Venerated Venomous Consort

Chapter 2484 - Kun Peng

Chapter 2484: Kun Peng

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The dwellers of Leguo City, being experts in ranging fields, would not be easily convinced. Some people immediately questioned, “City owner Yun, we believe that this spiritual array existed since a long time ago, but its functions seem different from what you have mentioned. Otherwise, why didn’t it put an end to the blood rain before? Why didn’t it emit the clear light that it did to dispel the dark clouds? After the god changed the spiritual array, the blood rain stopped early, and now we do not even need the barrier.”

The crowd started to get rowdy again at that remark. Everyone had suffered from the calamity of the blood rain and bats. They had to change their lifestyles because of it and probably even lost the lives of a few loved ones. Therefore, unless an absolutely concrete explanation could be given, they were not about to let things go. In fact, the way they had spoken to Yun Yanli was rather rude, which clearly gave away how they felt about him now.

The young palace master was trying to stifle her anger. Her blood was boiling in her veins. She was, indeed, a loyal subordinate to Yun Yanli. She actually admired him as a person. Hence, she would not let anyone be disrespectful to him. She could still bear with it if someone insulted her, but if they insulted Yun Yanli, she would not stand there and do nothing about it.

She pinched her fingers together, and a blue glow suddenly appeared in her palm. However, before she had time to do anything with it, Yun Yanli had grabbed her hand. Her heart jumped, and she quickly turned to look at him. Yun Yanli shook his head and sent her a directed audio. “These people are still useful to us. Just pay attention to the few leaders who are blocking our way now. We will clean them up later. However, do not do anything now.”

The obedient young palace master did as told and remained silent. Meanwhile, Yun Yanli maintained his calm in a sea of chaos. Despite the mean things said to him by the public, he still remained calm and listened to the people. Over time, he could tell that the jeers from the crowd were getting milder. Perhaps, people were starting to feel uncertain about the situation.

When the accusations stopped, Yun Yanli calmly said, “Guys, I have carefully checked the array. This starry array has indeed been changed! However, in no way is it an improvement from before. Instead, it seems to be out of control. There were no evil spirits on the original spiritual crystals, but right now, all the crystals seemed to be wrapped with a lot of the grievances. The so-called God that you saw earlier is very cunning. He wanted to provoke our relationship and take advantage of it!”

Yun Yanli then lifted his sleeves and seemed to chant a spell. A wave of white light flashed across the array, and almost instantly, the entangled grievances on the spiritual crystals became obvious. Although the spirits seemed to be rather tame, the crowd could definitely tell that they were present.

Since the people could not see the spirits earlier, they were now shocked by what they saw and took a few abrupt steps back. This certainly caused a stir among the crowd as they were dubious of what had actually happened and did not know if they could trust Yun Yanli.

Seeing an opportunity to turn things around, Yun Yanli continued, “In recent years, the devils have been eager to conquer our human world. The blood rain and blood bats are their despicable creations, but through our unity, we could work together to resist the devil’s supernatural tricks for more than hundreds of years. Failing to defeat us, they have come up with a new evil plan to provoke our relationship and let us mess it up ourselves. Please, don’t be fool by the devil! Yesterday, the poisonous swamp had encountered a big problem, so I went there to investigate the situation and found that the people of the devil world were the culprits behind it. We also received a report saying that the people of the devil kingdom sneaked into our city last night and waited for the opportunity to destroy it. Therefore, I had asked my people to search the whole city for them. Then, they took this opportunity to destroy the starry array and tried to frame it on me.”

Yun Yanli seemed to have devised his plan well. The logic behind each incident was consistent, and no one could find loopholes in it. It seemed to be airtight.

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