Undefeated God of War

Chapter 023 – Special Training

Chapter 023 – Special Training

Translated by: BerrryBunz.

Edited by: Robin and Boost Turtle.

Tang Tian finally experienced what it felt like to get rich overnight.

He exchanged [Iron Clay Finger] for [Eagle Claw], [Aerial Wood Stake], [Eight Steps Overtaking Cicada], [Broken Shadow Palm], [Minute Collapsing Fist], [Succeeding Loop Technique], six Silver Grade Spirit Cards, uniformly placed in front of him, the silver lights were flashing, causing him to be dazzled.

“This is what it means to live!”

Tang Tian was mesmerized by what he had, facing upwards to the sky feeling deeply moved.

“Fundamental Tang, you’ve degenerated!” Ah Mo Li looked at him with disdain.

“Degenerated?” Tang Tian turned to look at him, righteously said: “Housefly Cow, you’re looking down on this godlike young man! Just a trifling number of six Silver Grade Spirit Cards, and you think a godlike youth has degenerated? Humph!”

Ah Mo Li laughed with happiness: “That’s more like it, Fundamental Tang, you cannot let down your martial artist’s heart, and become a strong man, so you can be worthy of your dreams….”

Tang Tian raised up both of his hands, looked up to the sky, with a deep look on his face: “At the very least, it would require six Gold Grade Spirit Cards to truly let a godlike young man like me be a degenerate!”

Ah Mo Li suddenly stopped halfway.

Tang Tian supported his chin and asked: “Which one should I learn first?”

Just at this time, Old Fart Wei’s voice suddenly came out from behind them: “Oh oh oh, the young man has struck it rich! That silver light, big old me from far away was already blinded by it.”

Old Fart Wei jumped in front of the two boys, took up and looked at the six silver cards, curiously asked: “Who did you both rob these cards from?”

Ah Mo Li vividly explained the entire day’s chain of events that happened, describing everything in detail to Old Fart Wei once.

Old Fart Wei ‘Oh’d once; “The both of you acted together, then barely defeated Shen Yuan?”

He touched his chin and mumbled: “I should have known not to lay down such fierce words already, if that guy was serious, wuuu, I think it is time to give you two some special training.”

[Boost Turtle: Can’t help but think of Yu-yu Hakasho back with the old granny.]

Tang Tian and Ah Mo Li looked at one another, suddenly having a bad feeling in their hearts.

Old Fart turned and with a smile on his face, said: “You two will forever remember these two months!”

Both Tang Tian and Ah Mo Li’s heart jumped.


Shen Yuan and Yang Yong lowered their heads. Standing in front of the school Principal, their faces were pale.

The Principal’s face was ashen: “Good! Very good! It seems that my order, is not enough, you two still have the energy to selfishly skip class to find trouble with other people!”

Assistant Xu who was in the corner secretly cursed, it was rare to see the Principal so angry, that his heart was at his throat.

“All the students that were involved in this matter, will all be punished severely.” The Principal was emotionless: “From today on, until the day of the Star Wind Martial Meet, in this period of time if there are any cases of students skipping classes, they will be expelled! Yang Yong and Shen Yuan, seclusion punishment for two months!”

Assistant Xu jumped in fright. This time, the Principal was really pushed to his limits. He looked at Shen Yuan and Yang Yong sympathetically, Shen Yuan was still calm, but Yang Yong already had a look of death.

The Principal suddenly turned and stared at Assistant Xu: “Go and inform the disciplinary department, if they discover that anyone of them are still up to not good, then they don’t have to do anything anymore.”

Assistant Xu immediately replied: “Yes!”

“All of you get out, Shen Yuan, you stay.” the Principal coldly said.

Yang Yong and Assistant Xu immediately left.

The Principal stared at Shen Yuan, and coldly asked: “Did you lose or win?”

“I lost.” Shen Yuan lowered his head. “Tang Tian impersonated as a guide and guided us to their school. Yang Yong was first struck down by a sneak attack from Tang Tian, and after that, Ah Mo Li and him joined hands to defeat me.”

