Undefeated God of War

Chapter 940 – Coming Face to Face

Chapter 940 – Coming Face to Face

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Du Ke was admiring and studying the Pillars of Punishment. He was extremely interested in Temple’s system. He was not a Spirit General, and the Holy Flames were useless to him, but the logic and creativity behind it gave him places to explore. The Pillars of Punishment were constructed out of Holy Flames, in which the structure were even more complicated and mature, and from many places, he could see vestiges of optimization.

Ji Ze and the rest were extremely respectful towards Du Ke, at such a crucial moment, he could still immerse himself into research. Such a frame of mind was something they could not compete with. They were all extremely anxious towards the decisive battle.

Their enemies were so powerful that it caused them to despair.

Temple’s fighting strength was the strongest throughout the Sacred Saint Galaxy. Furthermore, the Great Clan Elder had spent decades planning and building up, using the entire Saint Continent as his tool, he had built up such a powerful foundation.

The powerful Prestigious Families, had crumbled even before the Great Clan Elder had revealed himself, without any form of reliation. Sadra and the other Patriarchs that Ji Ze and the rest saw were depressed, and all of them who used to be powerful and wealthy leaders of powerful families, they were now all spent and tired people.

Temple only existed in name, the Great Clan Elder who was hailed as the most powerful had absorbed all of Temple’s blood, absorbed all the life and blood of Saint Continent and laid out a powerful and murderous plan, a plan that far surpassed any others of history.

Regardless of it being the Great Clan Elder or the murderous plan that caused others to be in despair, they were all things that surpassed Ji Ze and the others comprehensible limitations. To them, it was a whole different ball game, and the difficulty and ferocity of the upcoming battle made their hearts anxious.

Du Ke displayed more indifference, he was of a higher realm, and his mental state had received more sharpening and trials than them. The higher realm one was in, the harder it was to improve and upgrade. It was a known fact of the world, and no matter how one persisted, without the right mental state, one would never be able to attain such a realm.

Du Ke was much more optimistic, although the upcoming battle was definitely not easy, as long as they won, no one in Sacred Saint Galaxy would be able to stop them.

The entire Honorable Martial Continent would belong to Tang Tian, his control over the world was something no one would be able to shake. Adding Sin Domain and Heaven’s Road respective advantages, Du Ke believed that no one would be able to stop Tang Tian from unifying the Sacred Saint Galaxy.

To he Sin Domain, it was the best thing that could happen to them, they would have more places to live in, and could easily return back to Sacred Saint Galaxy and assimilate themselves in.

But if the Great Clan Elder won, it would be a calamity for the Sin Domain. Different from the old radiant energy, the golden holy flames was completely unhindered by the Sin Domain’s environment, and was extremely harmful to Laws. If the Great Clan Elder won, Temple’s Knights would definitely ensure the destruction of Sin Domain. If the Great Clan Elder was able to lay his hands on the citizens of Saint Continent, Du Ke did not believe that the Great Clan Elder would let the Sin Domain people go.

Du Ke had already resolved to fight with his life on the line.

Suddenly, he stopped his movements and turned around, He looked at the gigantic Sword Tempest Cyclone in the sky.

The Sword Tempest Cyclone’s revolutions had slowed down, although it was a slight difference as compared to before, Du Ke was able to sense it. Noticing Du Ke’s movements, everyone stopped whatever they were doing and looked at the Sword Tempest Cyclone.


Without any signs, the enormous tempest suddenly crumbled like a snow mountain.

The crumbling cyclone turned into a gray flood that engulfed everything in all directions.

Everyone’s faces changed, and without hesitation, they turned and sprinted for their lives.

Chi chi chi!

Inside the surging flood were the countless sword auras, the heart palpitating wails and hisses mixed inside the violent storm caused the world to change color.

Bang bang bang!

Intense explosions occurred one after another, everyone sprinting for their lives could feel the ground beneath their feet trembling, and many of them almost fell. All of them subconsciously turned back to look, and what welcomed them was a majestic scene. The flood of the storm had struck onto the closest Pillar of Punishment.

The lofty Pillar of Punishment crumbled with a loud bang, and a tide of Holy Flames spewed down like molten steel, and also caused the screen of Holy Flames in the sky to tremble.

Everyone was dumbstruck, including Du Ke. He had been studying the Pillars of Punishment and knew how tough they were. The hundreds of Pillars and the screen of Holy Flames was of one system, forming an extremely stable and tough composition.

For one of the pillar to be broken by the Sword Tempest Cyclone showed how powerful the cyclone was!

Suddenly, Du Ke had a sense of regret, ~Why was I studying the Pillars? I Should had been studying the Sword Tempest Cyclone! I’m wrong, I was wrong……~

Snow City was left in ruins, it was completely destroyed, as though a giant foot had completely trampled on the Snow City, not one of the structures were left standing.

Ah Xin and the rest stood on the ruins in a daze, unclear of what had happened.


When the last Spirit General walked out from the red cocoon, the Great Clan Elder calmed down. To him, his plan was beyond perfect, and all the steps had been completed, even the Holy Flames Spirit General Army that he had planned as a contingency plan was completed.

No one could stop him.

Right at that moment, the fiery screen of Holy Flames in the sky suddenly trembled.

