Undefeated God of War

Chapter 020 – Hidden Move

Chapter 020 – Hidden Move

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Even though he only sparred with Ah Mo Li briefly, Tang Tian was confident in his Flash Fist. Ah Mo Li ultimately did not manage to elicit any True Power, but that strike was definitely the peak of his power.

Tang Tian’s hand was still numb. It was powerful and firm, and it could be seen as one of its kind.

Only, Tang Tian managed to confirm the power of his Flash Fist. he was confident of his future.

But before that, there was a thing he had to do.

Zhou Peng!

Tang Tian had carried a dull face when Master Cen was fired. As such, Tang Tian set his heart to avenge him, as he was not a kind person who would easily forgive people.

If he could not avenge the people he cared about, then what was the point of living.

Previously, he had constantly restrained himself because he knew that he was still too weak. After Tang Tian had punished Zhou Peng in front of the academy last time, the guards around him had probably increased.

With his power at that point in time, to meet force with force would be like an egg hitting against a rock.

Yet now, he felt that he was strong enough, and he was confident in himself, so now the time was right for him to get revenge.

He took a familiar road to Andrew Academy. As it was class time, there were not many people loitering around. Tang Tian took a good look around him and entered the compound.

Tyrant Tang had only just recently transferred academies. When he reappeared, it caused a stir and attracted fear.

Tyrant Tang was like a beast entering the forest, causing the the training grounds to turn chaotic, students would wail like ghosts and howl like wolves. Many students would turn to run in panic.

As such, Tang Tian spent a great deal of energy to catch one student.

When the student was stuttering as he spoke, Tang Tian’s brow knitted. Zhou Peng had not even come by Andrew Academy once since Tang Tian transferred academy.

Zhou Peng never came to Andrew Academy?

No matter how stupid Tang Tian was, he understood that the reason Zhou Peng didn’t come to the academy, wasn’t because he was afraid. There must be some other reasons.

After pondering for half a day, Tang Tian still could not think of any reason. He shook his head and decided not to think about it. Count Zhou Peng lucky this time round. On the other hand, the student he was pulling on his collar fainted as he was too frightened.

Hurried steps could be heard approaching, followed by many teachers scolding angrily from faraway.

Without hesitation, Tang Tian turned and left.

Leaving Andrew Academy, Tang Tian’s heart calmed down, Star Wind City was only so big, they would definitely meet. And as long as he became strong enough, no need to mention Zhou Peng, even the Zhou Clan would not amount to much.

Become stronger, is the true meaning!

Tang Tian decided, just before going to Heaven’s Road, he would settle the matter.

Once he set his mind to it, Tang Tian did not bother about it anymore. He paid no heed to anyone and starting to head back to the academy whistling. At this time, he suddenly heard a discussion behind him.

“Do you know where Caramel Academy is?”

“That broken place, Only the ghosts will know! If not for this matter that blew up so much, I would never even have heard of Caramel Academy’s name.”

“Fuck, then how are we going to teach them a lesson?”

Tang Tian was stunned by what heard, teach us a lesson?


Shen Yuan and Yang Yong angrily rushed out of the Academy door, and set their minds to dispose of Tang Tian and Ah Mo Li. Who knew that after coming out, they would realise that their eyes were jet black. (TN: blind and unable to find them)

Where is Caramel Academy?

The two had never heard of this academy. They asked the few people that passed by, but no one knew.

The two stood on the street in a daze. All at once, the both of them did not know what to do. If they went back stealthily, they would be embarrassed and mocked by everyone else. Everybody actually risked getting punished to cover up their escape. Now, they would have to return to their academy, as they could sadly not find the address of Caramel Academy.

That would definitely become the biggest joke of Crystal Sky Academy this year.

Shen Yuan and Yang Yong were both prideful people. If they were mocked like this, that would be equivalent to killing them.

But, no one knew the whereabouts of Caramel Academy!

Yang Yong face was as black as a black pot: “Caramel Academy is such a lousy academy such that no one even knows about the address of it. How dare they challenge us, Crystal Sky Academy. Their Principal is insane! If he appears right in front of me, I’ll chop him up!”

“You can’t touch the old fart. I’ve heard our Principal welcomed him. The two of them likely have connections. We just need to lecture Ah Mo Li and Tang Tian. Now that Caramel Academy has the two of them as their students, we better not let them attend the Martial Meet.” Shen Yuan said seriously.

“It’s easy to stop them from attending the Martial Meet. As it takes hundred days for the bone to knit and tendons to heal, but we have to find them first. And we have to make it fast, if we think of another idea the next time, it wouldn’t be so easy.” Yang Yong was frustrated.

“We can only ask people.” Yang Yong had no other ideas either.

Just nice, he saw a young lad looking as though he was a student right ahead and caught up with him: “Student, do you know Caramel Academy?”

The other party stopped his footsteps, and frowned to think: “Oh, are you referring to Caramel Academy that crazy cow Ah Mo Li transferred to? I think I know.”

Shen Yuan was elated. The two looked at each other and were beaming with joy.

Shen Yuan then quickly asked: “Would you help us in giving us the directions?”

The young lad shook his head: “It’s located outside of the city and is far. I can’t say it clearly either.”

“Then, student, can you bring us there?” Shen Yuan’s face was filled with warmth and smile.

The young lad shook his head even harder: “No, I have to get to class. I don’t have the time!”

Yang Yong’s face turned dark and he said lightly: “Young rascal, don’t be shameless about not giving me face! I’m telling you now, you have to make a trip down today even if you don’t want to! I’m the Crystal Sky’s young master, do you want to try my hand?”