The Principal heard that both of them lost but surprisingly was not angry over it, but indifferently said: “Explain.”

Shen Yuan showed a pondering face: “Ah Mo Li from the start was performing rather… like there was not enough determination. After that he suddenly became very resolute, and his attacks were extremely strong. But Tang Tian was the more interesting one.”

“Tang Tian?” The Principal was flabbergasted.

“En, Tang Tian specialises in the Flash Fist Technique, but what was special was that he used Flash Fist, to produce the White Fist Aura!” Shen Yuan said.

“Flash Fist to produce the White Fist Aura!” The Principal’s eyes suddenly opened wide, and he mumbled to himself: “He actually gave that Spirit Card to Tang Tian! And Tang Tian actually mastered it….”

“Mastered what?” Shen Yuan could not help but ask.

The Principal’s face returned to being emotionless: “Continue speaking.”

Shen Yuan knew what he should or should not ask, and immediately continued: “Tang Tian was dauntless, he fought ferociously, unafraid of injuries. If his strength is of comparable level, I think that very few people can best him.”

“Go to your seclusion.” the Principal looked at Shen Yuan and deeply said: “Your talent in Crystal Sky, may not be the best, but your temper is good, you can hold your anger, and yet guard your heart. I am expecting much from you, so do not disappoint me.”

“Yes!” Shen Yuan respectfully said.

“Go on!”

The Principal flicked his hands, as Shen Yuan left, he mumbled to himself.

“Crane Style Qi manual…. He actually mastered it…”


Looking at the rumbling quarry in front of them, Tang Tian and Ah Mo Li were stunned.

“Old Fart Wei, why did you bring us here, don’t tell me your real identity is a child labor trafficker?” Tang Tian pointed at Old Fart Wei, with an “I see through you” look on his face.

Old Fart Wei ignored him, and walked towards a muscular man, from a far distance he shouted: “Hey, Old Stone!”

Once the muscular man heard the call, he turned and saw Old Fart Wei. He could not help but grin and started laughing out loud, and started walking towards them.

Yet when the muscular man turned his body, Tang Tian and Ah Mo Li sucked in a mouthful of cold air. Truthfully, Ah Mo Li’s physique was already considered very strong and tough. But compared to the muscular man in front of them, Ah Mo Li was like a small child.

Every muscle had distinct edges and corners, protruding out of the muscular man’s body, with a tanned body, he was brimming of luster, like he went through a thousand changes and a hundred repetitions. (TN: went through a lot to gain his perfect hot ass bod) His arms were even more exaggerated. Tang Tian looked and came to the conclusion that they were thicker than his thighs.

The muscular man was holding an iron hammer, and swallowed saliva when he looked at Tang Tian and Ah Mo Li.

“Old Wei, what brings you here today?” The muscular man asked.

“I brought these two brats, to come to you and engage in physical training with you for a bit. Why, it won’t be a hindrance right?” Old Fart Wei loudly asked.

“How can this be a hindrance? Other than stones here, there are only stones.” The big muscular man laughed out loud, scanned and gauged the strength of Tang Tian and Ah Mo Li, smiled a kind and friendly smile to them, and praised: “These two are good seeds.”

Old Fart Wei immediately brightened up: “Haha, of course, it’s my eyes, will always be accurate!”

The other people in the quarry heard the commotion and started gathering over.

Then, Tang Tian and Ah Mo Li felt inferior.

All the people had big and tall statures, their waists were all thicker than water buckets, the entirety of their bodies filled with pieces and pieces of chiselled muscles, like they were made of copper and iron, all of them held unusually large hammers, holding them so nimbly like it was not there at all.

Tang Tian and Ah Mo Li always bragged about their own physique quality to others, but standing with these group of people, they were like little bean sprouts.

“Old Wei, that’s not bad, this time it really looks like so!”

“These two small brats are not bad!”

“Yes yes, indulge in some physical training for awhile, like two good seedlings!”


