Undefeated God of War

Chapter 027 – Ink Black Iron Rhino

Chapter 027 – Ink Black Iron Rhino

Translated by: BerrryBunz.

Edited by: Robin and Boost Turtle.

The Ink Black Iron Rhino stared at Tang Tian.

Rank four wild beasts already had grown a bit of intelligence, and in this Jaded Swamp Sea of Bamboos, it was the true overlord. It’s imposing prestige was never provoked or challenged by others before, this was its territory.

It slowly walked towards Tang TIan, with its four short but powerful limbs, every step it took, dust would fly, and a rumbling sound would be heard.

The fist it took just then, let it feel pain, and it was a foreign feeling to it!

Its foggy pupils emitted an ominous glint, with its deep green fish scales, made it look like a ancient calvary mount, brimming with an oppressive feeling. The horn on its forehead was not very sharp, crude and coarse yet thick and solid, also, it had also caved through countless imposing enemies bodies that dared to assault it.

Rumbling, light rumbles.

The floor was not trembling as much as it was previously, but every sound still toyed with people’s minds.

On the tip of the bamboo branch, the little girl was pale, and she hurriedly pleaded: “Big sister, can you go and save big brother?”

Han Bing Ning lightly bit her lip, helplessly shook her head: “I did not bring my sword.”

All her strength lay in her sword. If she had a sword in her hand, she could perhaps deal with the Ink Black Iron Rhino.

The little girl became even paler.

On the floor, the Ink Black Iron Rhino was getting closer to Tang Tian.

Han Bing Ning was watching the man and beast attentively, and her mind was in turmoil. The act from Tang Tian sacrificing himself to save the little girl, led her to see him as a brave and kindhearted boy, but he was still trying in vain to duel with the Ink Black Iron Rhino, he was simply overestimating his own capabilities!

Middle stage fourth level wild beasts were very terrifying, and Han Bing Ning was very clear about that.

The punch that was like lightning that Tang Tian produced, stunned her for awhile, but to deal with a middle stage fourth level wild beasts, killing techniques of rank two martial arts were far from enough.

Han Bing Ning was rapidly thinking of a plan, the success rate of her grabbing Tang Tian and escape was zero,

Yet at this moment, she knew this method would not work. Her light body techniques were graceful and swift, but they were not suited for speed. If she brought one more person with her, they would never escape from Ink Black Iron Rhino.

If only there was sword, that would be good…

Han Bing Ning tensed, she bit on her cherry lip, if she had a sword, she could go down and hold off the Ink Black Iron Rhino for a while, where Tang Tian could take the chance and escape the battlefield, and then using her own light body techniques to escape.


The little girl’s eyes lit up, took up the bamboo whistle hung on her neck, and used her strength to blow on it.

A piercing bamboo whistle sound rang, travelling far.

Tang Tian heard the bamboo whistle, but he did not get distracted, as he concentrated all his attention on the Ink Black Iron Rhino.

Such strong vigor!

Tang Tian seemingly saw an ancient knight, with a cape over his shoulders and heavy armour, slowly approaching, with a sinister and wild qi aura, coming towards him.

Looking at this, it would not be easy to win…

Tang Tian squinted his eyes, both feet pinned to the ground, not moving an inch.

The Ink Black Iron Rhino walked until it was only 10 m in from Tang Tian, and stopped.

One man one beast, stand off.

Suddenly, the Ink Black Iron Rhino four limbs lowered down slightly.

At the same time, Tang Tian lowered his waist.


Ink Black Iron Rhino suddenly bellowed, its lowered limbs at the same time released power, its enormous and heavy body, disappeared in the air.

“Ah ah ah!”

Tang Tian also suddenly snarled, his feet that were deeply pinned into the mud, abruptly releasing power, and he too, disappeared in a flash.

In the blink of an eye, the two shadows in the air loudly collided with one another.


Tang Tian widely opened his glaring eyes, his horse stance was perfect, both legs pinned deeper and deeper into the ground, the swamp going up to his knees. Both of his hands were desperately grabbing onto the Ink Black Iron Rhino’s horn, as if there were metal casts on his body, causing him to lean downwards extremely low, all the blocks of muscles all stretched taut.

