Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Group Dinner

“The red slimes here are pretty good to train on. That boss you just killed, what did it drop?” ThornyRose curiously asked the three who were discussing how to divide the loot.

“Oh~! We got…” Lin Le quickly took out the longsword faintly emitting a red glow and a red colored light armor about to announce the stats. Ye Cang slapped him on the back of the head. “You’re too talkative!” Having said that, he glared at him.

Lin Le covered where he was slapped and pouted. “Brother Lil’White, that hurts.”

“…” The three women were speechless. How old was this Lin Le really? He was like a little kid.

Ye Cang checked the item’s stats.

Flaming Dog’s Fang (Masterwork)

Category: One Handed Sword

Requirements: 7 Strength, 6 Dexterity

Damage: 6 – 9

Additional Fire Damage: 1 – 3

+1 Strength

+1 Dexterity

Flame Strike: The next 2 strikes within 20 seconds will deal an additional 10 fire damage. Cooldown: 10 minutes.

Flaming Dog’s Guard (Masterwork)

Category: Light Armor

Requirements: 12 Constitution

+3 Defence

+2 Constitution

+5 Fire Resistance

Flaming Dog’s Guard: Upon activation, gain a barrier that blocks 30 fire damage for 30 seconds. Cooldown: 15 minutes.

Ye Cang saw the stats and secretly praised. He took the longsword and hung it on his waist to the left. This would be his main hand weapon. His original common sword was moved to the other side to use as an offhand when required. The armor was given to Zhang ZhengXiong to equip. Once Zhang ZhengXiong put on the chest guard, he looked much taller and his back much straighter.

ThornyRose saw the longsword emitting a thread of red light. It was an magic weapon, so it must be at least masterwork quality. Her own weapon was a fine quality longsword and was considered pretty good. Her shield was also fine quality. She looked at the longsword and felt sorry for it, it ended up in the hands of a jack-of-all-trades knight.

“You already have a ranged weapon, how about lending me that sword? I’ll return it after the hidden story quest…” ThornyRose couldn’t help but ask.

Ye Cang thought it over. It could be considered repayment for that time with the monstrous bird. He took off the Flaming Dog’s Fang and handed it over. “Here!”

“I can lend you the chest guard too. We can even exchange…” Zhang ZhengXiong quickly took off the armor. He saw how happy ThornyRose was after receiving the longsword, and even lent her own sword to Ye Cang. However she unhappily looked at Zhang ZhengXiong and said: “Get lost!”

Zhang ZhengXiong rubbed his nose and put his armor back on.

ThornyRose brought FrozenBlood and GreenDew to join Ye Cang’s party. She saw their healths were all pretty low and said: “Let’s sit and heal for a bit.”

“A’Xiong, make a fire…” Ye Cang faintly smiled and took out his iron pot. He handed over the materials required to make a fire from his backpack.

Zhang ZhengXiong rapidly started the fire. Ye Cang took the iron pot and, in front of the doubtful gazes of the girls, thought about trying a new recipe. He threw in some Red Slime Gel, Red Slime’s Eyes, Feral Wolf’s Bones, some seasoning, and mixed it all in with a spoon. Red bubbles gurgled, as the smell slowly spread.

“Cooking skill?” Ye Cang gave ThornyRose and the girls another surprise. It turns out he has more than just a gathering skill.

“Congratulations on creating a new recipe. Please give it a name.”

“Red Slime and Feral Wolf Stew.”

Red Slime and Feral Wolf Stew: While eating, heal 2 health every 5 seconds. Furthermore, gain 1 strength, 1 dexterity, and 5 fire resistance for 1 hours. (Eating will cause dizziness and make you feel extremely unwell.)

If green slime and feral wolf stew stunk like the sewers, then red slime would make people cry. When you smell it, it will assault your mind with it’s stink. The three girls around the fire looked suspiciously at Ye Cang who was cooking. Can this even be eaten?