The Great Clan Elder’s face turned cold, ~Someone destroyed one of the Pillars of Punishment!~ He thought about the person that had spied on him previously, previously, he had tried to think of ways to locate the other party, but he never expected that the other party would reveal their location. As long as he investigated which Pillar of Punishment was destroyed, he would be able to find them.

In a short span of time, the Holy Flames Spirit General Army had completed their formation. Sophie stood at the front, behind her were the Thirteen Saint Knights, and behind them, was an endless large army.

Inside every Spirit General Soldier was an imprint of radiance, in which the leaders could use directly to guide the soldiers. All of the spirit generals birthed from the countless survivors had gone through the nourishment of Holy Flames, their individual strengths all took qualitative leaps and their fighting strength had become much stronger than before.

In the face of absolute strength, all plots and conspiracies were useless.

The Great Clan Elder remained calm, ~With Temple as the main battleground, who can stop this invincible wave?~

“Let us begin.”

He spoke out indifferently, his palm touched onto one of the Pillar of Punishments, which caused it to tremble. In the face of his supreme determination, the vast power became obedient. The gigantic fiery pillar started to flow with Holy Flames from above, and looked like a candle being melted.

Quickly, the originally tall golden fiery pillar that shot into the clouds transformed into a gigantic golden fireball with a diameter of 1km.

The fireball looked as though it was formed out by an invisible hand, and became flattened as it gradually transformed into a golden flaming door.

Countless of Holy Flames surged from all directions, the flaming door suddenly erupted with golden light, causing people to be unable to see. Inside this golden light, the door gradually opened. As though it could sense the heaviness of the door, the entire Saint Continent started to tremble. All of the Pillars of Punishment shook, and even the fiery screen of Holy Flames in the sky was trembling.

Tang Tian and the rest who had just emerged out of the Sword Tempest Cyclone jumped in fright from the sudden change.

They felt the entire Saint Continent shaking.

“Prepare for battle!” Tang Tian was the first to sense something amiss, and immediately called out to remind everyone.

Many people were still at a loss, unaware of what was happening. But the companions who were familiar with Tang Tian and trusted him all reacted quickly. JI Ze and Fu Zheng Zhi immediately led the God Armor Army without hesitation, and appeared at Tang Tian’s side.

Xiao Ran who was still in a daze quickly recovered: “Protect the Young Miss!”

The Spirit Generals by her side were all reborn, they were like 120 Fiendgods, all of them emitting extremely cold and powerful killing intents, almost to the point that it caused the air around them to freeze. The air around them flashed, and all of them appeared beside Qian Hui with their calm and composed bearings.

But, Ah Xin looked as though he did not hear Tang Tian’s warning, he stared at the Undying sword blankly.

Right at that moment, the Holy Flames above them started to stir, and layers of Holy Flames started to converge above them. In the blink of the eye, it looked as though a sun had formed above them, as countless of Holy Flames had condensed into a flaming ball of light.

At an astonishing rate, the golden ball of light swelled and transformed into a door.

The door gradually opened, and a warm and pure golden light shot out.

A figure wrapped completely with Holy Flames walked out from the door.

Although the body was completely enveloped with flames, Tang Tian was instantly able to recognize the identity of the person, his eyes constricted: “Sophie!”

Sophie heard Tang Tian shouting her name, and glanced at him once before retracting her gaze.

Unified footsteps could be heard from behind the door of light, as Spirit Generals formed a golden flood that streamed out of the door.

Ji Ze and the rest were all dumbstruck, and only Tang Tian remained calm, he had “seen” the birth of the Spirit Generals. He saw Sadra and the other Patriarchs who were beyond shock, and knew that they had completely lost their courage to fight. Even if they could, their strength could not bring help to the battle, and Tang Tian would had to take care of them. He softly ordered Ji Ze to allow Sadra and the rest to bring their families, along with Mace Field Tradings to retreat and leave the battlefield.

After watching Sadra and the rest heave sighs of relief and sprinting away, Tang Tian retracted his gaze.

They were in the decisive battle that was destined to be brutal, aside from one side dying, there could be no other endings for the battle.

Sophie saw Du Ke in the sky. As the only person that could fly from the enemy’s side, he was naturally very striking. Du Ke sensed Sophie’s glare, and his heart instantly felt cold. The female Spirit General’s strength caused him to feel an intense danger.

At the beginning, when the Spirit Generals by Qian Hui’s side saw that the enemies were Spirit Generals as well, their eyes were filled with disdain. But as more and more of them came out from the door, their expressions became serious.

The dense mass of Spirit Generals floated quietly in the sky, their auras were as one, and the might produced from them felt as though there were a series of mountains pressing down onto them.

And when the thirteen Saint Knights stepped out of the ranks, with the auras around their bodies so strong and intense that it felt as though they were becoming tangible, everyone’s expressions changed once more.

The Great Clan Elder was the last to walk out of the door.

When he appeared, an omnipresent power enveloped the entire battlefield. Regardless if it was the Spirit Generals beside Qian Hui who resembled Fiendgods, or the majestic and large Holy Flames Spirit General Army, all of them looked like ants beneath his feet, all so insignificant and negligible.

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