Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Red Furred Flaming Dog

“Congratulations on discovering a new recipe, please give it a name.”

“Monstrous Bird and Python Stew.”

Monstrous Bird and Python Stew: While eating, heal 3 health every 5 seconds. Additionally gain +1 Strength and +1 Dexterity for 2 hours. (This is actually a pretty good dish…)

A normal stew smell slowly flowed out of the pot. Even though it smelled ordinary, Zhang ZhengXiong and Lin Le were extremely happy. This is what humans should eat!

“However, the monstrous bird meat will only last us a few meals…” Ye Cang said with pity. They’ve tried many different recipes. Feral wolves with feral boar was only a bit better than green slime and feral wolf. The fishy flavor made people sick. However, even if it only tastes a bit better, it’s healing effect was much better not to mention the bonus stats.

Zhang Zheng Xiong and Lin Le regretfully nodded and added the monstrous bird to their ‘must kill on sight’ list.

“Let’s eat. Heal up and reach level 6 as soon as possible…” Ye Cang indifferently said. He took out a bowl and started eating.

On the other side, the girls that killed their way back to the monstrous bird saw a messed up corpse. Thorny rose said with surprised: “Looks like one of those bastards has a gathering skill.”

Currently, whether it’s by luck or through a rare hidden quest, obtaining a profession was as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns. In all of Thorns and Roses, only one person was lucky enough to complete a quest and receive tailoring, becoming one of the important members the guild would nurture.

“They probably went this way.” FrozenBlood was scouting the surroundings. Under a tree in a relatively hidden place, she discovered a mark. They were speechless. This method was a too primitive. Didn’t those three know that the map had this functionality?

“Let’s go. Track them. Skinning them alive won’t be enough.” ThornyRose continued to gripped her longsword tightly and gnashed her teeth.

The scene returns to Ye Cang’s group of three farming red slimes.

Ye Cang saw that on his contact’s list, SpyingBlade was still online. After thinking a while, he sent him a message.

“You there?”


“We’re doing a hidden story quest and need people. We’re offering you a spot. coming?”


“Leveling first.”

“Contact me again at that time.”

“Such a cold guy.” Ye Cang couldn’t help but smile and murmur: “We’ve got one person for the quest.”

“Who?” Zhang ZhengXiong asked curiously.

“The guy that sold us your shield.” Ye Cang replied.

Zhang ZhengXiong thought; if he could get such a good shield so early, he must be an expert; and nodded.

The three sat on a slightly hot rock, restoring their health. They were already mid-way up the inactive volcano. The volcanic rocks here had a dark color. This small inactive volcano wasn’t very tall, only tens of meters. Lin Le was looking at the black rocks and saw that not far away, there was a cave. Unable to hold back his curiosity, he asked: “Brother Lil’White, I’m gonna go in and have a look…”

Ye Cang thought that at worst, it would be a gathering place for red slimes. “Lure out two while you’re there.”

Lin Le nodded and entered the cave. Ye Cang and Zhang ZhengXiong saw that they had healed enough and were about to stand up when they heart Lin Le’s shrill shout. “Brother Lil’White! Brother Lil’Xiong! Big dog! A really big dog! Save me!”

In the pitch black cave, Lin Le’s silhouette appeared, looking like he was in a hurry. The thing that rushed out after him had Ye Cang and Zhang ZhengXiong so suprised their mouth hung open and their scalps tingling. An enormous dog squeezed out of the cave. It was 3 meters tall even on all fours, with crimson eyes and sinister teeth. On it’s face were two bleeding axe scars. From it’s neck to its ankles to the tip of it’s tail, it was covered in blood red fur. It’s body that looked like it was ready to pounce, was 5 meters long. It let out a mighty “Roar~!!”

Red Furred Flaming Dog – Kivis (Rare – Elite): A rare creature that lives in small volcanos.

Lin Le abruptly rolled, dodging a pounce.

“…” The two froze. What has he done.

“Bro, escape or fight?” Zhang ZhengXiong looked at the creature and raised an eyebrow.

“Engage!” Ye Cang immediately entered a focussed state of mind, and used rapid shot to immediately shoot an arrow. The arrow was shot towards one of the eyes of the hound that was staring at Lele, but with a sweep of it’s tail, the arrow was swatted away. It reached out with it’s solid and sharp claws, slashing towards Zhang ZhengXiong. Zhang ZhengXiong jumped like a high jumper, vaulting over it, his waist barely brushing past the claw. When he landed, his machete slashed at the creature’s nose, causing it to yelp out in pain.

Lin Le took this opportunity to deliver an upwards chop towards it’s chin. Ye Cang hurriedly shot another arrow, and then took out his wand releasing a wind blade, both aimed at the creature’s head. All of this happened in a split second, causing it heavy injuries and infuriating it.

“Roar~!” The enormous body shook, and it’s tailed whipped towards Zhang ZhengXiong, leaving a shadow. Zhang ZhengXiong, hit by the tail, fell to the ground. Even though he had managed to block with the shield, and he added most of his points to Constitution, he still lost a third of his health. Seeing the dog turn it’s head to bite, he activated his fluorescent ring. White light shot out followed by a hateful roar. The huge dog raised it’s head, having lost it’s vision. After roaring, Ye Cang noticed it’s mouth starting to emit fire. Not good! He shouted: “Get way! It’s going to breath fire!!”

Zhang ZhengXiong performed an unsightly roll to hastily get up and escape.

“Lele, prepare to hide behind the nearest rock or pillar!!” Ye Cang reminded as he arrived at a meter tall rock.

“Mm!” Lin Le saw a tall stalagmite made of volcanic rock nearby.

The huge dog spat out countless washbin sized fireballs. Ye Cang saw one flying towards his direction and hurriedly hid behind the rock. The fireball exploded on the rock, leaving behind a pile of rubble.

ThornyRose’s group of three, who were not far from the volcano, heard the roar of a large dog like creature, and saw fireballs flying.

“That way! On the volcano!” ThornyRose stepped on the scorched earth path and lead the way.

“Bro! This thing’s so **! If we get hit by a fireball, we’re dead for sure.” Zhang ZhengXiong yelled with a bitter smile. “Also, it’s about to get it’s sight back.”

While it was blind, Ye Cang’s ranged attacks caused it many injuries. Now having heard that it’s sight was recovering, he sped up his attacks. The huge dog randomly swung its claws around blocking many arrows. In a flash, he realised that the dog was looking at him. It had already recovered its sight! He started to escape when out of the corner of his eye, he saw the huge dog turn it’s attention to Lin Le and recklessly pounced.

“…” Ye Cang stopped, a bit embarrassed. He thought: “What did that kid do? It still won’t attack me.”

Lin Le was so scared he almost peed himself. He rolled away from behind the long and thin stalagmite before it broke from the huge dog’s attack. It turned to look at Lin Le on the ground and opened it’s mouth wide to bite at him.

Lin Le hurriedly used his axe to block the dog’s mouth. The huge dog Kivis used its powerful strength to steadily force it’s fierce teeth towards Lin Le’s throat. Lin Le felt more and more heat coming from the dog’s mouth as it approached. He could vaguely see a spark. It’s going to breath fire!!

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