Undefeated God of War

Chapter 024 – [Slaying Lightning Bolt]!

Chapter 024 – [Slaying Lightning Bolt]!

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The life of a quarry was simple and fulfilling. Tang Tian became powerful day by day. He learnt from the others that the muscles were more defined on his naked body. The muscles had a suntanned gloss as though they contained an inexhaustible energy.

Tang Tian focused on the white aura on his fist before smashing onto the stone with a bang.

With a slap, the stone exploded a fine and straight crack.

Tang Tian’s fists were like rain as they continuously smashed onto the stone. The cracks on the stone’s surface increased, many fine and straight cracks appeared. With his smashing, the stone turned into a pile of crushed stones.

Tang Tian sieved out the crushed stones in which were bigger than the size of a chestnut and threw aside.

His Minute Collapsing Fist was weak and far from Big Brother Stone Head’s fist power. He always needed several fists before he could crush the stone. In addition to that, his crushed stones were of uneven sizes.

Stone Head’s Minute Collapsing Fist could crush the stone into uniform sizes. That was a true top notch standard.

Tang Tian admired him and was motivated.

Minute Collapsing Fist was much more powerful than Flash Fist. the rank three martial art Minute Collapsing Fist contained the techniques to instigate True Power while the rank two Flash Fish only had the techniques to show off the basics.

With the use of True Power in an instant, to attain the goal of destruction, was also known as ‘Collapsing’.

Minute Collapsing Fist was not fanciful, but that did not mean its power was weak. The Minute Collapsing Fist was like Shen Yuan’s Iron Palm, focusing more on power than on precision. Its ability to cause wreckage was astonishing.

When one had cultivated Minute Collapsing Fist to its profound depth, it could possibly even injure someone at a further distance.

Tang Tian never thought the Crane-Style Qi Manual would be so compatible with Minute Collapsing Fist.

When the Crane Body expedited the Minute Collapsing Fist, the True Power jolted with an aura of a sharp blade string. The cracks on the stone caused by Tang Tian’s Minute Collapsing Fist were completely different from the others. With an ordinary Minute Collapsing Fist, the cracks were usually irregular, but the cracks Tang Tian’s fists made were straight and fine as though they were sliced by blades.

Tang Tian improved his Minute Collapsing Fist quickly, but at the same time, he did not give up cultivating Flash Fist.

All the cultivation of the Flash Fist were done behind the Southern Cross Door.

Without resting, Tang Tian entered the door again and started cultivating.

After he perfected the Flash Fist with a total of 200,000 repetitions. It was not a difficult task for him except that the process was extremely tedious and exhausting.

Every Cycle of Hardship lasted for ten days. In those ten days, he did not talk to anyone, he only kept punching again and again. Even the rest time had become tight. As the last few days of his Hardship Training came, he was completely exhausted both physically and mentally.

Tang Tian managed to send out his fists very quickly. The fists would disappear and reappear in mid air without any signs. It was unpredictable.

These few days, he had been using Minute Collapsing Fist during the day to crush the stone. Tang Tian could feel himself improving, especially the power of his arms. They were stronger than before. The Minute Collapsing Fist art was simple and unadorned. Slowly, Tang Tian’s Flash Fist grew a taste of violence.

Swift and violent, they were two very different styles, yet they fit each other nicely.

His sweat meandered downwards as he panted heavily between the winds created by the fists. The numbers behind the door jumped continuously.



Repeated sounds of coarse gasps for breath, and very fast Flash Fists disappearing without a trace, in the middle of the tranquility, a deep breathing sound suddenly echoed out, although it was just one breath of air, it was able to release the deep implication of a very sharp knife edge!

The motionless and quiet Tang Tian’s eyes were flashing with a trace of icy coldness, like his entire being were a wild beast waiting to accumulate power!

The breathing sound stopped abruptly.

Tang Tian’s figure disappeared like a monster.

A silver-clad fist came out like a beam of blazing light-like lightning, ripping apart the surrounding air.

As if like lightning, releasing a sudden bright light, illuminating the entire field of view. A powerful qi was released, seemingly so powerful that no obstacle could withstand it, easily causing someone’s scalp to feel numb.

Silver colored lightning, heavily exploded the surrounding air, forming a mist.


Tang Tian’s True Power was suddenly depleted, and his eyes looked tired. A wave of qi whistled directly at him, in a blink of an eye it rushed to his front.

“Ah ah ah…”

He did not make it time to react, and was thrown into the air by the wave of qi. Peng, he was flung into the wall of mist on the other side, before rebounding onto the floor.

Tang Tian sprawled out on his back and lay on the floor, battered and exhausted, he had not a bit of energy left in his body, and could not even lift a finger. He just laid there, blankly looking at the ceiling, his sweat did not stop flowing down, and very quickly, a figure of sweat was formed beneath him.

I finally mastered it….

Flash Fist Killing Move, [Slaying Lightning Bolt]!

He was already too tired, eyelids becoming heavy, and he instantly fell asleep.

It was the first time he slept behind the Southern Cross Door.

As Tang Tian slept, he did not notice, that when he executed [Slaying Lightning Bolt], a golden card the size of a palm appeared on the Cross Door. On the card, Tang Tian executed an empty fist with a harsh expression, below his leg were two words, Flash Fist!

After an unknown amount of time, Tang Tian slowly awakened, and when he set his eyes on the Cross Door, he jumped out in fright, Hardship Training was ending!

He could not make it in time to climb up, only to become blind for a second, before he returned to reality.

“Fundamental Tang, hurry get up, It’s time to start work!” The weak wooden door, in the face of Ah Mo Li’s loud voice, did not work a bit.

