Undefeated God of War

Chapter 012 – Testing the Flash Fist Technique

Chapter 12 – Testing the Flash Fist Technique

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Ah Mo Li did not receive much disturbance, openly challenging Big Bro Liang Qiu did not make him feel pressured at all, but instead let him feel that a huge load had been taken off his shoulders, his entire body felt very light.

Big Bro Liang Qiu, I will definitely find and create my own Martial Dao!

I will definitely defeat you!

Ah Mo Li quickly rushed his entire journey, hurrying back to Caramel Academy. Tang Tian was chased out of school, so he did not have any procedures to go through. However, Ah Mo Li had to go back to Beast Academy to engage in the change of school procedures.

With his head held high and the will to fight, Ah Mo Li rushed into Caramel Academy.

“Fundamental Tang! Fundamental Tang!”

Ah Mo Li thunderously banged on the door, making every bird in the forest chirp in fright and fly off. “At this time, Fundamental Tang must be seriously training, he is really a godlike man! Never before have I seen someone as hardworking as Fundamental Tang. Someone with so much perseverance to pursue his dreams unremittingly!”

Fundamental Tang must definitely be painstakingly training at this time!

I cannot fall behind!

Filled with fighting spirit, Ah Mo Li secretly made a salutatory fist, like a fierce wind, he hung his school badge on a branch, and rushed into the so called school training grounds. With the bright and beautiful sun watching over the morning, what can compare to real combat to make one burn with anger?

But once he rushed into the yard, he was dumbstruck.

The training grounds were empty with only one or two birds present.

Under the sun, Tang Tian was lying on a rock beside the creek, not in the least worried about his image, snoring loudly.

Hu…. Hu….

The rhythmic snores, repeated continuously.

Ah Mo Li was petrified momentarily, but his eyes changed, and anger started to gush out.

“Fundamental Tang, you make me so disappointed in you! Such a good time and day, yet you are here sleeping! You dare to sleep! How can you sleep….”

Ah Mo Li raged, his saliva splattered all over Tang Tian’s face.

Tang Tian’s drowsy eyes opened, he recognized the blurry silhouette and closed his eyes again. He mumbled: “Let me….sleep a bit more….”

He was too tired!

Ten days of continuous training without any rest was too vigorous, even for Tang Tian who was such a persisting man. Even though behind the Cross Door, there was not a need to eat, and he could recover quickly, the sufferings of the training were so tough that Tang Tian wanted to vomit.

He couldn’t even remember how he eventually left the Bronze Plate Space.

As though he slept for a very long time, he suddenly felt thirsty. Fumbling his way to the pond, he took a few mouthfuls of water.

Feels so good, feels so satisfying….

Continue sleeping… I want to sleep till the world’s end….

Tang Tian was sleeping so soundly, he smacked his lips and smiled sheepishly.

Ah Mo Li stamped with fury: “Fundamental Tang, how can you waste time on such a useless activity? How can you waste time on sleeping? Fundamental Tang, you are a man who is going to create a whole new Martial Dao!”

Ah Mo Li ranted, and with his hands, he shook Tang Tian.

Tang Tian was like a dead fish in Ah Mo Li’s hands. His entire body was controlled by Ah Mo Li, but his snores never stopped once.

So comfortable…

Tang Tian vaguely saw a statue that was big and was smiling as the man helped him to swing his hammock…

What a good man…

Tang Tian’s snore got louder, and he was smiling from ear to ear.

Very soon, Ah Mo Li realized that Tang Tian was like noodles in his hands. No matter how he shook him to the left or right, Tang Tian had no signs of waking up. Ah Mo Li’s face turned black as a black pot. He looked to the left, then to the right and saw a streamlet at the side. His eyes brightened and he roared: “Fundamental Tang, wake up!”

With that, he raised Tang Tian with his hands and ‘splash’, he threw Tang Tian into the stream.

