Undefeated God of War

Chapter 942 – Rebirth, Battle

Chapter 942 – Rebirth, Battle

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

The gold formation and the black formation faced against each other, it was an extremely obvious contrast.

The gigantic battlefield plunged into an indescribable silence, and only the sound of the flag fluttering in the wind could be heard.

The Great Clan Elder stared at the Black Spirit Generals Army that had suddenly appeared before him in disbelief. ~Where did these Spirit Generals come from? For the sake of producing my Spirit General Army, I had taken so many lives…~

The number of Spirit Generals the enemy had was not inferior to his, and what he could not tolerate more was that the Spirit Generals were of extremely high qualities, and they were far stronger than the Holy Flames Spirit General Army that he made.

~How is this possible…~

~Southern Cross Army?~ Suddenly, the Great Clan Elder recalled the name, it had once appeared in the reports regarding Heaven’s Road. ~That is an ancient army, and have been destroyed in history, how can there still be so many Spirit Generals existing now? It has been ten thousand years, for a Spirit General to be able to withstand the corrosion of a few centuries is already considered powerful, but ten thousand years, what does that even mean? It is so long that even the Spirit General would want to suicide.~

He had never heard of Spirit Generals being able to survive ten thousand years.

~But, it’s not only that, there was even more!~

The Great Clan Elder felt that his knowledge of Spirit Generals was being completely toppled.

The Spirit Generals soldiers were all valiant and fierce, they all emitted spirited battle intents, their formations were strict and disciplined, and he could see that every single one of them had gone through thousands of battles, as they emitted the bearings of veterans.

When all of these veterans were together, the imposing killing intent they released instantly suppressed his Holy Flames Spirit General Army.

Tang Tian was equally shocked, he knew that the Undying Sword had transformed inside the Sword Tempest Cyclone, and knew that the shattered spirits had once again congealed tangible bodies. But, when he saw them silently walking out of the Undying Sword, how they carried the Southern Cross Army’s war flag, his heart was instantly flooded with emotions and grief.

Because he knew how they had gone through the ten thousand years, that every century, they would be like moths flying into flames, shattering themselves into pieces.

The Ocean of Peace, the land that was meant to be a sacred land where their hopes and dreams would be realized, actually became a ten thousand year battlefield.

Without knowing whether our army is alive or dead, how can we rest in peace!

When he saw how the Spirit Generals that had shattered their bones and bodies through the ten thousand years of battles inside the darkest unknown, actually truly leaving the Ocean of Peace with their reconstructed bodies, bringing along their ten thousand years of yearnings and conviction from the choppy ocean, when he saw how they stood under the Southern Cross Army Flag and shouting at the top of their lungs, an indescribable emotion stirred in Tang Tian’s heart.

Ah Xin’s eyes were flooded with tears, his comrades, his seniors, all of them were standing before him, all of them about to fight alongside with him.

In the name of the Southern Cross Army, we fight!~

~Time has already been forsaken by us, we have broken through reality, ten thousand years later, we have once again formed up in the battlefield, we are all able to stand side by side again. The oath we swore that year still exists in our hearts, and the war flag of that year still flutters above us.~

~Hey, it’s been ten thousand years, but we are still us!~

~Hey, it’s been ten thousand years, but the Southern Cross Army is still the Southern Cross Army!~

Ah Xin wiped away his tears, and walked to the large man at the front, saluted, and spoke loudly: “Southern Cross Army General Ah Xin, is here to report.”

The Great Clan Elder’s eyes constricted once again, he knew that he had truly been misled. ~General Ah Xin, that is the General Ah Xin that wiped out the Qiu Offense Army!~ He never expected that the dazed Spirit General was actually Ah Xin!

The large man returned the salute, and spoke: “General Sir, according to the rules of the battlefield, you hold the highest authority. But, before anything, General Sir, can you tell us, does the Army still exists?”

In the strict formation, it was the first time restlessness could be seen. The eyes of every soldier all landed on Ah Xin.

“The Army no longer exists.” Ah Xin spoke calmly.

The pupils of every single soldier dimmed down, and sobs could be heard from the formation. Many of their bodies started to dim down slightly. Initially, they were all shattered spirits, and never disappeared because of the conviction in their hearts, they bitterly struggled to hold on, and were never destroyed by time. But after hearing that the Army no longer exists, they felt that the persistence through time no longer held meaning. Losing the support of their conviction, their bodies started to melt like ice, and they started disappearing.

The forthright large man dropped a tear, then cried: “We came late, in the end, we were still late……yes, it’s been ten thousand years…”

Ah Xin’s heart distorted with pain, as though knives had stabbed into him, hearing their self reproach and their grief and disappointment, the scene of how they assaulted like moths flying into flame flashed past his mind, inside the Ocean of Peace, the never ending could be heard “Without knowing whether our army is alive or dead, how can we rest in peace!”

He took a deep breath, then will all of his strength, he roared: “But we are here!”

The soldiers raised their head, and looked at the weak looking General with their blurred eyes.

“We are here, our army is right here!”

Ah Xin stressed every word, making them powerful and resonate, fiercely striking the hearts of the soldiers. They wiped their tears, raised their heads, and puffed up their chests.

