Undefeated God of War

Chapter 011 – Hardship training and the Zhou Clan

Chapter 11 – Hardship training and the Zhou Clan

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Time passed, Tang Tian’s shouts went from a high pitch to a low pitch, and then to a hoarse shout.

Only the sound of his fists breaking through the air never ceased.

Punch, punch, punch…

For low level martial arts, physical power was the foundation for everything. For five years, he had endlessly practised extremely hard everyday, the amount of training he did was far more than what people could ever imagine, and it was this that toughened his surprising endurance.

His courageous strength, showed his surprising amount of practise.

In the face of this crazy and high intensity training, even those people with similar valiant strength as Tang Tian, who tried this training for the first time, would definitely be unable to take it.

Just after the last trace of strength was exhausted, Tang Tian crashed onto the floor, laid on the floor like a pool of mud.

Hardship Training was too crazy, even if there was True Power constantly repairing the body, even if hunger did not exist in the bizarre space, the amount of concentration used was the same, and was equally astonishing.

His energy was constantly drained until there was practically nothing left. He would then start cultivating the Secrets of Cultivating Qi, and once the energy was recovered, he would dive into a new set of practise. With this method, Tang Tian never wasted even a tiny bit of time.

Yet as time passed, this kind of high intensity training would build up more and more burden on the body. The fatigue was harder to recover from, the energy cultivation took longer. And the pain of training, took more and more time to heal.

Adding on the long duration of focusing, his state of mind was constantly wearing and tearing down, Tang Tian felt like his head was going to split open with a faint ache.

The coldness of the black rock floor, transferred to his cheeks, and woke him up slightly. However he did not even have the strength to move even one finger, like the body was not his.

At this time, he should be practising mental cultivation, but no matter how hard he tried, he could not sit back up.

Fatigue rippled in like sea tides, causing his eyelids to become heavier and heavier.

Sleep, just sleep here, sleep now, how satisfying would that be…

A satisfactory voice suddenly came out from deep inside his brain, filled with temptation.

Sleep, you have already done a good job, sleep for awhile, you deserve it….

It was like his brain had a devil hiding inside, continously spiting him.

Tang Tian strived to keep his eyes open, wishing to climb up, yet his entire body was so weak, and could not even move one finger.

“NO! I don’t want to sleep! I want to practise!” Tang Tian shouted in his heart, either to himself, or to the devil in his heart.

“You already don’t have enough strength to practise. Sleep, after you sleep you can continue training. You already did your best, you already trained enough. Don’t force yourself, why treat yourself so viciously? Sleep for awhile, it’ll be so satisfying and so sweet…”

“NO! I want to train! I want to train! I just want to train!”

Tang Tian was someone who would explode easily, and as the intense anger gushed into him like red hot lava, his entire body was ignited in a moment.

His anger brought about a deep stubbornness and unwillingness.

He was like a provoked lion, his body shivered, uncontrollably shivered, but his eyes were flaming with a sea of fire.

He opened his bloodshot eyes, stared fiercely at the reflection on the ice cold floor, roared with a deep hoarse voice from the gap between his teeth and slowly squeezed.

“As a godlike man, how can you admit defeat?”

“I want to go to Immortal Constellation Mountain! I want to find Qian Hui! We will go to Heaven’s Road together!”

“You already made a promise, how can you give up now?”

“Tang Tian…”

“Don’t ever give up..”

“Don’t you give up!”

With one wrathful roar came forth a burst of energy from nowhere. Tang Tian slowly supported his body, opened his eyes widely looking very fierce, with veins popping out of his forehead.

His body shivered constantly, yet he slowly sat back up.

The sweat from his body dripped down like a river, forming a glossy mirror-like surface on the floor, reflecting his unyielding silhouette.

You can never give up… Tang Tian… You are already so far behind other people…

Day Ten.

Tang Tian’s consciousness became somewhat entranced, and he could not clearly see the red numbers or the time. At this moment, he instinctively propped himself up, fists suddenly flying.

The scarlet numbers jumped at lightning speed.

Tang Tian could hear his rapid heartbeat, and his rough and heavy breathing.

There were a lot of things to do… how can I just give up on them…

Persevere for a while more… I just have to persevere for a while more…

Not knowing how much time passed, in his trance, Tang Tian could only feel the world spinning. He relaxed his mind as a smile slowly came out of his exhausted face.

Ha, i won….

This was the last sentence he could remember.

Behind the Light Door, where there was no life, was a line of red numbers.



At the Zhou Clan main hall, many clan elders arrived.

“This matter, influences our Zhou Clan’s image very negatively.” Said a white haired and bearded old man. Although he was old, he held onto a walking stick with a dragon head, with clear bright eyes, containing no anger within them, yet still giving off a feeling of power. He was the Zhou Clan’s most prestigious and highest ranked clan elder, and even the Zhou Clan’s Patriarch had to respectfully address him as the Great Clan Elder.

This time’s clan meeting, was convened by the Great Clan Elder himself.

“Our Zhou Clan has towered straight in the martial world for the past 400 years. Our ancestors founded this family estate, and it was no easy feat. My later generations, not only could you not defend this family estate, you even let our ancestors be humiliated. These few days, I, have difficulties sleeping.”

The Great Clan Elder’s tone of speech was solemn and respectful yet downcast, and no one in the main hall dared make a sound.