Though the sun was up and shining, the temperature of the stream was extremely low. Tang Tian jumped once he fell into the stream. The chilliness reached his bones, and brought him back to reality.

What had happened? What just happened?

In the stream, Tang Tian started struggling. His face was confused and he was not sure what the heck was going on.

At this moment, Ah Mo Li was standing on a rock near the stream. He raised his right arm and yelled at him excitedly: “Fundamental Tang! You spent such a great time sleeping, I can’t forgive you! Come, let’s spar! As martial artists…”

The ignorant Tang Tian finally woke up, frowned his eyebrows, and his face turned as black as the surrounding grey clouds that were forming, with the corner of his mouth twitching rapidly as he was unable to control the overflowing rage. He gritted his teeth and fumed with rage, with every word squeezing out of his teeth.

“Stupid housefly cow, you’re seeking death!”

Tang Tian was sleeping soundly, but right now all he could feel was anger building up in his chest, yet he did not know if the agitation was caused by the cold water, otherwise he would have felt peace in his heart.

Tang Tian climbed out from the stream, drenched in water. The cold stream water dripped down his pants and formed his footprints one after another. He walked over to Ah Mo Li expressionlessly.

When the distance from Ah Mo Li was less than ten feet away, he stopped.

Ten days of hardship and cultivating, he did not give much thought and posed a Flashing Fist form.

It was not a fundamental fist technique!

Ah Mo Li’s heart shivered, and squinted. There was a hint of excitement and happiness in his eyes. Not knowing why, he could not describe this insurmountable happiness he was feeling right then, this indescribable happiness made him tremble slightly.

Fundamental Tang, you have started finally…

Ah Mo Li did not even see a bit of Tang Tian’s thoughts, he was clear that Tang Tian was abnormal, and absolutely could not use common logic to understand him.

At that moment, when Ah Mo Li and Tang Tian’s eyes met, he could not help but stare blankly. A cold gaze, emitting a qi that caused one heart to beat rapidly, Ah Mo Li felt that he was being stared by an extremely terrifying wild beast.

What a dangerous qi…

Ah Mo Li squinted his eyes, his heart secretly shivering.

This kind of dangerous qi, he had only seen it on one other person before, and that was his idol that he swore to defeat, Liang Qiu!

Ah Mo Li had never underestimated Tang Tian’s potential, someone who could persistently spend five years on mastering the fundamentals of so many martial arts, in his heart, was a true martial artist. That was the most important reason why he was willing to follow Tang Tian to join Caramel Academy.

However, that did not mean that Tang Tian could compare to Big Bro Liang Qiu.

Big Bro Liang Qiu, was the entire Beast Academy’s undisputable number one fighter. Comparing to the schools of Star Wind City, Big Bro Liang Qiu can definitely reach the status of top three. In Ah Mo Li’s heart, Big Bro Liang Qiu was always the one target he wished to overtake.

Ah Mo Li would not be surprised if given one or two years, Tang Tian would reach Big Bro Liang Qiu’s standard.

But… damnit, this was only one night!

Tang Tian body was actually emitting the same level of qi as Liang Qiu Big Bro!

Ah Mo Li’s heart kept undulating.

Similarly, feeling that Ah Mo Li’s state of mind was undulating, Tang Tian’s eyes suddenly became sharp.

With one sudden big stride forward, brandishing his right fist.

When Tang Tian moved, Ah Mo Li regained his senses, not showing any signs of weakness and welcoming the attack. Although his main fighting style was using blades, Ah Mo Li’s fist techniques were equally strong. Especially since he had been exchanging blows with Tang Tian so many times, his fists techniques were skyrocketing, adding on his natural talent and the second level [Barbaric Horn Fist]. His power was equally shocking.

The [Barbaric Horn Fist] style was simple, it used big movements, but its power was equivalent to a thousand catapults, and most suitable for martial artists who excel in using brute force.

Ah Mo Li rushed forward powerfully like a bull, with his fists like horns, heavily aiming towards Tang Tian.

