Undefeated God of War

Chapter 040 – Meeting Zhou Peng Again

Chapter 040 – Meeting Zhou Peng Again

Translated by: BerrryBunz.

Edited by: Robin, Leo and De Andre

“Tang Tian, you have to be careful. The people from Onyx Soul are very dangerous.” Nan Nan’s mother was worried for him, and turned to enter the house, and after that came out with a small jar in her hand: “You have helped us so many times, and saved Nan Nan, I have nothing other than this to give you, all this Bamboo Bee Queen’s wax. You keep it well, it should suffice for you to use for a period of time.”

“Nan Nan, say goodbye to Big Brother. We are leaving.” Nan Nan’s mother was firm.

Nan Nan weeped for a bit before wailing out loud.

Tang Tian’s heart cringed in pain. He could only use his hand to rub Nan Nan’s head, and it felt like there was something stuck in his throat. Although they had only met for a short period of time, Nan Nan was extremely adorable and innocent, and Tang Tian adored her a lot.

Nan Nan’s mother was upset too, but she hardened her heart, carried Nan Nan, bid goodbye to Tang Tian, and turned and disappeared into the Sea of Bamboos.

Listening to Nan Nan’s cries getting further and further, Tang Tian’s heart was frustrated and lost.

Looking at the body on the floor, his heart was filled with rage, whatever dog crap Onyx Soul, he had memorised the name. With anger, Tang Tian pelted the man in black from head to toe until there was nothing left, before throwing him into the swamp.

With a big bundle on his back, Tang Tian headed back to Caramel Academy.

Old Fart Wei was already back at Caramel Academy, happily roasting meat, while Ah Mo Li was squatted next to him and watching him. With a black face, Tang Tian walked to the front of the two of them and threw the bundle onto the floor.

The contents in the bundle all rolled out.

When Old Fart Wei’s gaze landed on the bronze plate, his hand froze. He got up and walked towards the items on the floor, squatted down, and rummaged through the items.

“Looks like you got yourself into big trouble this time.”

Old Fart Wei’s voice was emotionless. Happiness or anger was unclear within his deep gaze.

“Hey, Old fart, you too know about the Onyx Soul, am I right?” Tang Tian stared at Old Fart Wei.

Old Fart Wei could see the anger and ferociousness in Tang Tian’s gaze, but laughed and said: “I do know a little. The Onyx Soul is an extremely ancient organization, oh, you can say that it is the world’s oldest organization. They are very strict, with a very tangled and complicated relationship inside. In the entire history of Heaven’s Road, you can see their shadows everywhere. They travel and walk in the dark, deal with things unscrupulously, and if you catch their attention, eight or nine out of ten chances are that you will die a horrible death. Young man, you have got yourself a huge problem!”

“They are looking for me.” Tang Tian did not hide anything: “They should be looking for my mother’s remnant, the Southern Cross Hardship Plate.”

Southern Cross Hardship Plate had already fused into his body, and he was not worried about anyone trying to take it away from him.

“Southern Cross Constellation?” Old Fart Wei looked distracted: “Southern Cross Constellation is the smallest constellation, what interest does Onyx Soul have with it?”

Seeing the blank look on Tang Tian’s face, Old Fart Wei explained: “The bigger and stronger the constellation, the higher the chance of producing a powerful Star Treasure. Southern Cross Constellation is the smallest constellation, and it’s Star Treasure should not be too strong. Onyx Soul are only interested in and looks for formidable Star Treasures, Powerful Martial techniques. Unless, the Southern Cross Hardship Plate has some kind of secret?”

Tang Tian shook his head: “I don’t know, but I met Di Han. Although he did not show his face, it was definitely him.”

“Di Han?” Old Fart Wei expressed a look of concern: “Onyx Soul has sent people to participate in the Martial Meet? Eh, this is weird, they have an interest for the Southern Cross Hardship Plate and the Martial Meet?”