Ah Xin’s eyes slowly swept through everyone, and asked loudly: “Ten thousand years have yet to destroy us, Why? Because”

Meeting everyone’s eyes, welcoming the piercing gold light, Ah Xin suddenly thought about Screw, who had screamed inside the coffin for ten thousand years, and thought about the young brat who had brought back the glory of the Mechanical Army from the Army Inheritance, and thought about every single day that everyone had lived inside the Ocean of Peace.

For the first time, his frivolous face had an extremely arrogant and disdainful look, he pointed to everyone, then pointed to to his chest, and stressed each word to everyone.

“As long as our Spirits are not extinguished, the Southern Cross Army will never die!”


All of the Spirit Generals felt their minds tremble, those words seemed to have directly knocked their brains, and the initial sense of loss and disappointed consciousness suddenly became clear. ~That’s right! General Sir is right! We were late to reinforce the army, and although the army is gone, we still exist, and the responsibility of upholding the glory of our Army has fallen to us!~

~We, are duty bound!~

~Who else, but us!~

All of the arrogant soldiers, once again started to congeal from their dimmed states, and became even more tangible, and their faces started to glow with unique light auras.

Their surging battle intents surged into the sky, and formed into a dragon that ferociously smashed into the screen of Holy Flames in the sky.

Bang bang bang!

The Screen of Holy Flames in the sky trembled incessantly, and Holy Flames started to pour downwards.

Ah Xin’s eyes was filled with determination, he looked at the soldiers who had been rebirthed, his heart filled with the same emotions, and the intense fighting intent combusted in his body. When he shouted those words out, all of the darkness in his heart was swept clean, ~That’s right, so what, even if the army isn’t here anymore, they are still here!~

~With them here, the army is, RIGHT HERE!~

Ah Xin unleashed an extremely cold aura from his entire body, it felt as if he had become an unsheathed sword, and was the sharpest sword that no one could ever defend against. He looked at the gold formation in front of him, and the corner of his mouth raised into a disdainful smile, ~All of you are just pieces of shells pieced together, come, we will let you see what is a real army!~

He raised both of his hands and roared.

“Southern Cross Army, advance!”

Rumble rumble.

The black flood slowly advanced forward. They moved at a slow speed, but they emitted an unstoppable momentum, enough to trample all of those who stood against them.

The Great Clan Elder personally watched the entire process, and there were a few times he wanted to interrupt them, but somehow, he was always unable to. ~The yearnings for their army and their unified identities, are truly shocking.~ He was envious, ~How can I produce such loyal subordinates?~

He quickly threw that thought to the back of his head, for it was not important at that moment. ~Only the winner of this battle will have a future.~

After experiencing the initial shock, he quickly calmed down. The sudden appearance of a Spirit General Army had broken his deployment, but he was still confident. They were in Saint Continent, the place where Holy Flames was infinite, and was the main battlefield in which he had carefully laid out.

~Those who wish to defeat me here, are truly carried away by their wishful thinking.~

He smiled with a confident smile, then spoke indifferently: “Sophie, I’ll hand this over to you.”

Sophie bowed towards him, then turned and led the Holy Flames Spirit General Army out. Whoosh, the gold flood advanced forward as well.

The Great Clan Elder revealed a satisfied look, despite the enemy’s strong appearance, Sophie was not affected at all, and his own Spirit Generals knew no fear, thus did not cower in the face of their enemies.

~It doesn’t matter that they lack in experience, we just have to let them train more, it doesn’t matter if they get injured, there is an infinite supply of Holy Flames here to restore them. It doesn’t matter if they die, after filtering them out, what will be left of them are elites, we have plenty of cannon fodder.~

~Furthermore, this is my own battlefield, do they think it is that easy to fight in here?~

The Great Clan Elder’s eyes flashed with a cold gleam, he moved his fingers nimbly towards the sky, and as though his fingers were connected to the flaming screen of Holy Flames in the air with invisible threads, countless Holy Flames started to fall as raindrops.

The Holy Flames landed on the Holy Flames Spirit General Army, causing their auras to explode, and when the Holy Flames landed on the Southern Cross Army, it immediately decreased their killing intent. With the disruption of the Holy Flames, they became slightly sluggish, and were faintly obstructed.

Instantly, Du Ke stood out with a smile, the Great Clan Elder’s technique might had looked powerful in the eyes of others, but to Du Ke, it was a simple move.

He floated towards Ah Xin, and then drew a circle with his palm in the air.

A fluctuation diffused out above the Army, and a faint halo appeared. When the Holy Flames landed on this halo, they were quickly destroyed and broken down. The Holy Flames transformed into small Hollowfied Energy, which replenished Ah Xin and his army. This was what he learnt from Tang Tian’s Sword Tempest Cyclone, it was just that his control over Laws was more outstanding, and although his technique did not look powerful as compared to the Sword Tempest Cyclone, it was still able to replenish the soldiers.

The Great Clan Elder looked at Du Ke, but was not that surprised. Although he and Du Ke merely had a momentary battle, both of them knew of each other’s brilliance. But Du Ke was able to use a unique method to transform the Holy Flame’s energy still made his eyes light up for a moment.

But to him, controlling the Holy Flames required almost no concentration or power, but how long could Du Ke last?

~Your deployment might be of relevance, obviously you have earnestly researched my Holy Flames, but, you think I only have this technique?~

The Great Clan Elder sneered.

Beneath, the gold flood and the black flood collided heavily into one another.

The battle instantly reached its climax.

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