Undefeated God of War

Chapter 005 – Never Give Up!

Chapter 005 – Never Give Up!

Translated by: BerrryBunz.

Edited by: Robin and Boost Turtle.

The headmaster looked in disgust at Tang Tian who had fought with Ah Mo Li. He was covered in mud and his face was swollen after the fight. Feeling that he was an idiot, to actually allow such garbage to stay in the academy for five years.

It was all Master Cen’s fault!

Master Cen must not stay here anymore…

Headmaster’s expression was solemn. It was important to appease the Zhou clan. He suddenly remembered that the reason he agreed to keeping Tang Tian was not just because of Master Cen, but also because of Shangguang Qian Hui. Qian Hui was an expert in Andrew Academy. She had brought a lot glory to them.

Humph, now that Shangguang Qian Hui was gone…

“Tang Tian, you need not come from tomorrow onwards.” The headmaster announced coldly.

Shocked and amused, Tang Tian asked: “Why?”

“Why?” the headmaster found it funny that he asked and exaggerated: “It’s surprising you are asking why! Goodness! I have been this academy’s headmaster for so many years, I have never seen anyone like you. Just look at you, ah, fighting, sparring, you are the ultimate tyrant! A dreg like you will only bring down the reputation of Andrew Academy! Get out now, you are barred from entering Andrew Academy from today onwards…”

The headmaster finally let out all of his unhappiness that was bottled up earlier and felt carefree.

The only thing that was annoying him was Tang Tian’s snobbish look, as though he did not care.

“Let me tell you, there won’t be an academy that will accept garbage like you. Get out now, your mind is full of shit! After cultivating for five years, you merely mastered fundamental martial arts. You’ll remain living in a slum, so dirty and messy. Everything around you is like garbage too!”

Headmaster held his head high and looked down on Tang Tian with disdain and despise: “Let me tell you, Master Cen will leave as well! That darn old man, his biggest mistake in life was to have met you. Now this is the price he has to pay…”

The headmaster raged on.

A wounded hand clutched on to his neck.

Just a moment ago, Tang Tian did not seem to care. Yet now, he was like a raging tiger, whose hair stood tall and stare seemed able to kill. A blood vessel bulged on his forehead, distorting his face.

The headmaster looked faint and his mind blank.

Clenching his neck as though his hands were pincers, he pulled the headmaster’s face closer to himself.

Tang Tian’s piercing stare caused the headmaster to tremble in fear.

This rascal was crazy! Crazy! He actually made a move on headmaster!

The vice headmaster and other masters were shocked.

“How dare you humiliate Master Cen!” As if a completely different man, his eyes flattened while suffocating the headmaster just like he was dragging along a dead dog. Inch by inch, he maneuvered the fat headmaster right in front of him.

Tang Tian bellowed. Everyone feared.

The anger in Tang Tian screamed through his entire body. Master Cen was the person he respected the most in Andrew Academy. This darn fatso dared to insult Master Cen!

Courting death!

Clutching onto the headmaster’s hand, Tang Tian pulled with all his might.


Tang Tian’s forehead bumped sturdily against headmaster’s face. Accompanied by a cry in pain, a large amount of fresh blood splattered.


The attack on the headmaster left him dazed. Everyone was stunned by Tang Tian’s crazy behaviours.

Loosening his fist, the headmaster fell onto the ground like a pile of mud.

Filled with blood streaks on his face, Tang Tian looked indifferent, his gaze remained vicious. He scanned around the masters before walking away. All the other masters were stunned by Tang Tian’s aggressiveness.

With a groan, he walked towards the academy’s gate.

“How dare he attack…” one master tried to suppress his fear and said with a trembling voice.

Instantly, Tang Tian turned and stared viciously with blood streaks on his face, frightening the master who dared not speak a second word.

All masters who were present had power far greater than Tang Tian. However, Tang Tian had shown a side no one had ever seen, so vicious and fierce that the teachers fell silent out of fear.

Not turning back again, Tang Tian left.

The students who were on their way to Andrew Academy were all intimidated by Tang Tian’s gloomy face such that all took detours instead.

His heart started to calm down. Seeing all the familiar grass and trees, he realised he could not come back tomorrow, he felt a tinge of sadness. Biting his lips, he held his head high to recover his usual expression as though he felt indifferent.

Even if I had to leave, I, Tang Tian had to leave this place with his head held high!

As he stepped out of the school, Master Cen’s voice followed through.

“Tang Tian!”

Stiffened, he turned slowly. Indeed, it was Master Cen, Tang Tian mumbled: “Master…”

This was the first time he created such an embarrassing situation. If not for himself, Master Cen would not be chased out of Andrew Academy. Master Cen took such great care of him yet he caused so much trouble for Master Cen.

Frowning, Master Cen said with not an inch of sadness nor anger: “Don’t feel guilty, I have been thinking of retiring for quite some time already.”

Tang Tian lowered his head as if he were a child who had done something wrong.