Ah Mo Li was hugging his barbequed meat while madly chewing, and was oblivious to the entire conversation Old Fart Wei and Tang Tian were having.

Tang Tian was feeling upset. With a dark face, he scratched his head. With Nan Nan’s departure, he felt sad. He did not fear Onyx Soul’s involvement with the Southern Cross Hardship Plate, but who knew Old Fart Wei would commend Onyx Soul’s power.

For example, the Southern Cross Hardship Plate, if it was like Old Fart Wei said, and there was a hidden secret to it, Onyx Soul would actually be able to help him find out what it was.

For anything else, fists would resolve them.

As long as I am hardworking in my training, and allow myself to become even stronger, Onyx Soul will automatically help me “find” the Southern Cross Hardship Plate’s secret.

Thinking about this, Tang Tian’s mood became happier. Without using too much of his brain, he would just train as if his life depended on it. These kinds of things were what he was the best at!

“I felt that this guy’s level was not that powerful.” Tang Tian pointed at the bronze plate on the floor. The real battle that he encountered, led him to feel that [Slaying Lightning Bolt] was the most suitable sneak attack martial technique out of all his skills. If the lightning fast punch was used in a sneak attack, it would be successful every time.

“He was only an Onyx Soul Soldier.” Old Fart Wei glanced at the items and said: “In Onyx Soul, the outer circle is not considered. Onyx Soul’s power is something that you cannot imagine. Inside, they have different types of martial techniques, and treasures. Every Onyx Soul member, as long as they complete a mission, will obtain points. As long as you collect enough points, you can exchange it for anything. Why Onyx Soul is obsessed with Star Treasures and hidden martial techniques, is because all these are attractive enough for martial artists to risk their lives to obtain them. Not only that, as long as you want it, anything at all, as long as you have sufficient points, they will be able to provide.”

“But you don’t have to worry too much.” Old Fart Wei consoled Tang Tian: “Inside, Onyx Soul consists of many different factions, and is more complicated than any other organization. Many times, their actions are not purely meant for representing the Onyx Soul’s ambitions. If Onyx Soul is really interested in your Southern Cross Hardship Plate, they will not only send a few Onyx Soul Soldiers.”

Tang Tian was greatly disappointed: “No way, Southern Cross Hardship Plate is so powerful, yet they can’t tell?”

However, his heart had actually agreed with what Old Fart Wei had said, the fellow that died in his hands, should be as powerful as Di Han. But because of that, wouldn’t the “exquisite idea” that he just thought out, actually go down the drain?

“Damnit! I actually thought too highly of all these Onyx Soul people.” Tang Tian mumbled to himself.

Old Fart Wei asked: “Don’t tell me you’re not afraid?”

“Why should I be?” Tang Tian had a look of disdain as he looked at Old Fart Wei, hands on his waist, he looked up arrogantly and said: “I am a godlike young man, Onyx Soul is merely determined to be one of the enemies I will defeat along my grand journey.”

Old Fart Wei stared at Tang Tian for a long time, before facepalming himself: “Ignorant people have nothing to fear, I have been thinking wrongly the whole time. How can this blockhead actually be afraid….”

Tang Tian changed his attention to the spoils of war, and immediately asked: “Hey, Old Fart, help me take a look for any useful things amongst these items?”

“Oh, keep this bronze plate. Onyx Soul recognizes plates and not people, if you kill someone and take their plate, the Onyx Soul will not even care. But i reckon this fellow is bloody poor, and there must not be many points in here. But from here on out you will know, Onyx Soul has many convenient things too, like information. Onyx Soul’s information collection power is unparalleled.. These dual blades are not too bad, and should be around the same level as your black metal gloves. Oh oh, this is good. Sagittarius Constellation’s small Qian Kun spring loaded arrow, a Black Iron Treasure. You have practised in concealed weapons before, and can use this. These few Star Rocks’ levels are not very high, oh, use them to buy some things for yourself.” Old Fart Wei was just like an unscrupulous businessman.

