Undefeated God of War

Chapter 034 – Even On The Brink Of Death, You Have To Claim Victory

Chapter 034 – Even On The Brink Of Death, You Have To Claim Victory

Translated by: BerrryBunz.

Edited by: Robin and Boost Turtle.

Every year’s preliminary competition had differing levels of interest, and this year’s preliminary competition’s first day, already burst out such a sensational competition.

And this competition’s main star, was Star Wind City’s outstanding ultimate retaining student, Tang Tian.

When many people heard this news, they all thought they had heard wrongly, but every one of those who had personally witnessed the fight would endlessly inform all their friends about the fight. And the super luxurious viewing platform lineup, everyone of their names would attract a cry of surprise.

Solely by looking at all the people on the platform, anyone could tell that they were anticipating a worthy, extremely high level of competition.

The three great schools, not one was missing.

What was even more popular was of Tang Tian’s [Flash Fist] defeating the opponent’s [Confusing splitting wind Rod Technique]. Not many people practised in the [Confusing splitting wind Rod Technique], but its difficulty was known to all. And to further compare, the number of students who practised the [Flash Fist], was practically a cow’s hair compared to it.

Every student that practised [Flash Fist], did not believe of the results when they first heard of it. Yet the more the rumors spread, the more true it became, and finally all of them believed that actually, the [Flash Fist] they were learning could break the [Confusing splitting Wind Rod Technique]. They all rose in spirits and gathered together to try and imitate Tang Tian’s techniques.

But that was a huge secret!

No matter how hard they tried or how they racked their brains, in the end they still could not do it.

[Flash Fist] was just a rank two martial art technique, while [Confusing Splitting Wind Rod Technique] was a rank three martial art technique, the difference in level had a gap like a huge canal, there was absolutely no way to compete.

There were also people who suspected that Tang Tian might not actually be using [Flash Fist], and was instead using a rank three martial art technique that was related to [Flash Fist].

All the way until the few great big shots who were watching on the platform, the words they spoke of slowly spread to the rest, did the people finally wake up.

Fundamental martial arts!

Tang Tian was able to use the rank two [Flash Fist] to break the rank three [Confusing Splitting Wind Rod Technique], and it was all due to his perfection in fundamental martial arts. Even Sima Xiang Shan had publicly proclaimed in Crystal Sky Academy, that Tang Tian’s fundamentals had reached perfection, and regarding his proficiency in utilising energy and force from his muscles, no one in Star Wind City could compare.

The people then abruptly remembered, that Tang Tian spent a full five years practising his fundamentals, and they could only be speechless.

Practising five years of fundamental martial arts, to only reach his stage, the people suddenly realised. But they started to contemplate, was it worth it? Using five years of time, to use rank two [Flash Fist] to break the rank three [Confusing Splitting Wind Rot Technique], what point was there? Five years of time, as long as their innate talent is not too bad, they could just cultivate rank three martial arts.

One after another, people shook their heads. This kind of martial art practise, was not worth having. They initially thought there was some hidden secret behind his current status, but actually realised there wasn’t any secret, and it was something that was told to them by the teacher when they entered school the first day.

But, this example led to a change in many new students, they all became spirited, and took on the fundamental martial arts, that they previously thought were useless, seriously.

“Only if Senior Tang Tian were still here, that’ll be good!”

“It is because of that bastard Zhou Peng!”

The sword arts class students collectively reminisced about Tang Tian.

Tang Tian entered their field of vision once again, but this time, Tang Tian was not the symbol of mockery. Many elders took noticed of him and it was clear enough to say. For so many preliminary competitions, there were only two who were worth noticing, one was Tang Tian and the other was Ah Mo Li. Liang Qiu appeared at the viewing platform at Ah Mo Li’s competition, this was seen as a senior caring for his junior. Ah Mo Li was the top seven in Beast Academy and no one had questioned his capabilities before. In their eyes, he was no different from the chosen fighters.

Only Tang Tian.

He was like a black horse, appearing out of nowhere. No one understood why he would even be noticed by the elders.

Yet for whatever reasons, people’s attention for Tang Tian immediately increased. Those who thought there was nothing interesting about the preliminary competition suddenly realized there was a black horse worth noticing. This sparked interesting and passion for everyone. Tang Tian’s schedule for the upcoming competition was being dugged out by the people.

The martial committee saw the situation and straightaway changed Tang Tian’s competition venue to a bigger plaza to avoid the situation previously, where it was too squeezy at the viewing platform, causing a bottleneck at the entrance. With such treatment, it was usually for the real competition.

Once this decision was announced, everyone welcomed it with open arms.

The second match for Tang Tian would be held two days later. As for the bets on Tang Tian had commenced at all trading markets, ready to receive the bet.



The tea cup crashed onto the floor heavily and turned to powder. The pieces of fragments splashed all over.

In the principal’s office of Andrew Academy, the Principal yelled. The students who passed by the principal office were all frightened.

“Tang Tian! That bastard!”

“I will let him die a tragic death!”



Zhou Peng remained expressionless. Right now, he was a completely changed man. His porcelain white skin was dark and mysterious due to sun tanning. His once blistered swollen eyes had now turned into a triangular shaped like a poison snake, beaming with radiance, sharp and cold.

