Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Temporary Truce

Ye Cang readied his bow and shot three arrows, two of which were swept away by the tail. Zhang ZhengXiong also hurried over.

Lin Le looked at those horrible, furious eyes. His own eyes started to move to look at the bridge of his nose. The huge dog’s eyes also started to cross against it’s will. It wanted to look away and resist in confusion but no matter what it tried, it’s eyes wouldn’t obey.

In the end, both man and dog were staring cross eyed at each other. The huge dog was confused and let it’s mouth hang open, but the fire in it’s mouth also calmed down. It could only stay in place dazed.

Lin Le let out the breath he was holding. He hurried to roll away from under the dog and ran towards Zhang ZhengXiong, rubbing his eyes to return them to normal.

“Everyone take out your acid flasks!” Ye Cang knew the effects of this skill. The moment it received an attack, it would regain control. They have to take this opportunity to finish it off!

Three people took out their acid flasks.

“Throw!” Ye Cang shouted.

The acid flasks were thrown out. Ye Cang chose to throw his at the creature’s head. The sound of flasks breaking was heard. The acid on it’s head started leaking towards its eyes. The huge dog let out a loud whine, it’s whole body emitting green smoke, and rolled around on the ground.

“Nows our chance! Finish it off!” Ye Cang took the lead and charged over. He jumped and stabbed downwards with his longsword at the dog’s heart. Zhang ZhengXiong saw the huge dog was trying to stand up using it’s hind legs. While he still had the chance, he chopped down hard on it’s nose, causing a whine to echo out.

Lin Le was just a step behind Zhang ZhengXiong. He swung his two-handed axe at the struggling huge dog, attempting to behead it. The huge dog opened it’s mouth, blood sprayed out onto the ground, and it slowly fell over.

“Congratulations, you’ve slain ‘Red Furred Flaming Dog – Kivis’. Received 350 experience.”

The three of them reached level 6 at the same time. They looked at the dead Kivis and let out the breath they were holding. Ye Cang raised his eyebrows as he noticed there was the sound of someone making their way over. He readied his bow. “Lele, hurry and loot the corpse. Someone’s coming!”

Zhang ZhengXiong held his machete in front of him and quickly healed himself for 6 health with his round shield. He had a bad expression as he watched the path.

Lin Le quickly looted the corpse and stored it away. “Brother Lil’White, we got a sword and a chest armor.”

Ye Cang remained silent and nodded. Lin Le also prepared for battle.

Three wonderful silhouettes appeared on the mountain path. Ye Cang awkwardly touched his nose. Zhang ZhengXiong raised his shield to, as much as possible, cover his current embarrassing state. Lin Le played with his eyebrows as he focused on the 3 woman approaching and said gloomily: “They look really familiar, where have we met them…”

ThornyRose looked at the bow. Currently, knights who possessed a bow could be counted on one-hand, Really New Village won’t have more than 3. Looking at them playing dumb, she gnashed her teeth even harder. She slowly took out her longsword.

Ye Cang said without moving his mouth. “Pretend not to recognize them…”

Before he even finished speaking, Lin Le loudly said: “Brother Lil’White, those three women look so familiar! Are they the one’s we accidently…”

Zhang ZhengXiong immediately covered Lin Le’s mouth.

Ye Cang chest became heavy, this damn Lele…

“So it was in fact you three…” ThornyRose looked at the three and said through clenched teeth.

Zhang ZhengXiong quickly tried to smile and mediate. “Cough~ Cough~ Back then, it was an accident. We planned to help you, but we messed up a bit. In summary this is what happened. When we saw you three fighting a boss, we really admired you. We wanted to give you a hand and maybe exchange contacts and such. My bro readied his bow, aiming towards the moon, his sharp arrow drawing a crescent, flying into the distance, as imposing as Sirius. And me, with the strength of a tiger…”

“Cough~ Cough~ In short, it was an accident.” Ye Cang saw the three women’s faces becoming more and more green and hurriedly cut it short with a hollow laugh.

ThornyRose, hearing their words, felt like they were bullying her. Her anger turned into a smile! The smile continued to become colder as she looked towards Ye Cang and said coldly: “Then your meaning?”

