Undefeated God of War

Chapter 022 – Shen Yuan’s plot

Chapter 022 – Shen Yuan’s plot

Translated by: BerrryBunz.

Edited by: Robin and Boost Turtle.

Ah Mo Li’s [Fine Abyss Chop] and Shen Yuan’s [Crushing Iron Door], uglily clashed.


True Power violently clashed, and countless minute streams of air swept away in all directions with a bang.

Both their blood and qi were in disorder, as their bodies involuntarily took a few steps backwards.

No one noticed, that within the chaotic streams of air, a shadow was moving forward against the streams.

Shen Yuan was momentarily blind, before a silhouette suddenly appeared in front of him, and his pupils constricted, Tang Tian! A few small streams of air had cut Tang Tian on his face and neck, but he did not have any reaction.

Shen Yuan’s reaction was super fast. Although his true power had yet to recover, he still stopped Tang Tian in his position with his right palm.

Shan Yuan’s gaze fell onto Tang Tian’s peaceful eyes, and his heart trembled. What a horrible opponent!

Lucky he only knew the Flash Fist technique…

Just as he thought about it in his mind, he saw Tang Tian’s fist.

The fist was covered with a layer of faded white light. Shen Yuan was stunned. It was the White Fist Aura.

How was it possible to use the White Fist Aura on a Flash Fist?


The White Fist Aura covered Flash Fist disappeared in mid air, and almost at the same time, it appeared right in front of Shen Yuan.

Being quick-witted, Shen Yuan flipped his palm and stopped Tang Tian’s fist.

The palm and fist interjected. Shen Yuan could only sense pain from his palm and an intense True Power penetrated into his palm from Tang Tian’s fist. Right then, Shen Yuan’s defense was routed.

Shen Yuan shouted for help in silence.

Sad to say, Tang Tian did not give him any time to react before the second fist emerged from his ruined clothes and crashed into Shen Yuan’s shoulder.

Shen Yuan moaned as he sensed a sharp pain in his shoulder. The True Power in his body dispersed and he flew out as though he were a sand bag.

Tang Tian’s movements were even faster. As he was flying out with Shen Yuan, he sent out another fist in mid air. The fist travelled like lightning.

Shen Yuan lost his balance and stared at Tang Tian’s fist as though it were a shooting star. His face was about to get beaten by the fist and he closed his eyes.

“I admit defeat!”


Shen Yuan felt an excruciating pain on his face, his mind went blank and fell to the ground like a heavy hammer nailed into the mud.

Before he fell unconscious, he thought: “Didn’t I admit defeat? Why did he still use such vicious methods…

Both of Tang Tian’s feet planted onto the ground.

Whoosh, he panted like the wind bellows, and was drenched in sweat.

“Fundamental Tang, didn’t he already admit his loss?” Ah Mo LI weakly said from behind.

Tang Tian’s breathing finally settled down, he stood up straight, and smiled a happy smile : “If we let him admit his loss, how are we going to check for spoils of war? Only by gaining the spoils will we be called victors of the fight!”

“But….” Ah Mo Li, whose personality was pure and honest, stopped his desire for speech.

“If there is nothing else, hurry and help me find some rope.” Tang Tian hurriedly said.


With a cold face, Shen Yuan awoke, and directly in front of him, were two faces. Ah Mo Li’s face was filled with sympathy and remorse, while Tang Tian’s face was black as a pot, a face of ill intent.

“Who the hell are you, to dare to feign being a Crystal Sky Student!” Tang Tian shouted angrily.

“I did not feign at all” Chen Yuan who was half awake replied.

Tang Tian flew into a rage: “You still dare to lie to me! Which Crystal Sky Student will be as poor as you, with not a thing on your body!”

“I….” Shen Yuan opened his mouth, but did not know what to say.

“Fundamental Tang, He is really from Crystal Sky, I recognize him.” Ah Mo Li said from the side.

Tang Tian changed to a grieved and pained expression: “Then that is even worse! When did Crystal Sky students drop so low, to the point that they cannot even give up spoils of war when they have lost? This is definitely insulting and humiliating the grandeur of Crystal Sky!”

