Undefeated God of War

Chapter 035 – Rain Man Di Han

Chapter 035 – Rain Man Di Han

Translated by: BerrryBunz.

Edited by: Robin.

Meng Yu and his best friend Liu An were squeeze packed until they could not move at all.

“It can’t be that bad, Tang Tian can at most be considered a black horse, why are there so many people?” Liu An could not take it and complained, his clean white shoes were dirtied with the footprints of other people.

But Meng Yu did not find it weird, “Roughly half of our Andrew Academy will come to watch.”

“That is true,” Liu An nodded his head and laughed, “If even you, the number one expert of Andrew Academy, has come, how can the rest not come?”

Ever since Qian Hui graduated, Andrew Academy had suffered a decline over the next few years in a linear pattern, and anyone could see that it’s rank was due to being kicked out of the top ten schools of Star Wind City. Andrew Academy’s ranking was like a rollercoaster going up and down, but suddenly after losing a powerful pillar, their core slowly dropped.

Tang Tian suddenly burst out in fame, causing a huge commotion at Andrew Academy.

Meng Yu sourly laughed, “What number one expert of Andrew Academy.”

Liu An comfortingly patted Meng Yu on the shoulder. As his best friend, he could clearly see Meng Yu’s suffering. During Qian Hui’s time, Andrew Academy’s number one expert was dazzling and glorious, because Andrew’s number one expert was Star Wind City’s number one expert. Yet compared to now, the current Andrew Academy’s number one expert was simply a joke.

Andrew Academy’s number one expert, as compared to all the other academies in Star Wind City, could just barely touch the tail of the top ten position, causing Meng Yu to have a bitter and agonizing taste in his mouth.

The stream of people continued to rush forth.


Looking at the corner of the platform, Han Bing Ning’s father and mother wore large edge hats, with scarves around them, covering their entire face.

“Old man, the way we are now, Bing Ning should not be able to find us out, right?” Han Bing Ning’s mother softly said.

“Shouldn’t be able to,” Han Bing Ning’s father said without moving: “Bing Ning is very far from us; she is over there at the platform.”

“That’s good, that’s good,” Han Bing Ning’s mother exhaled, but she quickly tensed up again, “Old man, your thinking is right. Regardless of anything, we need to help Bing Ning this time. How could she actually say that she likes women!? How dare she! Oh, my heart is jumping in panic! I seriously thought about it, and even though Tang Tian is not good, at least he is a male, definitely better than liking a female!”

“Calm down!” Han Bing Ning’s father promptly urged his wife to relax, “Look, Bing Ning also came for this round, this proves that she has something for Tang Tian. Regardless of anything, we will not let her go astray!” (Become lesbian)

“Tang Tian, you better not screw up!” Han Bing Ning’s mother clenched her fist tightly, and continued with nervousness, “Tang Tian’s opponent this time, I heard he is very strong.”

“Don’t worry! Our Bing Ning, is not the kind of person to be self interested. Even if Tang Tian does not get a good ranking, Bing Ning will still not despise him.”


Meng Yu and Liu An looked everywhere.

“There are so many people! This degree of popularity, compared to the actual competition, is much crazier!” Meng Yu exclaimed.

“Look over there!” Liu An looked like he had found a new world, pointed with his finger, “Midnight Forest Academy top expert Zhao Wei, Star Wind City’s ranked number four figure; Great Ray Academy leader, Star Wind ranked number nine Xue Yong; God’s Might Academy leader, Star Wind City ranked number 7 Zou Kai…”

Every single name led Meng Yu’s heart to jump in surprise.

The ten big academies, and all their top ranking experts, had appeared on the platform. With the line up of powerhouses, people were speechless. Meng Yu and Liu An suddenly had a wrong thought: Was this the finals?

All these experts, some with a cold look, some with an arrogant look, and some with a calm look. Some came with curiosity and some came to observe the crowd, but regardless of anything, they were all at the same place. Those who were originally there to join in on the fun, became overly excited. Such a grand occasion, when had it ever happened before?

Especially after seeing all the experts in one single day, the day’s tickets were worth it.

Also, Tang Tian’s opponent…

As Tang Tian stepped onto the arena, the people bustling with activities while looking at the platform suddenly became very quiet, as everyone curiously watched him enter the arena.

He was the person everyone ridiculed previously, five years of practising fundamental martial techniques, and viewed as a lousy and untalented student, the unprecedented five years retainer student. Countless people envied and were jealous of him, as he was the only one who could make Qian Hui smile, and Star Wind City’s most beautiful smile only belonged to him.

Many people have heard of Tang Tian’s name, but it was the first time they saw Tang Tian in person.

“That’s him, Tang Tian!”

“Can’t tell anything different about him, why does Young Miss Qian Hui like him?”

“He is not the same as others. He trained fundamental martial techniques for five years, how can he be the same?”


After the short period of silence, countless discussions loudly surfaced.

Tang Tian, who had just entered the arena, jumped up in fright by the abrupt rise of clamor. He looked up and immediately moved backwards with a cold breath upon seeing the platform filled with people.

“Don’t tell me my opponent today is someone big and powerful?” Tang TIan scratched his head.

Tang Tian did not expect that his opponent was really someone famous.


