a flying spaceship in a time tunnel.

A few seconds later, the virtual tunnel built of blue and binary codes vanished. Super Xiao Qian reappeared with a saccharine smile. “Master, I have now entered the internet world. Hmm, this is strange. It feels like I’m swimming in the ocean.”

Xia Lei chuckled. Her description had sufficiently reflected the essence of artificial intelligence- Super Xiao Qian had ‘feelings’ and ‘emotions’.

“Master, what are you laughing at? I’m serious. Have you not swam in the ocean before?” Super Xiao Qian pouted cheekily.

Xia Lei answered, “Of course I have. It’s just that I’ve never swum around in the internet world before so I can’t relate.”

“Although the internet world is virtual, aren’t human beings sensory animals? Human lives are spent with various sensory stimulations and sensations. I too share the ability to feel, so there is no difference between the two.”

“You’re pretty good in philosophy. Are you picking that up?”

“Yes. As we speak, I’m absorbing knowledge from the internet.”

“What is your learning speed like?” asked Xia Lei.

Super Xiao Qian answered, “One hundred million bytes per second.”

Xia Lei was shocked. With such speed, she could master knowledge that ordinary humans needed a lifetime to master under a second.

“Master, would you like to quiz me?”

Xia Lei shook his head. “No.” Pausing for a moment, he instructed, “Tell me about my stock returned in the American stock market.”

“Entering stock market version Xiao Qian… Access gained.” Super Xiao Qian then said, “Master can I take over it? Its intelligence is so low that it looks dumb. I can make this platform much efficient and provide you with safer capital operations.”

Super Xiao Qian did not hold back from insulting her stock market counterpart. Though this was bullying, it was part of the ’personality’ Xia Lei had given her- aggressive!

Xia Lei laughed dryly. “If you think it’s necessary, sure. You can take over.”

“And the spy version too. Can I take over that too?” Super Xiao Qian was greedy.

“No problem. Take them in and you’re bound to become stronger.” Xia Lei wasn’t opposed to the idea. The stronger Super Xiao Qian was, the more valuable it is to him.

“Merging in process.” Super Xiao Qian stated with a grin.

The laptop’s blue screen abruptly changed to a diner setting. The perfect-faced and perfect-bodied Super Xiao Qian was seated on the dining table enjoying a plate of steak and a glass of wine. Upon closer inspection, the steak was actually labelled as ‘stock market Xiao Qian’ and the glass of wine was marked as ‘spyware Xiao Qian’.

Xia Lei let out an airy laugh of exasperation. “Is this necessary?”

“You don’t like it?”

“No,” said Xia Lei.

The background changed once again into a battlefield. Super Xiao Qian was now a female knight, armed with a spear and a heraldic shield, ready to charge in with her horse. Behind her, thousands of horses began to gallop and their hoofs shook the earth as war cries seized the skies. Opposite them were two female knights leading a huge troop into battle. The opposing knights were respectively labelled ‘stock market Xiao Qian’ and ‘spyware Xiao Qian’.

Instantly, the troops were entangled in a brutal fight for life. The impact snapped horse necks and infantries were mashed into a pile of meat. Swords clashed and bodies were littered across the field. In the end, Super Xiao Qian had slaughtered her stock market and spyware counterparts. This whole process had lasted around five minutes and in that span of time, Xiao Lei had watched a mega-budget historical movie.

Super Xiao Qian seemed to be able to create such a large-scale production with completed computer graphics as soon as prompted. Her abilities were certainly enough to drive the best movie effects company to the edge of bankruptcy.

However, other than his surprise, Xia Lei wasn’t too interested in it. He wasn’t a director nor was he a movie producer. He needed her hacking abilities and definitely not this. He deadpanned, “Are you done fooling around? Show me what I asked for.”

Super Xiao Qian followed, “Master, you now hold 5389 share accounts and the total of your assets is 13.3 billion USD.”

“What?” Xia Lei was shocked to the core. In the past three months, he had been busy working on Yan Wang and Kun Peng along with coding Super Xiao Qian. The man literally had no time to spare for manipulating Xiao Qian’s stock market counterpart. To his absolute surprise, the stock market artificial intelligence had actually managed to roll his 3 billion USD into 13.3 billion USD in the last three months!

“The stock market Xiao Qian is too weak.” Super Xiao Qian let out a mocking smirk. “If it were me, your assets could’ve been 50 billion USD instead.”


The richest company in the world was Apple with a market value of 700 billion USD. If Super Xiao Qian was able to earn him 50 billion USD within three months, it means that she could use the initial capital of 3 billion to earn an Apple equivalent within one to two years! It was no longer a mathematical problem, this was literally snowballing. With larger capital comes bigger profits, the time required would only get shorter as the amount increases!

“And of course, the risks of detection would increase but I have my ways to avoid that.” Super Xiao Qian looked confident. “Master, according to my calculations, longer time frames are much safer than shorter time frames. May I know your goal and your ideal duration of accomplishment?”

Xia Lei gave it a thought. “1000 billion USD within a year and a half. Is that doable?”

“The goal amount isn’t an issue but doing so will increase your risk of getting detected. Master, do you wish to proceed?” warned Super Xiao Qian.

To generate 1000 billion USD within a year and a half was definitely an act that would stir a storm in the American share market!

He would be gone in another year and a half. What else does he have to lose at this point?

Since he wanted to go crazy, this was perfect for one last hurrah before his death!

Xia Lei literally didn’t need to think. “No matter what the risk of detection is like, I want you to create a bomb with all the money you got from the American stock market and detonate it at my command.”

“Understood. To prey on America’s capital and disrupt its economy is just a piece of cake to me.” Super Xiao Qian’s confidence was overwhelming.

“Be careful. The Americans have something just like you. They call it the Tenshin system and it’ll be your opponent,” warned Xia Lei.

“No worries, I’ll defeat it for sure. I’m the Queen of the Internet and it’s just a dumb motherfucker.”

Xia Lei snickered at her antics. “Don’t touch it for the time being. Help me gather information on recent virus breakouts in Mexico, India and Nigeria. I want to know what is going on in these three countries and how the relevant authority is handling it.”

“Right away, Master.” Super Xiao Qian curtsied.

And suddenly, the background had changed to a piece of farmland. Super Xiao Qian- now with a white towel around her head- was dressed in a floral print short-sleeved shirt and coarse shorts as she worked the field. She pulled out a load of potatoes from the dirt.

How was this Super Xiao Qian, the self-proclaimed Queen of the Internet? This was simply a village damsel from northern Shaanxi.

Under the unforgiving sun, Super Xiao Qian was drenched in sweat.

With every heave of her hoe came jiggly buttocks and exceptionally plump breasts. It jiggled, jiggled and jiggled.

“Man, it’s hot.” Super Xiao Qian wiped her sweat off. “Master, why did you design my body this way? It’s such a burden when I work.”

Xia Lei’s jaw went slack.

He had certainly created a monster.

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