“I finally know how amazing it feels to possess such power, it’s as sweet as indulging in a luxurious life.”

He lowered his head and looked at his palms which were once fair and white, yet were now filled with creases and folds, as though he was sighing in joy and sorrow: “It’s surely a perfect piece of art!”

“Young Master, the big clan elder has invited you in.” The slave said respectfully.

Zhou Peng kept his gaze and smirked as though he was mocking and at the same time, as if he was contemplating. The smile faded in a flash as he smoothen his collar lightly, and walked towards the plaza with big steps.

The entire Zhou Clan filled up the upper levels all at once. All their gazes landed on Zhou Peng as he walked in. Zhou Peng’s steps were steady. He remained composed and basked at the attention he was receiving.

What a wonderful feeling!

He could feel the admiration, jealousy, shocked, and unbelievable eyes. A smile creeped into his corners of his mouth.

The Great Clan Elder coughed lightly to break the silence, and set his gaze on Zhou Peng. he said: “Good! This should be how the Young Master of the Zhou Clan should act! No matter how biased I was with you in the past, right now, I admit you are holding on to the identity as the descendant of the Zhou Clan.”

The patriarch of Zhou Clan’s eyes was filled with unending joy and looked at Zhou Peng comfortingly.

The living hall was dead silent, only the words of the Great Clan Elder resounded.

“You possess a gift that would cause people to be envious. You are a changed man. Although I know I will not live to that day, I still hope you will bring glory to the Zhou Clan when it’s in your hands.”

Zhou Peng bowed and replied proudly: “That’s right, the Zhou Clan will only get more prosperous.”

“This Martial Meet is a good opportunity. Let it be the start for the Zhou Clan!” the Great Clan Elder said proudly: “Let Sima Xiang Shan be the stepping stone for our Zhou Clan!”

Zhou Peng smiled confidently but in his sleeves, he held his fists tightly.

There was one more person- Tang Tian!

I want to kill you in front of everybody!


Tang Tian continued to bury his head and cultivated. He sweated like it was raining and had no ounce of affection as to what happened at the preliminary competition. Neither was he affected by his upcoming second match. Nothing affected his cultivation.

Ah Mo Li was also cultivating with all his might. He never thought that Big Brother Liang Qiu would come down personally to watch him compete. Big Brother Liang Qiu was his idol and someone he always wanted to defeat. The thought of seeing a familiar shadow at the viewing platform, Ah Mo Li was filled with an unending urge and motivation to push forward.

Only Old Fart Wei seemed carefree as though the matters did not concerned him.

During rest time, the two sat on the floor, feeling fatigued, the sweat dripped down incessantly.

“You actually dared to speak so highly of yourself in front of Sima Xiang Shan.” Ah Mo Li said as he panted.

Tang Tian panted heavily, looking puzzled: “Why wouldn’t I dare?”

“He’s the number one expert in Star Wind City!” Ah mo li explained.

Tang Tian’s head crooked: “That’s to say if I defeated him then I’ll be the greatest person in Star Wind City?”

“That’s right!” Ah Mo Li nodded.

Tang Tian suddenly saw the light: “No wonder Qian Hui always beat him up that time. It’s because if she beat him up, she could attain the first place!”

Ah Mo Li: “…”

Tang Tian asked curiously: “Housefly Cow, what’s your goal this time round?”

Ah Mo Li remained silent for a moment, and raised his head suddenly: “My goal is to meet up with Big Bro Liang Qiu and defeat him!”

“Housefly Cow, you will definitely win this!” Tang Tian said loudly in all seriousness.

“I don’t know…” Ah Mo Li mumbled.

“Why don’t you know?” Tang Tian opened his eyes big and said louder: “You will definitely win this! You have to win this! There’s nothing to be afraid of! Don’t tell yourself that it’s okay to lose! Victory! Only victory! All the hardships you have gone through are not any lesser than any of them! There’s no victory inevitably. Those who say that you have to put in your all, so that you don’t regret anything, are all lying. Those who say this, they did not actually put in their all! The sweat and hardships, what were they for? For you to become a coward when it’s time to fight? To tell yourself you have already tried your best so it’s okay to accept failure? Those are just excuses! Just bullshit! Only when you have claimed victory can you announce to the whole world that you’re here!”

Ah Mo Li was blushing as Tang Tian lectured.

“Housefly Cow!” Tang Tian looked at Ah Mo Li sternly.

Ah Mo Li raised his head feeling shameful.

Tang Tian tightened his fist and stared at Ah Mo Li’s flushing red face. He spitted one word at a time, squeezing them through the gaps between his teeth: “Even if you’re on the brink of death, you have to claim victory!”

Even in death, you have to claim victory…

Ah Mo Li mind buzzed, his eyes were focused, and kept on repeating the sentence.

“Even in death, you have to claim victory…”

Old Fart Wei who was nearby with an expression of being in deep thoughts suddenly became motionless, his unfocused gaze, slowly became deep, countless images flitting past his eyes. He became distracted for a while, as countless killings and shouts sounded by his ears.

Even in death, you have to claim victory!

Old Fart Wei suddenly laughed silently, his eyes brimming with anticipation.

Maybe, this brat will eventually become a power influential figure.

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