Undefeated God of War

Chapter 010 – Transferring of School

Chapter 010 – Transferring of School

Translated by: BerrryBunz.

Edited by: Robin and Boost Turtle.


The wind produced by the fists was blowing hard. Tang Tian was deeply focused on punching with both of his fists continuously. He was drenched in sweat, and pearls of sweat were dripping down his face to his chin, falling into the black concrete floor underneath his feet.

Sometimes in between, the fists would disappear suddenly.

Every time this happened, the number on the door would jump. Tang Tian was still new to this technique. Out of ten strikes, only one would produce a Flash Fist.

Bronze Grade Spirit Cards would only possess the body for a short period of time. It was impossible for the body to fully comprehend those moves in such a little amount of time. Because of that, the price of Silver Grade Spirit Cards was way more expensive than that of the Bronze Grade Cards.

However, Tang Tian did not mind. As long as he owned one Spirit Card, he was satisfied.

He was unfamiliar with the moves of the fists. Out of ten hits, only one was successful. He did not mind all these problems at all. This was nothing compared to five years ago when he was practising the fundamental martial arts.

If he was unfamiliar, then he should practice more. The Bronze Grade Spirit Card would not provide any profound comprehension, and so, he had to figure it out on his own.

He was so engrossed in training. After spending five years, he finally could practise rank two martial arts. The energy he had accumulated in his heart was enough to blow the entire world up.

For the 200,000 repetitions needed to completely master the technique!

For the killing techniques!

For Qian Hui!

For my mother!

For myself!

He felt that he had an inexhaustible energy in his body, and that his current state had never been better. He liked to live his life this way, he could shout out all his goals in his heart and he could freely sway all of his sweat out under the sun.

Those ambitious goals no longer stood like stars in the sky, so unattainable, so far away.

If he wasn’t willing to sweat, his dreams would definitely stay as nothing but dreams!

He hadn’t slept once ever since he found out that he did not need to eat while inside the space behind the Southern Cross Door. If he was not meditating, then he would be practicing the [Flashing Fist Technique]. He had since completed over 768 Flash Fists.

As compared to 200,000, the 786 fists seemed negligible. However, Tang Tian was still determined. He knew that the beginning was always the hardest part, but once he got past that stage, the chance of successfully executing a proper Flash Fist would increase rapidly.

For five consecutive days, Tang Tian was immersed in training.

His number of successful Flash Fists started to grow fast. Previously, out of ten fists, he could only succeed in one. Now, he could pull out three successful Flash Fists out of ten.

The number on the door kept jumping and increasing, and the range between jumps also grew bigger.

Panting heavy breaths, and sweat flowing down profusely, fatigue started to creep in. He held on to his knees, eyes filled with bulging blood vessels. He stared at the floor and slowly, his stiff eyes began to recover their light.

He smiled, and even though he felt completely drained, it was still as bright as the sun.

He had already completed over 8000 repetitions of the Flash Fist.

He sat flat like a plate, closed his eyes, and as usual, cultivated the [Secrets of cultivating Qi]. Inside the Southern Cross Door, energy was abundant, hastening mental cultivation and increasing the general speed of cultivation. Tang Tian could distinctly feel, every bit of energy, following his [Secrets of Cultivating Qi], floating around him like moths attracted to flames, rapidly converging towards him.

This floating energy penetrated into Tang Tian’s body, flowing alongside with [The Secrets of Cultivating Qi]. Once it reached his Dantian [TN: the region two inches below the navel where a person stores his or her Qi], it settled down in a pool there.

There were two pools in Tang Tian’s Dantian, one above and the other below. The one on top was a second tier Dantian pool, and the one below was a first tier Dantian Pool.

When True Power enters the Dantian, the body will form a new Dantian pool every time it completely fills the current pool. The pools are created on top of another, looking like a ladder.

According to a legend, if trained to an unfathomable level, the True Power will seep into the Dantian pools and influence them level by level, until it reaches a meridian point in between the person’s eyebrows, granting the person eternal life.

Of course, this was just a rumor. So far, no one had ever cultivated their True Power to such an extent, just like how no one had reached the end of Heaven’s Road.