Tang Tian took the Small Qian Kun spring loaded arrow, tied it on his wrist and tried injecting True Power inside.

With an extremely weak awareness with it, he connected with the Small Qian Kun spring loaded arrow. With a thought, a black small arrow shot out extremely fast, like a beam of black light.

“Hey, hey, hey, Young man, this toy is dangerous!” Old Fart Wei immediately warned.

Tang Tian followed the direction of the black shadow, and when he saw the small hole through the ten metre tree, he gasped. The black spring loaded arrow completely went through a sixty cm thick Eucalyptus Tree.

“Good stuff!” Tang Tian immediately jolted up and went to search for the spring loaded arrow he shot out.

While waiting for Tang Tian to look for the arrow, Ah Mo Li burped out loud like a wild beast, causing Tang Tian to come back to senses. His gaze landed on the barbecued thigh bone as big as a crutch on Ah Mo Li’s hand, and was dumbstruck.

The shockingly huge thigh bone from a nameless wild beast had no traces of meat left, swept entirely clean.

Ah Mo Li looked satisfied.

“Housefly Cow! You bastard! How can you eat the entire roasted meat by yourself!”

Tang Tian’s thunderous voice bellowed angrily, echoing loudly through the forest.


“Wa, the real competition is starting today, and there are so many people!” Ah Mo Li looked around.

“Seems like so.” Tang Tian face had a squeezed expression, although he was naturally valiant, the pressure and crowding from the street full of uncles and mothers quickly overwhelmed him. His clothes were crumpled and shoes were full of other people’s footprints.

Suddenly, a cold voice came from behind Tang Tian’s ear: “Yo, yo, yo, isn’t this our school’s Tyrant Tang? Why do you look like you’re in a difficult situation?”

Tang Tian turned his face, and once he saw Zhou Peng, he laughed: “That’s great! I can’t believe that you would send yourself to me.”

Once he finished, he walked towards Zhou Peng.

Zhou Peng sneered at him, like he was cracking a joke about Tang Tian.


A big hand abruptly appeared in front of Tang Tian, blocking Tang Tian’s progress to Zhou Peng.

Tang Tian immediately pushed away the hand, but it disappeared from in front of him.

Wengggg! (Buzz sound)

A wave of air from the palm striked, Tang Tian expression turned cold. So fast!

With Aerial Stake Movements, Tang Tian lowered his body, and the gust from the palm flew past above his head. This gust of wind from the palm, caused Tang Tian’s hair to stand, but he did not feel it, and with his lowered body, came forth a burst of energy like a spring.

Tang Tian’s speed suddenly increased, and his body in the air brought became vague afterimages, only his pair of eyes drew out a cold air as he flew past.

Zhou Peng felt that he was being locked down by a wild beast.

Violent and fierce tension was in the air, directly heading towards him!

A sneer appeared once again on Zhou Peng’s lips, he raised up his palm, and lightly aimed toward Tang Tian’s images.

A green light appeared on Zhou Peng’s palm.


The palm and fist met, Tang Tian’s body shook, and he could not control his legs as he retreated backwards.

Only after retreating eight steps did he steady himself.

Shock streaked across Tang Tian’s entire face. This brat’s power actually increased so much!

“How is it, Tyrant Tang. Did I improve a bit? Tsk tsk, relax, I won’t so savage as to pull you up. I will slowly torture you. My Zhou Clan’s Wooden Heart Rotating Sword, you are the first to taste it, don’t you feel proud?” Zhou Peng said in a delicate voice, but with a gloomy and cold look.

Tang Tian suddenly laughed, and pulled a face at Zhou Peng.

Zhou Peng was stunned. Suddenly, his palm burst a painful feeling.

He opened his palm, he did not know when or how, but he had a bone deep wound seemingly by a blade.

Fresh blood kept oozing out of the wound, until his entire hand was red.

Zhou Peng immediately screeched in panic.

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