FrozenBlood saw the corpse of a huge beast nearby and didn’t dare to be reckless. If they really ended up fighting, she wasn’t sure they could win. That big man would not be easy to deal with. Currently, when there were not many skills, battles mostly relied on their response times. That bastard was strong.

Ye Cang saw their three faces becoming increasingly ash colored and knew they didn’t believe. He took out the wand and said: “Correct. My brothers words are all true. We had good intentions and wanted to help you and invite you to join us on a hidden story quest. But then that little accident happened… Of course, we’re the one’s who were wrong. We’ll return the equipment that the boss dropped.”

“What do you think?”

GreenDew almost lost her voice and exclaimed: “Hidden story quest!?”

ThornyRose remained silent, her expression very complicated. On one hand she wanted to rush over and tear apart that knight who pierced her behind and caused her to die. On the other hand, a ** hidden story quest was offered to her. Hidden story quests were the hidden quests that a new player wanted the most, but could only get depending on their fate. The rewards would be considerable at the early levels. She thought over it with her arms crossed, her slender finger tapping on her arm. The veins on her forehead continued to throb as she closely stared at Ye Cang’s indifferent silver eyes. She couldn’t help but recall what happened back at the monstrous bird. She resisted the urge to charge over and tear him apart and took a deep breath. “You’re telling the truth? The hidden story quest…”

FrozenBlood saw ThornyRose was planning to cooperate and didn’t say anything. Not to mention if they can even defeat them, there was gains to be had. They also understood what happened. It turned out they were just failing at picking up girls and shot themselves in the foot. Furthermore, she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry that their first death’s in Conviction happened like this.

“Of course!” Ye Cang smiled calmly. He showed them the silver mark that represented a hidden story quest. He slowly walked over and handed her the wand.

Although they didn’t know the content, but it really was the mark of a hidden story quest. ThornyRose resisted the urge to slap him and cut his hand off, received the wand from Ye Cang and added each other to their contacts list.

“ThornyRose?” Ye Cang said with a smile. ThornyRose? A Rose with thorns eh? Such a flashy name.

“PaleSnow…” ThornyRose saw his ID. It turns out this lowlife’s name was so poetic. A pale mountain bearing snow1.

“Now that everyone has shook hands and made up, from now on we’re good friends. Let us also exchange contacts…” Before Zhang ZhengXiong even finished speaking, he was stared down by cold glares from the 3 girls. He awkwardly rubbed his nose and introduced them. “I’m called HeavenShakingMight. This is HappyAndCheerful.”

“You can call me Lele.” Lin Le gave a sincere, childlike smile.

“FrozenBlood.” FrozenBlood expressionlessly said.

“GreenDew.” GreenDew sighed.

After the brief and awkward introductions, ThornyRose got straight to the point and inquired: “How many people can we bring?”

“8 people” Ye Cang said as he went towards Kivis’ body and took out his longsword. He got: Red Furred Flaming Dog’s Fur, Meat, Bones, Heart, Claws, Fang and something else. Ye Cang was surprised that he got something the other creatures didn’t drop: A Small Flame Crystal.

Small Flame Crystal: A fire attribute magic crystal. Many Uses. Can be used in cooking after grinding it into powder.

“Then we’re still missing two. We should bring…” Crossed her arms and watched Ye Cang quickly dismantling the boss’ corpse. It turned out he had a gathering skill, and not an ordinary one.

Ye Cang turned and interrupted her. “We already have 7. There’s someone who is not with us now. As for the last spot, I already promised Lele that we’d let him go to town and pick a little brother so he can feel more mighty. Sorry…”

“Brother Lil’White, you’re the best!” Lin Le was abnormally happy.

The three girls were speechless. ThornyRose looked at Lin Le’s foolish appearance and had some misgivings in her heart regarding the final spot. She asked, trying to dispel her doubt: “Who is the other person?”

“A guy called SpyingBlade.” Ye Cang said, sheathing his longsword.

“It’s him…” FrozenBlood said a bit surprised.

ThornyRose nodded and didn’t continue speaking. It turned out it was that guy. Bounty hunter – SpyingBlade. He was actually also at Really New Village.

1: Name of a Song:

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