Old Fart Wei had smiling eyes, until his eyes could not be seen. Yet Tang Tian and Ah Mo Li, had hair standing all over their bodies, as they were being ganged and assessed by a group of muscular half naked iron towers, That feeling, was too terrifying.

Tang Tian and Ah Mo Li’s face kept their smiles, with a bashful look.

Stone Head waved his hands: “Ok scatter, scatter, we don’t want to have these two brats being scared away.”

With a short roar of benevolent laughters, everyone turned and scattered.

Old Fart Wei spoke to Stone Head: “This is Ah Mo Li, my successor, this is Tang Tian, oh, he wishes to walk the close quarters combat expert path.”

“Oh?, close quarters combat expert.” Stone Head had a look that flashed across his eyes, and once again assessed Tang Tian from head to toe, and praised: “Good ambition!”

“I’ll hand everything to you.” Old Fart Wei irresponsibly said.

“Good.” Stone Head did not bullshit and was straightforward, nodding his head.

Old Fart Wei turned to Tang Tian and Ah Mo Li and told them: “From today onwards, Stone Head is your special training teacher, no matter what he requests of you two, you two better do it.”

Tang Tian and Ah Mo Li tactfully nodded their heads, Stone Head had too much of an oppressing feel.

“Then I’m leaving.” Old Fart Wei flicked his hands, confidently and at ease, he shook his sleeves and turned to leave.

“Come with me.” Old Stone told Tang Tian and Ah Mo Li.

Both of them immediately followed Stone Head towards the quarry. This was an open sky quarry, with lumps of rocks piling up like mountains, and this place mainly relied on the granites.

Reaching a place with a stack of rocks, Stone Head found an iron blade.

The iron blade did not have an edge and was very thick, with a heavy weight of over 25 kg. But in Stone Head’s hands, it was like nothing. Stone Head casually grabbed a rock the size of a door.

Tang Tian and Ah Mo Li’s face turned pale when they saw it, sure enough there will always be a mountain taller than another mountain, Ah Mo Li, this fierce bull, in front of Stone Head, was actually a mere grasshopper.

Stone Head took the rock and placed it in front of him, and told Ah Mo Li: “Your daily task is to chop the rocks, like this.”

They watched Stone Head lift up the blade, and relaxingly place down a wicker basket sized rock. ‘Shua shua shua’, using the blade, one square rock block appeared in front of their faces. Every surface of the rock, was as smooth and glossy like a mirror, perfectly squared and straight, like it was measured before by a ruler.

(TN: In case you don’t know what a wicker basket is, it looks like an apple basket)

Tang Tian and Ah Mo Li stared at the rock like wooden chickens, this was definitely granite, the strong granite that could wear off the edge of steel blades!

Ston Head easily threw the big iron blade to Ah Mo Li: “Here, this kind of square block, these ten days, you just have to give me a hundred blocks everyday and you’re done.”

Finished, he left the emotionless Ah Mo Li, and brought Tang Tian to another corner.

Tang Tian face had residual paleness.

“What are you training now?” Stone Head asked Tang Tian.

Tang Tian took the Spirit Cards from his hand, and carefully showed it to Stone Head and told him what it was. Once he finished, Stone head nodded: “Then just practise this [Minute Collapsing Fist]. There are many people here who train in Minute Collapsing Fist.”

“Is that so….” Tang Tian felt that his own expression was slightly stiff, as his heart was jumping with excitement.

“En, Using it to break the rocks, it’s quite useful.”

Stone head brought Tang Tian to another pile of rock materials, and took another wicker basket sized rock, and hit the rock with one fist. ‘Pa!’

The rock disintegrated as easily as tofu, becoming a rock cake.

Stone Head wiped the rock cake with one hand, with a pile of rock materials appearing in front of Tang Tian. All these crushed rock materials were very consistent in their size, almost like the size of a soy bean.

“Oh, since you’re just starting, my request will not be so high. With every crushed rock material, do not let it be bigger than a chestnut. Everyday you have to crush 250 kg of rocks in total.”

Tang Tian looked at the stone filled rock floor, as stoned as a wooden chicken.

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