Colours drained from the young lad’s face and was in turn filled with fear: “You… you’re actually from Crystal Sky…”

Shen Yuan looked at Yang Yong and said: “There isn’t much time left.”

Yang Yong heard and without a second word, his arm relaxed and pulled onto the young lad’s collar quickly as he utilised his light body technique. Shen Yuan also made a move and followed behind.

Yang Yong muttered ruthlessly: “Which direction is it?”

The young lad extended his trembling finger: “Th-there…”

The two turned and went towards the direction the young lad had pointed.

Yang Yong’s light body technique was outstanding. Although he was pulling onto someone with one of his hands, his steps were fast and swift as though he were flying. Compared to Yang Yong, Shen Yuan’s light body arts were inferior, but it could still be seen that his True Power was firm and vigorous. While his footwork was not exquisite, when he took a step, it would always be at least ten feet away and keeping his qi stable.

The two of them did not bother saving any energy, their speed was fast, and very quickly, they were out of Star Wind City. Following the crude road outside the city and advanced.

As they hurried on for about an hour, Yang Yong started suspecting if the young lad had lied to them. Yet right at this time, a small wooden plate appeared in front of them, and on top of it were two words.

— Caramel Academy.

Yang Yong and Shen Yuan were happy and relieved. They finally found the correct place!

At this point, Shen Yuan’s face was filled with complexity and it was as though he saw something horrible, he revealed a tinge of fear.


Yang Yong saw nothing but a blur, and suddenly, his chin was heavily attacked.

This fist was extremely powerful. Yang Yong only felt an excruciating pain on his lower chin. His mind buzzed and went blank.

“Housefly Cow!”

A loud shout teared from someone’s throat, breaking the forest’s silence and tranquility.

“Ha ha, Fundamental Tang, You’re finally back!”

‘Hua la’, a barbaric bull-like boy, holding a humongous wooden blade about the size of his body, rolled out from the dense vegetation. Yet as soon as he saw what was in front of him, he was stunned for a second.

“Housefly Cow, I have found you a good opponent, Oh, From Crystal Sky Academy, a real expert. Oh yea, they came here with the intention to teach us a lesson. To safeguard our big Caramel Academy, I will hand this mighty mission over to you.”

Tang Tian shouted to Ah Mo Li without looking at him, while he brandished his fist, and violently sent his punches smashing down onto Yang Yong’s body.

On the road, Yang Yong’s display of light body arts had left a very deep impression on Tang Tian. Although Tang Tian was confident of himself, he was not stupid. His current Flash Fist’s might was good, but with regards to his other martial arts, especially his light body arts, he was still at the most fundamental level.

When Yang Yong lightly relied on his light body arts, he could hold slight advantages. Old Fart Wei had said, Tang Tian had already memorised it, that without good utilization of light body arts, there was no way to lessen the distance between the martial artist and the opponent, therefore it would be next to impossible to defeat the opponent.

Only rank six fist arts and above would be able to attack at a long range.

Tang Tian did not use any True Power, but his Flash Fists’ speed was already very fast, and his Flash Fists were perfected. His attack frequency was astonishing, his fists as quick and plentiful as raindrops during a rainfall.

With the first heavy punch wounding Yang Yong, he did not have any strength left to retaliate. Like a sandbag, he could only take the punches and not fight back.


After receiving who knows how many hits, Yang Yong could not endure any longer and fainted.

Ah Mo Li saw what happened and could only look on with sympathy.

Fundamental Tang’s innate body was already very scary, and the strength of his techniques was pulverizing. No one knew more about the strength and power of Tang Tian’s fists than Ah Mo Li.

Suffering from so many punches from Tang Tian, he could not even dare to think of it, such a pitiful fellow…

He quickly retracted his gaze and looked towards the Shen Yuan in front of him.

“Iron Palm Shen?” Ah Mo Li growled, he recognized Shen Yuan, and his eyes immediately ignited with a flaming will to fight.

Iron Palm Shen was Shen Yuan’s nickname, as he was most famous for his pair of Iron palms.

Shen Yuan was Crystal Sky Academy’s ninth ranked student, while Ah Mo Li was previously Beast Academy’s seventh ranked. But as Crystal Sky Academy was the number one school while Beast Academy was ranked third, the ranking of Shen Yuan was actually higher than Ah Mo Li’s.

Shen Yuan was originally stunned by Tang Tian’s sudden barrage of attacks. However, at this moment, his face was calm and still, with a normal expression, shaking his head and praising: “Never had I expected that today, the capsized boat in the deep gutter, Tang Tian, would display such skilled techniques!”

“Ha, you praise me too much, too much.” Tang Tian did not even raise his head, with a rope in his mouth that magically appeared, he was concentrating on using his strength to tie Yang Yong up.

“Come on, let us have a good fight, and let me experience the legendary Iron Palm Shen that can overcome anyone!” Ah Mo Li could not care less about why Shen Yuan and company had come, so long as he could fight, his passion would thoroughly explode out.

“Overcome anyone, that is just over-exaggeration, but to take care of you, it is sufficient.” Shen Yuan released his killing intent, with both of his palms becoming jet black like iron.

Tang Tian who had just finished tying Yang Yong up, was not in the least bit interested in the battle that was going to unfold. With greedy eyes looking at Yang Yong, who was beautifully tied up on the floor, he quickly began using both of his hands to grope about on Yang Yong’s body.

There is nothing as exciting as plundering battle spoils!

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