Sucking the energy in the body, turning it into True Power and emptying into the Dantian. Purifying it again, it would be emptied into the second tier Dantian pool.

The second tier Dantian pool filled up bit by bit.

This process was very slow and dull, patience was put to the test. As the energy slowly turned into True Power, the body which was receiving the nutrients would also recover.

Rich martial artists widely used star rocks to cultivate True Power. Star rocks contained great amounts of pure energy, after absorbing the pure energy, the cultivator could quickly transform the energy to True Power, greatly cutting down cultivation time.

However, with the price of star rocks, it was definitely not a method which normal people could afford to use.

One hour passed.

Tang Tian’s second tier Dantian pool was already filled with True Power, but Tang Tian noticed he did not yet have any signs of bloating. He was motivated, and he continued to practice the mental cultivation technique to draw energy, building on the True power. Following the meridian flow into the dantian, then flowing into the second tier Dantian pool.

Suddenly, Tang Tian’s body shook and he displayed a look of happiness.

He felt the True Power of the Dantian as though he touched an invisible wall.

It was completed!

The second tier Dantian pool was completed!

The layer of invisible barrier was known as the Wall of Perfection. Behind the barrier laid the third tier Dantian pool. When one touched the Wall of Perfection, it meant that the cultivation of True Power in that particular pool was perfected.

At this time, there was a need for a rank three mental cultivation technique or above, to break through the Wall of Perfection and open up the third tier Dantian pool.

[Robin: So basically, mental cultivation is “qi cultivation”, it’s a term that might see change in the future as the novel progresses ???? ]

No wonder Tang Tian was happy. In his prediction, he needed more time to perfect [The Secrets of Cultivating Qi]. He never expected himself to master it so quickly.

As such, he could start cultivating a rank three mental cultivation technique.

The True Power coming from the third tier Dantian pool was much richer and of a higher quality than the second tier Dantian pool’s.

[Robin: Just to make everything clear. True Power from the third tier Dantian pool=third level True Power, while True Power from the second tier Dantian pool=second level True Power.]

Tang Tian was filled with joy. True Power was all about building up foundation. Without True Power, martial arts would only be a fanciful act. The awesome martial arts all had high demands of utilising True Power, especially disciples of the big clans who spent majority of their time cultivating.

The third tier!

Only by attaining the third level and above could he get through the Heaven’s Road Starry Door onto the Heaven’s road to Immortal Constellation Mountain to get to Qian Hui.

Tang Tian grinned from ear to ear. As he jumped in excitement, he raised both his arms.

“HAHAHAHA! Rank three, I want to cultivate rank three mental cultivation techniques!!”

“I will go to Heaven’s Road!”

“I want to go to Immortal Constellation Mountain!”

He jumped happily behind the Cross Door, dancing and gesticulating for joy like a child.

After a while, he stopped to rest.

His face was glowing as he widened his eyes. Clenching his fists tighter, he punched into the air with all seriousness and shouted: “Hey, young lad, you sure are a godlike man!”

“Shua”, his figure blinked, and appeared opposite of where he was originally standing, bashfully pretended to say “Oh, I think you’re right.”

“Shua” Back to his original position with an admiring face: “I feel that the [Flash Fist Technique] is as godlike as you said, totally not a problem.”

“Shua”, back to the opposite side, waved his hand, looking impressed, “Youngster, having this wisdom at your age, very good, you have very good future prospects.”

After finishing his own act, Tang Tian satisfyingly continued with his training.

With the sound of wind blowing from every fist, it was obvious that there was more power in them.


“Ah Mo Li, you’re transferring academies? Why?” the principal asked in disbelief. He could not understand why, no matter which perspective he tried to see. There was no reason why Ah Mo Li wanted to transfer to another academy.

The Beast Academy was the third biggest academy in Star Wind City. they had far more resources than Caramel Academy. Ah Mo Li regarded his talents importantly. He got into the top ten when he was in the second year. Such talent was rare.

The principal said calmly: “I have been too busy with my work and have neglected you. If you have any grievance or unhappiness, you can let me know. Did you meet an obstacle while cultivating? Is it something to do with the Spirit Card? You can choose three Silver Grade Rank Four Spirit Cards!”

