Undefeated God of War

Chapter 033 – Announcement of Victory

Chapter 033 – Announcement of Victory

Translated by: BerrryBunz.

Edited by: Robin

The distance between the two parties was closing, Tang Tian’s clear eyes started to change, like the embers of a flame, rushing out from the depths of his pupils.

At the last step, Tang Tian was like a savage rhinoceros, as he stomped heavily.

Borrowing that strength, Tang Tian’s speed rose sharply, shooting towards the rod’s shadow.

With a loud breath, his right hand that was raised and ready to go shot out explosively.

He put his entire weight and strength into this fist!


An ear-splitting explosion rang out, Tang Tian’s fist had collided with the copper rod! The rod’s shadow had disappeared from view, and when the daunting muffled sound of the wind disappeared, the high-speed rotation of the barefooted youth was forcefully stopped.

The sudden explosive action and sudden quiet gave the audiences an uncomfortable feeling.

The barefooted youth displayed an expression of astonishment, he was not clear as to what had happened.

Whenever he executed his rod techniques, he had never lost before, no one had come up to him in a comparison of strength and obtained victory over him before.

How is this possible….how is this possible…..

Suddenly, the other fist came out of nowhere and pummeled his face from below.

Flash Fist!


The shocked youth, had absolutely no time to react, the fist had landed cleanly on his face. He was immediately sent flying upwards as though he had collided with a rhinoceros, and was knocked off the stage.

Kuang dang! (falling down sound)

The copper rod flew far away.

Absolute silence.

After a while, the judge recovered his senses, as he hurriedly announced: “Tang Tian wins!”

Hu hu hu!

Tang Tian had maintained his stance, before he breathed out slowly, and the fire in his eyes slowly faded away.

The stands immediately erupted in an uproar.

The change of the battle was too fast! Earlier, they had thought that the bare-footed youth had displayed a forceful and flawless technique, who knew in just a blink of an eye, Tang Tian had obtained victory. The crux was that Tang Tian had not exhibited any heaven-defying skill, he had just used his bare fists to end the fight.

Bare fists could defeat a rod technique? This…. this was too ridiculous!

In comparison, the elders were a lot more calm.

“Such a solid foundation, it really is rare.” Sima Xiang Shan turned and asked Shen Yuan: “I heard he had trained in fundamental martial arts for five years?”

Shen Yuan nodded: “En, those are the rumors.”

“Seems like it’s right, he executed his move perfectly, in the comparison between muscle and skill, he is almost at the peak. His Flash Fists were also beautiful, it seems that Wang Zhen came here precisely for this.” Simda Xiang Shan praised.

Shen Yuan replied honestly: “As to this, I’m not sure.”

Ming Guang had his mouth wide open, as he stared dumbly at the stage, before stammering: “This… this… this….”

Wang Zhen gave a slight ‘oh’: “His strength, is just barely that of Ah Mo Li, but his execution is definitely better, I have seen the both of them exchange blows, it was a draw.”

Only then did Ming Guang quiet down, to draw against Ah Mo Li….

Ah Mo Li’s raw power was truly terrifying, Ming Guang had experienced it for himself. In his mind, if Tang Tian was the same as Ah Mo Li, then the results were truly acceptable.

However, to even draw against Ah Mo Li….he truly was overpowered!!

Cai Xue stared mutely at Tang Tian on the stage: “How powerful!”

He Xiaoqin also looked straight: “Is he a beast…..”

Han Bing Ning remained calm, she had seen Tang Tian take on the Ink Black Iron Rhino, this type of result was not a huge surprise to her. She just did not expect that Tang Tian would actually use such a primitive way and defeat his opponent without displaying any skill.

But, he was truly a beast……so brutish!


Tang Tian maintained his pose, his face cool.

“Wa, wa, wa! Big Brother is the best!” Nan Nan raised her hands and was shouting excitedly.

Suddenly, Tang Tian’s eyebrows twitched, and he suddenly jumped up as though his butt was on fire, grabbing onto his right arm.

“Shiiiiiiit!!! ARGH…..It’s so painful…..”

The entire stage that was shocked to silence, and was staring dumbly at the stage, looked at the comical scene of Tang Tian jumping around with his face twisted in pain.

The contrast…..was really too big!

“So painful so painful!!!”

Nan Nan…..Bamboo Queen Bee Plaster…..”

After Nan Nan had helped Tang Tian apply the Bamboo Queen Bee Plaster, Tang Tian’s crumpled face started smoothing out. He ran to the the foot of the stage, and waved his hands at Han Bing Ning, shouting loudly: “Hey, young lady, have you been shocked by this godlike me?”

Han Bing Ning: “…..”

All of a sudden, Tang Tian saw Shen Yuan at the platform above, and excitedly waved his hands towards him, shouting his throat hoarse: “Bro Yuan Yuan! Bro Yuan Yuan!”

Shen Yuan’s face flushed red, he finally experienced what Han Bing Ning was feeling earlier, in this short time, his heart was filled with hatred, why didn’t he take the chance to leave!!

Tang Tian carried Nan Nan on his back, and jumped onto the viewing platform in a few steps.

Just like that, Shen Yuan absentmindedly found Tang Tian appearing before him, he wanted to go and bang his head against the wall, why did he stay here?!

“Bro Yuan Yuan! Your Spirit Card was truly powerful! So useful!” Tang Tian exclaimed.

Shen Yuan laughed forcefully, as he thought to himself: “What irony, what irony, what irony….”