“Tang Tian!” Master Cen’s voice turned stern: “Lift your head up!”

Tang Tian subconsciously obeyed.

Master Cen gazed at this untamed juvenile, and in Tang Tian, he saw himself when he was younger.

Like Tang Tian, he was that untamable, that crazy, that arrogant, that stubborn, and was not happy with losing.

This was youth!

His face gentle, he encouraged Tang Tian: “Don’t give up!”

It strummed a chord in Tang Tian’s heart, and tears came streaming down his face. The haze in the sky cleared up, and the sun shone on his heart, he felt a tingly warmth in his heart.

He held his head up high no matter how blurry his vision was and answered to his master like a soldier: “Master, I will never give up!”

After which, he left.

So embarrassing… I actually shed tears in front of him…

He will always remember the blurry, yet gentle and warm shadow of Master Cen’s.


When he arrived home, Tang Tian laid on his bed.

His anger died down slowly, and Tang Tian seemed to have become ignorant. After five years, he was suddenly called off duty, it was no surprise he would be ignorant.

There was nothing he could do about getting fired from the academy. He had beaten up the headmaster earlier on, and no one else’s plea would do the job. Yet, Tang Tian did not regret anything he had done. If he were to go back in time again, he would do the same thing. As Tang Tian calmed down and thought about it, there was something fishy about this. He had been staying in Andrew Academy for five years safe and sound. Out of the blue he was fired, and so, he knew there was someone behind this.

Humph, he was determined to find out who the culprit was!

Deeply immersed in his thoughts, he remembered the few new students he met in the morning and thought, could it be them? Tang Tian noted in his heart. It was not difficult to investigate. He was well aware what kind of disposition those people had. If they were the ones who did it, they would be proudly announcing it around the academy.

What should he do, now that he got fired from the academy.

As long as he was in an academy, things would be fine, because the Star Wind City extended their help to the students. Though not a lot, it was sufficient to sustain life.

The other schools will definitely not accept me, there won’t be any help then. So, what job should I look for?

And thus, Tang tian decided that he would start looking for a job tomorrow, be it washing dishes or anything, as long as he could sustain life.

As he worked, he would cultivate. He did not believe the numbers jumping on the back of the bronze plate meant nothing.

That was his goal. Even now, he had never thought of giving up on that goal.

This was the goal he held for five years, what reason did he have to give up on it?

After making a decision, Tang Tian had no regrets. He was exhausted from the sparring with Ah Mo Li and the commotion with the headmaster.

Yet before he slept, he insisted on applying the medicated oil given by Ah Mo Li.

After he applied the oil, he could no longer bear it, as he yawned and fell asleep.

He would put everything on hold first since he needed sleep!

By the time Tang Tian woke up, the sky was dark and he was hungry.

He fumbled around to look for things to fill his stomach.

With the sleep, He had placed all that happened yesterday at the back of his mind, and he was rejuvenated.

“Hey, hey, hey!” Tang Tian stretched his muscles and cleanly threw a few punches, looking proud.

Though the stupid cow seemed cunning, he was still a nice person. The medicated oil he gave was effective as it healed Tang Tian’s sprained back. The wounds on his hand and forehead had also formed a scab.

Thinking of his fight with Ah Mo Li, Tang Tian felt that something was odd.

His own bodily reactions seemed to have been faster than his thought process.

That was weird.

This was the first time he encountered such a thing. He did not think much about it since he was so tired yesterday. Now that he recalled it, the weird encounter was such a mystery. A single bush brow formed above his eyes, and he pondered for half a day, yet he could not understand.

Nevermind, I shall not dwell on it.

Tang Tian was sensible, though not stupid, he was not exactly a genius. What he did not understand, he would not spend too much time thinking on.

With that, he forgot about it immediately.

With an open attitude, he begun the same routine and started practicing the fundamental fist art.

Every move, he felt different.

The moves were all light and connected. It felt like as if he had the intention, the fundamental fist art would just act out on his hand like a flowing stream.

Not needing to flip over the Bronze Plate, Tang Tian knew he had mastered the fundamental fist art!

One more time!



After a total of ten repetitions, he mastered all. Based on his previous experience, the bronze plate would recognize that Tang Tian had perfected the fundamental fist art.

This surprised Tang Tian. According to his past experiences, he needed at least a week to perfect the fundamental fist art.

Having spent a whole five years on fundamental martial arts, he was well versed in them. He could practically close his eyes and predict his cultivation progress.

However, he never thought much. Now he was faced with one difficulty, what fundamental martial art should he cultivate next?

He scratched his head.

In daze, Tang Tian did not know that as he practiced the fundamental fist art, the numbers behind the bronze plate kept jumping.

999, 998!



When he completed the last repetition of the fundamental fist art, the number jumped to 1,000,000! The river above the numbers started to glow, and at a rapid speed, it grew, changing the Bronze Plate in a dazzling glow.

The dazzling rays engulfed Tang Tian.

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