“I’m coming I’m coming!” Tang Tian hurriedly climbed up, skipped washing his face and rushed out of the door.

Another day of his life started.

Everyday, he lived incomparably enriching.

Tang Tian gradually felt and understood more of the Southern Cross Door’s laws, whether it were the Southern Cross Constellation’s intent or not, the Cross Door and the number ‘10’ were strangely connected. The Cross door would open every ten days, and every time it opened it lasted for another ten days. If the completion grade of his current Hardship Training was very good, then the opening duration of the next hardship training, Tang Tian would be able to determine and confirm.

Once he finished a Cycle of Hardship, Tang Tian also needed a rough gauge of ten days to completely recover. Coincidentally, ten days of hardship training were also roughly Tang Tian’s limit.

Due to this Cycle of Hardship Training, Tang Tian’s Minute Collapsing Fist had improved very quickly, but the greatest place of improvement was actually the Crane Style Qi Manual. Tang Tian’s Crane Body outline was becoming more distinct, and all the small meridian channels, were twice the size of when he just awakened the Crane Body.

The Crane Body had expanded by two times, and Tang Tian found out another benefit, the efficiency of refining True Power was also enormously upgraded.

Refining the True Power, went along the walls of the third tier Dantian pool, slowly crystallizing and forming a part of the wall.

The volume of the third tier Dantian pool also became slightly larger.


The night scene was splendid, everyone gathered together to barbeque and drink. The job of a quarry was tedious and hard. Tonight was a rare opportunity for them to rest and relax.

After mingling with them, Tang Tian and Ah Mo Li noticed all these robust men looked as though they were fierce but in reality, they were honest and friendly. The two of them shamelessly joined them for the food and drinks. With their outgoing personalities, very quickly, they became one with the robust men.

The bonfire shone on everybody’s faces sometimes, brightening up and other times, was put out.

“Stone brother, what did you do previously?” Tang Tian asked curiously.

Stone Head laughed: “I used to run errands.”

“Impossible! You’re so powerful, Stone brother!” Tang Tian looked in disbelief. In Tang Tian’s eyes, Stone brother’s capabilities were impressive.

He suspected Stone brother was at least at the fourth level of True Power. Even if he were at the fifth level, he would not be surprised. In Star Wind City, the ordinary jobs only required a level of two, and at the third level, one could find a decent job. When one was at the fourth level of True Power, oh, according to Star Wind City, the leader of the guards was at the fourth level.

Other than him, there were only handful of experts who were at the fourth level and above, and they were the top few experts in their academies. In Star Wind City, any student who was at the fourth level, would be treated much better than the teachers. The number of fourth level teachers in Star Wind City was pathetic. Not only Star Wind City but the entire Wu An Star faced such situations too.

The people who were at the fourth level of True Power would all choose to advance to a bigger place to earn money. As for those younger students who reached the fourth level, they would never stay in this small place for the rest of their lives. If they did not venture out, then they would choose a big constellation to enter a higher educational establishment to pursue their studies.

As for those with a cultivation higher than fifth level, Tang Tian had never seen one before.

The Stone Head brothers and the rest displayed strength that was so overwhelming, that Tang Tian was sure that if Shen Yuan had met Stone Head brother the other day, he would not last more than ten exchanges.

Ah Mo Li was so drunk he couldn’t walk straight. He looked crude and strong and fit right in with these robust men. Tang Tian’s mad physical powers seemed small and weak here.

Stone Head brother laughed: “This little power of mine might work out here. Actually no, Old Fart Wei was pretty good back in his days. Now it’s impossible.”

“Was Old Fart Wei very powerful in his prime?” Tang Tian’s attention was caught.

“En, he was really powerful.” Stone Head expressed a fond recollecting expression, filled with emotions: “But after suffering an injury, and adding on that he was growing old, he stopped. People like us who aren’t that capable, once we grow past fifty years old, will walk a downhill path.”

Tang Tian wasn’t convinced: “No way, big bro Stone Head you all are so strong and fit, I feel that even if you are eighty years old, you can still kill a bull in one punch!”

“Ha ha!” Stone Head laughed out loud, fiercely poured down a mouth of wine, an intoxicated look appearing in his eyes: “I hope to borrow your lucky words, Xiao Tian. Oh yes, Xiao Tian, how did you think of walking the path of a close quarters combat expert?”

“Old Fart Wei told me, he said I was very fierce and savage, suitable to be a close quarters expert. And he also said that my women will love a close quarters combat expert…” Tang Tian scratched his head.

Stone Head choked on his wine, and his face became flushed red.

“Don’t tell me Old Fart Wei lied to me?” Tang Tian opened his eyes.

Stone Head face grew even redder, took a long time before he stroked his belly, sat up straight, with a serious strange expression: “I dare to promise, that Old Fart Wei did not lie to you!”

“Humph, if he dares lie to me, he is dead!” Tang Tian ferociously said.

Stone Head kept his smile and said seriously: “But it is very difficult to become a close quarters combat expert. Wrong, it is extremely difficult.”

Tang Tian shook his head and agreed in all seriousness: “I’m not afraid. As long as I can become stronger, I’m not afraid of the hardships and sufferings. Because I have a deal with Qian Hui that I will find her at Immortal Constellation Mountain so that we can walk the Heaven’s Road.”

Stone Head’s expression congealed and promptly, he sighed lightly and placed the wine cup down: “Little Tian, I have no objections if you want to go to Immortal Constellation Mountain, but if you want to venture in Heaven’s Road, I suggest you need to at least reach the fifth level of True Power.”

“Fifth level?” Tang Tian was startled for a while, but very quickly he nodded his head: “En, I’ll remember it.”

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