Ah Mo Li shook his head: “It has nothing to do with anything like that. I wasn’t wronged in any way but I want to find my own martial path!”

“Your own martial path?” the principal stopped smiling: “Ah Mo Li, though you are gifted, you’re still young. Your top priority now is not to find a martial path but to build your foundation well. All the paths of martial are not just about fantasizing.”

Ah Mo Li bowed to the principal and replied in a serious tone: “Thank you for your concern, I will work hard!”

The principal knew that Ah Mo Li was serious, but he could not help feeling disappointed and replied: “Ah Mo Li, I hope you won’t regret today’s decision.”

“I will never regret it!” Ah Mo Li replied.

He turned to leave the principal’s office.

Walking along the corridor, a solemn voice came out from behind Ah Mo Li.

“Ah Mo Li, you’re changing schools? To the same school with that ultimate retainer?”

Another voice filled with mockery sounded: “The majestic Beast Academy’s next promising star, runs off with the rumored ultimate retainer to wallow in the swamp, such a disgrace!”

Ah Mo Li turned his body, frowned and squinted his eyes: “Tian Lin, if you do not want your mouth to be smashed by me, you better keep it shut.”

In front of him, one of the two guys had a cynical face with not the slightest bit of respect, his name was Tian Lin. Tian Lin was one of Beast Academy’s top ten students, ranked number nine.

Tian Lin eyes flashed a bit of anger, but kept his mouth closed. Once Ah Mo Li truly got angry, there wouldn’t be an end until someone died, Tian Lin did not want to get tangled with Ah Mo Li.

Next to Tian Lin was a calm and composed tall youth with a solemn expression, spoke with his deep voice: “Ah Mo Li, you really plan to go down this road?”

Ah Mo Li did not put Tian Lin in his eyes, but the other tall individual, gave him a lot of pressure.

Liang Qiu, Beast Academy’s number one student!

What made Ah Mo Li feel pressure, was not only Liang Qiu’s powerful strength, but the fact that Liang Qiu had always taken care of him, and frequently gave him a lot of pointers.

What Big Brother Liang Qiu had said, made him feel uncomfortable. Yet he knew at this time, all explanations would be meaningless, as no one would believe it.

Therefore he thought of using one of his goals to explain things.

Ah Mo Li clenched his fists but shortly after relaxed them, raised his head and with conviction told Liang Qiu: “Big Bro Liang Qiu, Wait for me to defeat you!”

Finished, he left without showing any signs of reluctance.

Along the way, many people pointed at him and whispered as he walked, which he turned a blind eye to. With his fists unrestrainedly clenched, he made a resolution in his heart.

He, Ah Mo Li, would definitely find his own Martial Dao!

“You wish to defeat Big Bro Liang Qiu, HAHAHAHAH!” Tian Lin viciously laughed from afar, with his voice echoing down the corridor.

Hearing this, everyone who was looking at Ah Mo Li, laughed and pitied him, thinking he was overestimating himself and that he was went crazy.

Caramel Academy, what is that? Before today, no one had ever heard of such a school. And once they found out about Caramel Academy’s ranking, they would all be dumbstruck.

Third last!

Oh god, what is this lousy school!

And that student that got chased out of Andrew Academy, Star Wind City’s famous ultimate retainer.

Scoundrel! Scoundrel!

In everybody’s eyes, Ah Mo Li destroyed his future, and hearing about his declaration of challenge, they all thought he was already crazy.

Except Liang Qiu who stared at Ah Mo Li’s back, seemingly thinking about something.

The news of Ah Mo Li changing schools to Caramel Academy, quickly spread across the entire Star Wind City.

Mad Bull Ah Mo Li was not some nobody, in merely his second year, he rushed his way up to Beast Academy’s top ten, he was seen as Liang Qiu’s successor.

Another similar person who was well known, was Star Wind City’s ultimate retainer, Andrew Academy’s number one tyrant, hated and loathed by many, the ultimate rubbish boy Tang Tian, born from garbage, the ultimate trash.

Together, the both of them entered the third last, and ultimately lousy school Caramel Academy.

This strange matter, as it was a first to ever happen in Star Wind City, gave rise to a huge uproar in various schools.

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