Di Han expressionlessly entered the arena, his gaze did not reach Tang Tian yet stopped, and was retracted back. He did not care who his opponent was, and also did not care about the noise around him. Seeing the numerous spectators on the spectator stands, also did not affect him.

Without a word, like a blockhead, he stood in front of Tang Tian, and waited for the judge to arrive.

All the people on the spectator stands’ facial expressions became dignified.

“Rain Man Di Han!” Meng Yu said in a deep voice, “It really is him! I did not think that he would come and participate in the Martial Meet, and not just someone else with the same given name and family name.”

Liu An eyes flashed a hint of awe.

In this world, there will always be different levels of geniuses. There were many academies in Star Wind City, and there were a few people who never attended one class before, but were geniuses with power that surprised people. Di Han was one of the few such outstanding individuals. Di Han was from a poor family, he had an antisocial and ruthless temperament, and rejected the life in academies. His martial techniques were entirely self taught.

Although his personality was terrible, he was outstanding, especially towards water element martial techniques, and was regarded as an equal with Han Bing Ning in being a water element genius.

He was always alone, regularly hunting down weird creatures to survive, and what made him so revering was that he was once a killer. His expertise was murder in the rain. So far, he had never failed. The Rain Man Di Han was like an unstoppable god of death. That was how he got his nickname [Rain Man].

This opponent was someone who no one dared to look down on.

Amongst the experts on the spectator platform, every one of them had a solemn expression, and stared straight at Di Han who was in the arena.

It was no wonder that this fight attracted so many experts. Other than Tang Tian, Di Han was the other crucial reason. Ordinary people might not know of [Rain Man] Di Han that well but, in the experts’ circle, Di Han was famous.

Di Han had never participated in any other Martial Meet. If it were not for Tang Tian, who attracted so many people’s attention, no one would have noticed Di Han quietly registering his name to participate in the preliminary competition.

Many professionals foresaw that Di Han’s rate of success was very shocking.

Di Han had plenty of experiences in fighting, and it was definitely more than what they could think of.

The judge’s hands were full of sweat, as it was his first time taking the appointment of judge in front of so many people. But luckily, the Martial Meet’s rules were fairly simple, and as the two participants were ready, he quickly said, “Begin!”

Once the announcement to begin was given, he quickly retreated backwards.

The battle began.


Tang Tian watched Di Han attentively.

He felt that his opponent was shrouded in a cloud of darkness, and he could neither see or read him clearly.

Di Han suddenly raised his head, both of his eyes flashed a hint of light, like a hidden blade in the darkness. Tang Tian’s heart suddenly felt a hint of a dangerous omen. Subconsciously, he immediately stepped sideways.


A ray of cold aura flew towards Tang Tian, brushing past him.

It was a thin and delicate blade!

The blade was only three inches long, shaped like a lancet, but it was extremely thin, thus looking semitransparent.

Di Han’s eyes flashed a hint of brilliant light.

The martial technique he cultivated was named [Drizzle]. It was a rare rank three martial technique from a school known only to a few people. It was this ancient school, which passed down this special martial technique, that led Di Han to become a murderer that could cause people to be scared out of their wits. Di Han’s True Power from that his body could transform into a formless thread of True Power, enabling him to manipulate these fine knife blades from any angle.

Tang Tian looked at the hovering thin blades, and was astonished.

What martial technique was that?

Di Han’s battle experience was profound, although these kind of valiant and proper battles were not his field of expertise, he was still filled with self confidence.

The formless threads of True Power trembled slightly, and the thin blades disappeared in the air.

Tang Tian pupils shrunk. Suddenly stamping the ground beneath him, he flew backwards!

A beam of unnoticable cold light grazed his nose and brushed past him. The ice cold chill in the air caused the hair all over Tang Tian’s body to erect.

After dodging twice, Tang Tian acknowledged the danger of the opponent!

He was dangerous!

Tang Tian did not say a word and opened the Aquarius Martial Cabinet. The Fornax black metal gloves suddenly appeared on his hands, and the ice cold metal sensation led Tang Tian’s mind to instantly clear up.

A sudden outburst from Tang Tian, and his fists disappeared in the air.

As the fists suddenly bore out from the air again, it seemed like the fists were striking the air.


A small spark appeared on Tang Tian’s gloves, the sharp and clear strike, was heard by everyone present.

Flash Fist!

Rank two martial technique? A cold flash hinted across Di Han’s eyes.

Seeking death!

Although he had trained his [Flash Fist] to the current level which was worthy of praise, a rank two martial technique is just a rank two martial technique, to solely rely on a rank two martial technique to fight against me, is just seeking death!

Formless True Power appeared in the air, slightly trembling as it hovered up and down.

The thin blades suspended in the air, looking just like ice cubes, suddenly started to quickly melt visibly to the naked eye, becoming a puddle of water. This puddle of water split into five parts, and began to reform into five translucent water droplets. The water droplets kept stretching, becoming five translucent water needles, floating in front of Di Han.

This.. This.. This…

Tang Tian was speechless as he watched. Di Han’s martial technique was practically unimaginable.

People on the spectator stand were also flabbergasted, they did not see this kind of special martial technique.

Di Han squinted his eyes till they became one dense line.

Everything was going to be over!

His trace of True Power suddenly trembled.

The five water needles, hovering in front of him, simultaneously disappeared with a sharp whistling sound that instantly stabbed into everybody’s eardrums.

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