Tang Tian’s eyes shone, replying, “I’ve practiced them all, the five types of martial arts, super powerful!”

Shen Yuan laughed even more forcibly, thinking: “Is this even believable, this smoke screen is way too flimsy..”

“Bro Yuan Yuan is too amazing, Bro Stone also praised your skills in matching the cards. Close quarters combat expert! Wa wa wa!” Tang Tian excitedly exclaimed.

Shen Yuan’s smile turned wooden, thinking to himself: “What nonsense are you blabbering, please just go away….”

“Close quarters combat expert?” Sima Xiang Shang interjected excitedly as he heard this term mentioned.

“Ah ah ah, you know it too?” Tang Tian, as if he had discovered a new world, turned to gaze at Sima Xiang Shan with an exhilarated look.

“Definitely makes one anticipate!” Sima Xiang Shan said, his face was all smiles, “Perhaps we might even be able to spar.”

“If so, you will definitely be defeated by me!” Tang Tian’s tone was of one self-assurance.

Silence blanketed the entire space and everyone’s gaze took a strange glaze, looking towards Tang Tian with pitying eyes.

Han Bing Ning blurted, “Do you know who he is?”

Tang Tian shook his head and said, “Nope, I don’t know.”

Han Bing Ning was about to reveal Xiang Shan’s identity when she heard Tang Tian carry on his sentence, saying: “But as long as it’s my enemy, they will be defeated by me.”

Han Bing Ning, upon hearing this, was as stunned as everyone else who heard it.

“All enemies are meant to be defeated, no?” Tang Tian’s face looked as if he spoke a universal truth.

Han Bing Ning wanted to speak, but she was at a loss for words, she gazed at Tang Tian, whose pupils shone with tranquility, without a spark of fear. The looks of ridicule on Ming Guang and Shen Yang’s faces faded away, as they silently pondered Tang Tian’s words.

Pa! Pa! Pa!

The sound of clapping jolted everyone out of reverie, and the one who applauded was none other than Sima Xiang Shan himself, as he merrily said: “This is the best sentence I’ve ever heard.”

“Because of this phrase, even if we were to meet in a competition, I will not kill you.”

“I will cripple your Dantian and allow you to ruminate in defeat forever, how wondrous and interesting that will be.”

Sima Xiang Shan’s tone was warm, but his words chilled everyone to the bone.

With a cheery voice, Sima Xiang Shan appeared all of a sudden. He turned to the sky smiling and said ‘Really looking forward to it.’

He turned and walked away after speaking.

‘Who is he?’ Tang Tian asked Han Bing Ning curiously.

“Sima Xiang Shan”, Han Bing Ning looked at Tang Tian worriedly. She knew Sima Xiang Shan’s temper was eccentric, who knows, he might really do it.

Tang Tian let out an ‘oh’: “So he’s the one who was beaten several times by Qian Hui?”

Sima Xiang Shan who had just stepped out, staggered.

Shangguan Qianhui was the bane of his existence, all those years ago, he had to live in her shadow. He had continuously tried to challenge and beat her, but every single time, he would be defeated miserably.

That damn woman!


Sima Xiang Shan regained his composure, as he turned around, a billowing murderous intent crashed towards Tang Tian.

Han Bing Ning took a half-step forward, her hand on the hilt of the sword at her waist, her eyes narrow.

The icy-cold killing intent, she had no way of breaking through!

Sima Xiang Shan looked at Tang Tian coldly.

Wang Zheng suddenly opened his mouth: “Sima, if there’s anything, settle it at the competition.”

The killing intent was retracted all of a sudden, as Sima Xiang Shan broke out in laughter: “You’re indeed gutsy! This year’s competition will finally be worth getting excited about.”

He waved his hand: “Godlike teen, I’ll see you again!” [Robin: This is slightly weird, since I’m guessing that they’re about the same age. But it’s what the Author wrote :)]

After which, he disappeared.

Han Bing Ning relaxed, and thought of Shen Yuan’s embarrassment earlier, as she said curtly: “Let’s go back.”

Cai Xue and He Xiao qin followed hurriedly.

Wang Zhen nodded towards Tang Tian, before leaving with an appraising look in his eyes.


“Tang Tian’s strength is really tremendous.” He Xiao Qin was analyzing carefully: “He doesn’t look like he amounts to much, but he could actually display such strength, it could be said his technique execution was also very powerful. As of now, he used [Flash Fist] and [Aerial Wood Stake], both of which are rank two techniques. Just using these rank two techniques he defeated his opponent, and he can be considered a threat to us!”

Cai Xue lowered her head, as though she was thinking.

He Xiaoqin noticed Cai Xue’s strange expression, and asked curiously: “Ah Xue, did you discover something? Tang Tian’s earlier performance was not revealing enough, I could only do so much in terms of analysis. However, to be able to capture everyone’s attention, this Tang Tian sure has some tricks! The upcoming competition is bound to be interesting!”

“New discovery?” Cai Xue lifted her head, her expression bewildered.

“Your expression, is truly weird, what are you thinking about?” He Xiao Qin was feeling that the situation was turning strange.

“Can I…. can I really say it?” Cai Xue asked softly.

“Say it! What is there that cannot be said?” He Xiao Qin quipped loudly, looking even more confused.

Han Bing Ning also pricked her ears, she could tell that Cai Xue was not in her right mind, but she always put up a cold front, and would not take the lead to open her mouth.

“Senior Sister, what kind of girls do you like?” Cai Xue asked, looking a little shy yet curious at the same time.

Han Bing Ning staggered, almost falling to the floor.

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