“Eat up. It’s good for your.” Ye Cang indifferently said. Zhang ZhengXiong and Lin Le were sweating and trembling as they raised their head, reminiscing. They started to regret becoming professional gamers. The price was too great…

Even the cold as ice FrozenBlood couldn’t help but scoot her butt away a few steps. Is he sure that’s edible?

ThornyRose saw the food’s stats and was happy but at the same time, she made a big frown. To eat or not to eat? Not eat? This thing gave as much attributes as a piece of equipment, and the health recovery was tens of times faster than sitting and healing naturally. They could save a lot of time, not to mention the fire resistance will be effective here. But if she ate it, forget the smell, just looking at the dried up eyeballs floating on the red soup made her sick. She slowly looked up towards the originator of this evil practice, Ye Cang.

Zhang ZhengXiong looked at the beauties and gave a few heroic laughs. He filled a bowl and wolfed it down. Lin Le saw that Zhang ZhengXiong had started eating, his ahoge stood up as he hurried to catch up. At this moment, one was eating, his face as ferocious as a beast’s. The other was crying like he was a girl who was wronged.

Ye Cang mumbled as he ate, he repeatedly tried to urge the girls: “Withstand bitterness and rise above it. Withstand bitterness…”


ThornyRose looked at the three of them, her scalp becoming numb. She clenched her teeth. How can a girl lose out to a guy! She reached out and grabbed a bowl to start eating. Her pretty eyebrows began to twist and distort. FrozenBlood also downheartedly started eating. She bit her bowl making a Ke~ Ke~ sound. GreenDew also reached out, one hand eating, the other hand pinching her thigh. She repeatedly thought: “What a rotten game! Why can’t we turn of our sense of taste and smell!”

When the six finished healing, they all showed the white of their eyes, fainting momentarily. Ye Cang’s group of three took the lead and got up first.

Ye Cang resisted the urge to vomit and proudly said: “Hmph~ It’s just a simple home-cooked meal…”

Zhang ZhengXiong and Lin Le were speechless. They turned around and heaved.

The three girls got up and felt extremely unwell, like they wanted to throw up but couldn’t. They leaned against the warm rocks and tried their best to throw up.

A few seconds later.

ThornyRose wiped her mouth, and sighed. She saw the three of them quietly enduring it. These three were tough as fucking beasts. She slowly got up and calmly said: “Ok, now that we’re healed up, let’s train.”

FrozenBlood and GreenDew also understood. This healing and buff was really useful, especially the resistance. They glanced at the leftovers in the pot and covered their mouths.

The six of them continued up the windy mountain road. The whole way, any red slimes were slaughtered and harvested. Unfortunately, they were immune to the fire damage from ThornyRose’s sword. What made ThornyRose raise an eyebrow impressed was Zhang ZhengXiong’s operating ability. His reaction speed was extremely fast and he was good at grasping opportunities. Although Lin Le’s operating ability was average, he actually had a hidden class, though she didn’t know what class it was. As for Ye Cang, ThornyRose didn’t know what to say about him. However she wouldn’t judge too soon, he should have some special techniques. The speed at which he shot arrows was bizarrely fast.

Zhang ZhengXiong took the role of tank with his fire resistance and the 30 points of fire protection. He barely lost any health. He also used his shield to heal allowing him to fight without fear.

After a few hours, they’d slain over a hundred slimes. They were so quick and efficient that ThornyRose was moved. But the moment she remember eating that thing, her stomach would begin to revolt.

Following the winding trail up the mountain, everyone continued climbing to the top.

At dusk, Ye Cang stood by a cliff and watched the setting sun. The forest grew darker while the river turned gold, reflecting the sunlight. His eyes also reflected the color of the sun, flickering gold. Nearby, he could hear laughter as Zhang ZhengXiong teased Lin Le.

ThornyRose watched him survey the distant scenery, still not knowing what to think of him. Her beautiful eyes couldn’t help but lower and stare at his butt. She thought back to the incident and considered taking revenge but shook her head and thought: “What’s there to think about!? I’m not a pervert.” She sighed and walked forwards.

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