Shen Yuan did not know whether to laugh or cry. So this fellow tried to search for items on his body to claim as spoils of war. Shen Yuan spent everyday doing tough training, while maintaining a simple and thrifty profile, naturally he would not carry anything on his body.

“I will definitely strip them both, and hang them outside of Crystal Sky Academy to appease this anger in my heart.” Tang Tian said deeply.

Ah Mo Li was tongue tied, and could only stutter: “Fun…Fundamental Tang, this, this is too


Tang Tian cringed his face, with a harsh look in his eyes: “Vicious? A great man has to be ruthless!”

Shen Yuan opened his mouth wide, a lifeless face filled with shock.

Not until a hand landed on his body and started to strip him of his clothes, did Shen Yuan have a reaction, and hastily said: “Wait a minute! I am willing to ransom myself! I am willing to ransom myself!”

Shen Yuan panicked as he thought about the scenario of him getting skinned and hung outside of the Crystal Sky Academy and could not help but shook.

“My heart is blazing with fire, young rascal. How are you going to appease me?” Tang Tian kneeled down, and with a black face, he looked down on him.

“What do you want?” Shen Yuan acted steady but his voice waivered and exposed the fear in his heart.

Sneakily, Ah Mo Li moved to one side. His face was painted with sympathy, Shen Yuan ah, Crystal Sky was known for producing iron men, yet you were bullied by Fundamental Tang to such an extent, so pitiful!

Lucky I am on the same side as Fundamental Tang…

Immediately, Ah Mo Li’s heart was filled with gratitude.

“Everyone here is a martial artist, let’s use Spirit Cards then.” Tang Tian pretended to cough lightly: “However, you have to consider, with your status, you have to know which Spirit Cards to get so it does not humiliate you. Oh, of course, the anger in my heart is even more important than your status.”

“Spirit Cards…” Shen Yuan let out a breath of relief. He was a martial idiot. He did not have many things of value, but he collected quite a number of Spirit Cards: “Which Spirit Card would you like to have?”

Tang Tian saw the expression on Shen Yuan and clenched his teeth while his heart was brimming with joy, a fat goat!

However, his face remained neutral as ever: “Have you ever heard of close quarters combat experts?”

“Close quarters combat experts!” Shen Yuan’s eyes looked blank. He stared at Tang Tian’s face, and did not say a word for a long time. Tang Tian thought he had something on his face as Shen Yuan continued to stared at his face.

“You’re actually on the path of being a close quarters combat expert!” Shen Yuan’s tone was filled with respect: “I didn’t lose in vain.”

After hearing those words, close quarters combat seemed impressive… Tang Tian’s heart muttered. It seemed like Old Fart Wei did not lie to me.

Agitated, Shen Yuan said: “If you’re talking about close quarters combat expert, there are five basic martial techniques that are important; light body arts, finger arts, palm arts, fist arts and joint techniques. What cards do you already have?”

Tang Tian noted that Shen Yuan was far more excited than himself and his heart felt weak. He took out the three cards that he found on Yang Yong’s body: “There you go, I’ve got these three cards, but I intend to trade in [Iron Clay Finger] as my affinity for the five elements is neutral, I’m unable to practise it.”

“Oh, these two light body arts cards are good, for someone with no specific elemental affinity, [Iron Clay Finger] can be changed to [Eagle Claw], as both of their worth are similar, rank three [Eagle Claw] is powerful. In terms of palm arts, I have [Broken Shadow Palm]. This palm art pays attention to changes, and is suitable for close contact fights. Your [Flash Fist] is good, but its power is lacking. In terms of rank three martial arts, you can train in [Minute Collapsing Fist], and for joint techniques i have [Succeeding Loop Technique].

“This complementation is very complete, [Aerial Wood Stake] pays attention to your steps, [Eight Steps Overtaking Cicada] is known for its speed, [Eagle Claw] uses agility to fight, with every finger as a hook. [Broken Shadow Palm] uses illusions to hide the real strike, thus confusing the enemy. [Minute Collapsing Fist], has power like thunder that can collapse ruins, to be used as the final blow. [Succeeding Loop Technique], surprises opponents during close contact battles with its astonishing power, using every part of the body as a lethal weapon, including the joints!”