Tang Tian mind was blank. Woken up by the cold water, he was not fully awaken yet, and was forced into a rage. The only thing that was controlling him now was the ten days of Hardship Training’s results.

Ah Mo Li’s gaze was burning, staring straight at Tang Tian. He was expecting a lot from Tang Tian.

Tang Tian’s fists were so fast!

Suddenly, Ah Mo Li’s pupils contracted.

Tang Tian’s fist suddenly disappeared without a trace, and in the next moment, it appeared thirty centimetres away from his cheeks.

Flash Fist!

Ah Mo Li’s heart jumped, and he immediately slanted his head, dodging one after another of Tang Tian’s Flash Fists dangerously.

At the same time, Ah Mo Li felt that something was amiss. After fighting with Tang Tian so many times, he understood Tang Tian’s character fairly well. Fighting with Tang Tian required a hundred percent concentration, without the slightest bit of distraction. He was very cautious, but was still caught in Tang Tian’s motions, almost like it was inevitable for him to play into Tang Tian’s thunderous and fierce attacks.

As expected, Tang Tian was like an arrow, having already accumulated power in his right fist, he rushed towards Ah Mo Li.

Ah Mo Li instantly raised his hands in defence, wanting to block Tang Tian’s punch.

Tang Tian’s fist, disappeared into thin air again.

Eh? Ah Mo Li was stumped. He was momentarily stunned, before he felt another intense danger shrouding him. He quivered, shuddering himself before waking up, with a deep groan, he suddenly stomped with his right foot again.

This generated ripples around the surrounding ground, like a tremor spreading outwards around him.

[Seismic Wave], an earthen element martial arts that was common and frequently used. Using the earth element power, transmitting it into the ground to produce a small scale earthquake.

The ground is the earth element’s best medium, and as long as the opponent is within range of the fluctuating radius, his movements would be dramatically affected.

Almost at the same time, a vague image of a fist appeared in the air in front of his face without a sign, with it a cold wind gushing out, exploding towards him!

So fast!

Ah Mo Li’s pupils constricted, flipping his elbow instantly to act as a punch, towards Tang Tian’s fist.

Retracting his fist back to his waist level, waiting for another chance to strike. Tang Tian just had to be affected by the seismic wave for a short moment in order for an opening on his body to show up due to imbalance. Even with such a small opening, Ah Mo Li was skilled enough to quickly make use of the chance. Yet Tang Tian’s reaction power was too extraordinary (TN: It writes perverse in chinese, because he is just IMBA), and this small chance would disappear at a much faster speed than Ah Mo Li had expected. Ah Mo Li had to be a hundred and twenty percent focused, to wait for the fatal blow against the tiny opening of Tang Tian’s.

However Tang Tian’s attack was beyond Ah Mo Li’s anticipation, it was like he did not notice the ripples sweeping his position, and was still fiercely attacking.

One punch after another, each punch faster than the previous one.

Flickering fist shadows.

In Ah Mo Li’s field of vision were all the shadows of the fists flashing right in front of him, just like a raging storm, engulfing him from all four directions.

This was madness!

Ah Mo Li did not expect Tang Tian to be someone who would act impulsively without any rationality, in a crazy way that did not even mention the use of strategy, but only focused on attacking recklessly. Tang Tian’s fundamental fist art speed was already impressive. Now that he was using the Flash Fist Technique, he was even faster. He was practically unmatched when it came to speed. It was hard to predict his next move, within a split second, Ah Mo Li felt fatigue setting in.

However, his martial techniques were strong and matchless. He gave up on forcefully attacking with Barbaric Horn Fists and defended with a martial technique [Epicenter Twelve Dispersing Palm]

Ah Mo Li crouched and wielded his pair of hands in the sky to form a shadow like a spider and guard the epicenter.

His palms intersected, overflowing with power.

Huh? Wrong! Ah Mo Li widened his eyes.

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