The most direct use of strengths colliding!

The most barbaric use of strengths clashing!

Time seemed to stop at this point, one man one beast, both of their bodies’ every muscle, were pushing their limits to produce strength.

Tang Tian forgot everything he knew, with his eyes only on the Ink Black Iron Rhino in front of him.

Han Bing Ning who was on the bamboo branches was dumbstruck watching the man and beast compete in a trial of strength, it had completely toppled her common sense, as it brought about a battle that could never be compared.

Such strong brute force!

How can a human’s strength be so strong to this extent?

A middle stage fourth level Ink Black Iron Rhino, with a tyrannical degree of strength, it was absolutely not something any martial artist can hope to compete with!

Tang Tian….

“Hey, hey, hey, hey!” Tang Tian started produce inaudible sounds from his throat, his face was completely distorted, his whole body inflated like a balloon, every ounce of strength was being erupted!

Coarse and wild, vicious and barbaric!

Tang Tian looked just like a true beast right now.

Ink Black Iron Rhino was pressed firmly in the ground, its mouth sunk into the mud. It was completely agitated. When had it ever been so humiliated before? When was its ever prideful energy being suppressed by someone?

Its limbs shook crazily, its body struggling hard.

Slowly, its head started to raise up slowly but firmly, its limbs also started to straighten up bit by bit. Tang Tian used all his strength to press him down but the energy coming from his hand just got bigger and bigger, one wave stronger than the previous one.

Suddenly, the Ink Black Iron Rhino’s horn emitted a layer of ink green ray.

A gush of ferocious and bizarre energy, as though it were a heavy hammer, heavily crashed into Tang Tian’s hands which were grabbing tenaciously onto the horn and penetrated into his body.

As though Tang Tian were struck by lightning, BANG, his body flew out.

Han Bing Ning’s face changed, Tang Tian was in danger!

The middle stage fourth level beast had gone crazy. Beasts had an energy similar to True Power and it was their inborn talent. The higher level the beast was, the stronger these talents were.

Ink Black Iron Rhino’s eyes both turned into a dark ink green just like two ink jades and were lurking with an extremely dangerous and cynical qi.

It walked over to Tang Tian slowly just like a deeply dignified king of the beasts, full of arrogance and aggressiveness.

Han Bing Ning never thought she would confront a beast with such powers.

The blood drained from her face.

She felt helpless in her heart. Even if she had a sword in her hand, she did not know if she was brave enough to challenge the king of the beasts right in front of her.

“Xiao Nan, Xiao Nan, where are you?” An anxious voice came through the bamboo forest.

The little girl’s face immediately showed happiness, she shouted loudly: “Mama! Sword! Throw the sword over!”

Nan Nan’s mother had a quick reaction, Xiu, a sword in its sword sheath flew right through the bamboo forest.

As though just awaken from her dream, Han Bing Ning’s jaded hands moved and pulled out the sword from the sword sheath.

The sword was in her hands and Han Bing Ning had set her heart was decided. All her worries and lack of confidence were all wiped away in an instant. She whispered to the little girl: “Hug on tightly to the bamboo.”

The little girl hugged onto the bamboo with her arms and legs quickly.

Han Bing Ning’s gaze turned solemn, she leaned over. As if she were a big bird, she flew downwards with her clothes floating in the air.

She landed lightly onto the ground. The floor was chaotic. Though it was just a short time that a man and a beast had been fighting but all the soil and mud were scattered all over the place.

“Ink Black Iron Rhino!” A lady in the bamboo forest screamed: “Nan Nan!”

“Mama… “ the little girl could no longer contain herself. Her mouth twisted and she started crying out loud.

Han Bing Ning’s last worry disappeared. She opened up her jaded arms and pointed the sword at the Ink Black Iron Rhino.

However, she was surprised to find the Ink Black Iron Rhino did not seem to have noticed her. It stopped its footsteps suddenly, turned its body before stooping slightly, its horns were pointing at Tang Tian who was lying on the ground not too far away.

Beasts of the fourth level and above, should have a very strong intuition to any dangers lurking around!

Could it be that it did not notice me getting closer to him?