The Clan Patriarch looked like as if he were sitting on pins and needles (TN: uncomfortable), sweat constantly pouring down. If the Great Clan Elder was against it, his position as Patriarch would immediately be unstable. From the Great Clan Elder’s tone of speech, if he proposed to remove the Patriarch from his place, half of the clan elders in attendance would definitely comply.

“It’s all my fault! It’s my discipline that was not strict enough….” Patriarch Zhou self criticised in a low voice.

Without looking at him, the Great Clan Elder coldly snorted: “You say it’s your discipline that isn’t strict enough! I can’t believe that the grand Zhou Clan Patriarch’s son, was almost killed by some garbage student! If my old dead self recalls correctly, Zhou Peng is our next generation Patriarch candidate, right?”

Patriarch Zhou immediately perspired in cold sweat, his face looking like he was about to die.

This matter was blown up to big proportions. The entire Star Wind City knew of how Zhou Peng had lost his face to the ultimate retainer Tang Tian. It was too embarrassing.

Truthfully in the course of the next few days, he already heard many rumours flying around, and was already worried. Yet he could not imagine that his worry would become a reality.

He could only reply softly: “Peng Er is still young, and still not sensible, it was inevitable that he would act rashly. However, his aptitude and body, are actually very good.”

“Oh, are they?” The Great Clan Elder’s complexion was grave and stern. “Since his body is good, then let true gold fear no fire (TN: meaning a strong body can take any kind of training). In a month’s time, he will personally handle this matter. The Zhou Clan’s reputation was thrown by him, he should go earn it back. As a successor, if he does not even have the slight awareness of this, how can he be a successor. Whoever is the next patriarch is not important. The important thing is, regarding our Zhou Clan’s Patriarch position, will never be handed over to a useless piece of garbage!”

The Great Clan Elder’s tone was cold and resolute as he shouted out.

“That’s right!”

“Use his own power to talk!”

“Great Clan Elder sure speaks wisely!”

One after another, the numerous clan elders agreed.

Patriarch Zhou knew that in that moment, he was caught in a dead end. He clenched his teeth and said: “Great Clan Elder is right, If he is useless, I will treat him as if I never had him as a son!”

The Great Clan Elder’s face somewhat relaxed: “All your hard work these few years, we have seen it, but no matter wherever or whenever, you all have to remember this, the Zhou Clan’s reputation should never be humiliated! You are still young and can still bear a few more sons, allowing our household to thrive.”

“Yes!” Patriarch Zhou bowed down and replied.


Patriarch Zhou gloomily watched as Zhou Peng happily rushed his way into the house.

“Father! I have finally found out where Tang Tian went! He ran to Caramel Academy, Haha, it is the third to last thrash school!” Zhou Peng joyfully exclaimed: “I sure have investigated for a long time, yet I did not find anything. If not for Ah Mo Li changing schools, I would really not have found a thing!’

When Tang Tian beat him up at the school gates that time, although Zhou Peng’s father already got Tang Tian kicked out of Andrew Academy, Zhou Peng yet did not let go of the thought of taking revenge.

Since young, he never lost his face in front of so many people before! So embarrassing!

Tang Tian!

Thinking about the day Tang Tian grabbed him by the throat, and those arrogant and rude eyes, Zhou Peng’s fists unconsciously clenched.

Tang Tian, very soon you will know my power!

“Peng’er, there’s this matter that I need to speak with you about.” Patriarch Zhou said in a low voice.

Zhou Peng then noticed his father’s queer expression, and curiously asked: “Did something happen?”

“Regarding Tang Tian, I need you to settle it by yourself.”

“That’s great! I still have not used the [Golden Dragon Rod] Spirit Card that Uncle Pan gave me the other time. Rank Three Silver Grade Spirit Card, I will definitely beat Tang Tian up like a dog!” Zhou Peng immediately sounded excited.

“No!” Patriarch Zou shook his head: “The Great Clan Elder said, you have to handle it by yourself and you cannot have other people helping you.”

Zhou Peng complacent face froze: “Did the Great Clan Elder become silly or what?”

“Despicable!” Patriarch Zhou’s expression was strict. “Looks like all these years, I have definitely not disciplined you enough! From today onwards, you will practise with Zhou Mu!”

Zhou Peng then noticed the almost non-existent brat standing next to his father.

Zhou Mu was his father’s number one guard, usually slow and prudent, usually quiet and uncommunicative. However, he was full of power, with unfathomable strength. What led Zhou Peng to feel more fear, was that Zhou Mu did not talk about sentiments or feelings, as long as his father instructed him a task, it would definitely be completed.

“Zhou Mu, Peng’er will be given to you. I do not care what kind of methods you use, but in one month’s time, I want him to be at the third level.” Patriarch Zhou cold said: ”Whatever expenses that you require, just go and take it.”

“Yes.” Zhou Mu replied emotionlessly.

Zhou Peng almost fainted, wailing in anguish: “Father, I don’t want…”

His miserable yelling was suddenly cut short, as Zhou Mu hit him, causing him to faint, and then carried him out.

Patriarch Zhou eyes flashed with intolerance, but he kept enduring strongly.

Tang Tian!

Patriarch Zhou eyes flashed a cold look, the main cause of this disaster, is that guy! If not for the Great Clan Elder, who specifically ordered for Peng’er to handle Tang Tian personally, in order to blow off steam, he would have already hired people to have Tang Tian killed!

We just have to let this brat live for a few more days….

Once Peng’er settles it, we will find people to quietly kill off this brat.

Heh, every year a few people disappear from Star Wind City, who will even care?

Patriarch Zhou’s face was covered in murderous intent.

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