“You’re well versed in all these!” Tang Tian eyes glimmered as he heard what he said.

“Amazing!” Ah Mo Li admired. It is rare to find a person to be able to speak with so much knowledge. There were many martial techniques in every system, and to be knowledgeable about so many martial techniques, it could be seen that Shen Yuan was obsessed with martial dao.

“I never thought you actually have the courage to take on the challenge of walking the arduous path of a close quarters combat expert. This is very admiring.” Shen Yuan’s face was filled with admiration and he said seriously: “ I have these three Spirit Cards; [Broken Shadow Palm], [Minute Collapsing Fist] and [Succeeding Loop Technique]. I’ll give them to you! Relax, they are all silver grade.”

Tang Tian smiled: “Hehe, I was wrong about you. You’re a good lad too!”


In Shen Yuan’s home.

“These three Spirit Cards, please take them. “ Shen Yuan solemnly offered the three spirit cards, while Yang Yong was in the corner showing a face of resentment.

Tang Tian accepted the three Spirit cards, and left happily with Ah Mo Li.

Yang Yong could not help but ask: “Old Shen, why did you really give them the cards? If we took action now, we could definitely turn over this defeat!”

Shen Yuan replied: “After that then what? Can we kill them and end it? This kind of failure, is the kind of shame that can never be washed away.”

Yang Yong was dumbstruck and at a loss for words.

Shen Yuan was right, they were not afraid to start over and defeat Ah Mo Li and Tang Tian, but with their positions and identities, winning was a supposed absolute, and losing was a disgrace, with any one failure leaving them with permanent shame.

“I wonder what they’re thinking?” Shen Yuan said blatantly: “He said that if I cannot appease their anger, he’d skin me alive and hang me outside of the Crystal Sky Academy.”

Yang Yong face was white as a snow. When he thought about the scenario Shen Yuan described, he trembled. Unable to contain his rage, he shouted as his voice shook: “How dare they be so vicious to you!”

Shen Yuan patted Yang Yong on the shoulder and consoled him: “What’re these cards to me? I’ll take it as a financial loss to prevent a disaster.”

Yang Yong stayed silent, he suddenly felt blissful. That was right, what were a few Spirit Cards to him?

“Also, if he really cultivates these Spirit Cards, hehe. Shen Yun smiled slyly: “Then he’ll only suffer!”

“Don’t tell me there’s a problem with those Spirit Cards?” Yang Yong asked curiously.

“There isn’t any problem with the Spirit Cards. Even the combination of the martial techniques i have matched for him was logical.” Shen Yuan laughed coldly.

Not understanding, Yang Yong said: “Then why would he suffer?”

Shen Yuan shook his head: “You don’t understand the profession known as a close quarters combat expert. This profession is highly complex and extremely difficult. Without astonishing talent, there is no way this road would work out. These martial techniques have very different characteristics. Theoretically, they are matched perfectly. And if he is able to cultivate all of them, his strength will definitely surge and there is practically no end to his accomplishments.”

Yang Yong got even more confused as he listened on.

“However, nobody would ever do that. For example, I specialize in training the iron palm. If I start cultivating fist arts, then I will definitely cultivate martial techniques related to the iron fists and iron palm and so on. As such, I can shorten the amount of time I spend on cultivation. If I learn one fist art that is completely unrelated to the iron fist, then the time taken to cultivate it will definitely be a lot longer, and to increase to five different kinds of martial techniques? That would take a lot, a lot of time.”

“Only the ultimate martial artists with true talent can cultivate as a close quarter combat expert. Because every martial technique they learn, they only need a short period of time before they can cultivate it perfectly. Gauging Tang Tian’s talent together with the five vastly different martial techniques, hehe, he will only be mediocre.”

Shen Yuan said blandly as he squinted his eyes.

Yang Yong did not know why but suddenly, he felt a chill in his heart.

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