When Han Bing Ning was confused, the motionless Tang Tian who was lying on the mud, shook.

Han Bing Ning widened her eyes, unless…

He pressed one palm on the ground and then the other, both his hands were stained with mud.

Tang Tian pulled himself up slowly.

Han Bing Ning looked at Tang Tian in a daze. He took on a strike from the Ink Black Iron Rhino earlier on yet he could climb up. How strong was this lad’s body?

“Hey… hey… you, are DEAD!”

Heavy panting was heard in between the low yell.

Tang Tian struggled to stand up. His half naked body was stained with mud. He spat out a mouthful of blood and lifted his face gradually.

Ink Black Iron Rhino’s body shook and took a step back.

Han Bing Ning’s pupils restricted. She tightened her grip around the sword in her hands subconsciously. Her face was full of shock.

Tang Tian’s pupil was a patch of blood red!

Frenzied state… is that the frenzied state?

Han Bing Ning was unsure, even though it was not her first time to witness a frenzied state, Tang Tian who was in front of her, she was not sure why, was emitting a tyrannical aura that would cause people’s heart to palpitate from danger.

Tang Tian lowered his body, as he went into a horse stance, exactly like what he did before.

Ink Black Iron Rhino released a low growl.

Tang Tian smirked, the red and translucent pupil in his eyes, made his smile turn freakishly demonic. The demonic smile was still in the space and did not move, but Tang Tian’s body had already disappeared.

Ink Black Iron Rhino snarled once, lowered its four limbs and released its power.

The two shadows clashed once again!


Mud flew in all directions, the man and the beast instantly and violently clashed, directly forming a pit below them.

Hou hou hou!

“Hey, hey, hey!”

The man and beast bellows were mixing together.

The dark ink green ray once again appeared on its horn, but this time, Tang Tian was prepared.


Tang Tian clenched his teeth and laughed nastily, while he was still grabbing on the horn he suddenly released power, did a somersault, and sat on the Ink Black Iron Rhino’s back.

Without saying, Tang Tian’s fists starting pouring down on the back of the Ink Black Iron Rhino like rain drops.

Minute Collapsing Fist!

The frenzied Tang Tian’s Minute Collapsing Fist’s power rose significantly. Each fist was infiltrated with an extreme strength to collapse, and they all penetrated into the Ink Black Iron Rhino. The Crane Body revolved, every wave of True Power was as sharp as a beak. Soon, many fine and straight lines as though caused by a slicing knife appeared on the beautiful and intricate scaly armour.


A small piece of the scaly armour was crushed. It flew into mid air.

Tang Tian noted and all the more, he crashed into the site at which the scaly armour was broken. The minute collapsing fists were like the crane’s sharp beak. Very quickly, it severed many small wounds.

The Ink Black Iron Rhino moved its body uncontrollably, but no matter how it struggled, Tang Tian was like a tough candy, he stuck on tightly to its back and sent fist after fist onto the armour.

The Ink Black Iron Rhino suddenly let out a shrilling roar before it spread out its four limbs and dashed into the bamboo forest.

Immediately, Tang Tian knew what the Ink Black Iron Rhino was up to. This rascal’s skin was thick and rough, the bamboos would act like they were just tickling him but to Tang tian, it was extremely dangerous!

“Go and die!”

Tang Tian opened his eyes wide, and from his throat he boomed like thunder.

He ignored everything else, and only punched one fist after another crazily onto the armour on the Ink Black Iron Rhino.


Ink Black Iron Rhino’s head penetrated into the bamboo forest, roughly upheaving the bamboos to the side of the road, causing them to split and break.

Some of the hard yet pliable green bamboo, struck Tang Tian’s body, and all the broken pieces of bamboo flew out like arrows, piercing into Tang Tian’s body. With the branches sticking out on the other side of his body, multiple lines of blood were intersecting with each other.

Tang Tian did not sense it as he was frenzied. The fists rained on the armour on the back of the Ink Black Iron Rhino.

“Big brother!”

“Tang Tian!”

A scream sounded through from far. Nobody would have thought that the Ink Black Iron Rhino would actually dash into the bamboo forest.

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