Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor

Chapter 17

Chapter 17: To The Peak

After being together for a while, ThornyRose realised that these three guys were not bad. She also learned that they were new to gaming, but their luck was really good. Right at the beginning they managed to get a good profession, and even a hidden class. She looked at Zhang ZhengXiong and asked: “You’re a fighter who focuses on constitution with some strength?”

“Ah~ no. I’m a priest…” Zhang ZhengXiong replied calmly. He then turned back and used the story about the human organ theft in the western district to scare Lin Le.

“…” ThornyRose, FrozenBlood, and GreenDew were speechless. This guy was unexpectedly a fucking priest?

ThornyRose’s chest felt heavy. He’s taking a priest and playing like a fighter. It was a bit too late to remind him, but with good intentions, she asked: “Don’t tell me you added your points to…”

Zhang ZhengXiong turned back and patted his chest. “No problem! A healthy body is healthy mind.”

The three girls were dumbfounded. These three guys, each was dumber than the last.

Ye Cang laughed. Although he didn’t know at first, after acquiring some information, he knew priests needed Wisdom. However, A’Xiong actually successfully got a passive that adds a percentage of his Constitution to his Wisdom. Though his Wisdom couldn’t compare to a wisdom focused priest, it wouldn’t be too low.

“However, a high Constitution priest has a good survival rate. But you’ll still need a bit of Wisdom to support it. Too bad we don’t know all the branches of each class in this game. There’s too little information.” FrozenBlood raised her smart eyebrows. This was something that made every large guild cautious.

At nightfall, darkness covered their field of view. They all took out their torches. Attracted to the torchlight, red slimes swarmed in, delivering to them experience and materials. Lin Le managed to loot an old sheepskin from one of the corpses. “Brother Lil’White, it’s a recipe that I can use!”

“Bring it over and let me see.” Ye Cang took the recipe. ThornyRose looked at Lin Le. More than one of them had a profession? How did they acquire them?

Minor Flame Flask – Recipe: A Recipe to create a Minor Flame Flask. Deal 15 fire damage to a target and have a chance to deal burn damage over time. (Requirements: Alchemist or Arm’s Dealer).

“Do you have someone who can learn this recipe?” Ye Cang looked between the recipe and ThornyRose and asked.

ThornyRose shook her head. There still hadn’t been any word of an alchemy instructor NPC in the village.

“Lele, you can learn it then.” Ye Cang handed it to Lin Le.

“Bro! A skill book appeared! Heavy Chop!” Zhang ZhengXiong also looted something good. ThornyRose raised her eyebrows surprised. Good guy! A skillbook dropped. She was a bit moved.

Ye Cang took the skill book.

Heavy Chop: Perform a heavy chop at the target, dealing 150% damage. Consumes 10 rage. Cooldown: 10 seconds. (Requirements: A class that uses rage.)

The three of them faced each other. “Rock, Paper, Scissors!”

“Scissors!” Ye Cang.

“Paper!” Zhang ZhengXiong.

“Paper!” Lin Le.

“Mine…” Ye Cang wanted to claim it.

“Hey! This is something we got together!” ThornyRose saw the three of them ignoring her to play their game and roared. The more she learned about these three guys, the more surprised she was.

Ye Cang froze for a second then immediately said. “Forgot… then let’s go again together.”

FrozenBlood facepalmed. Just how new and primitive were these three.

“Let’s roll for them. Only those who have rage…” ThornyRose sighed. She figured they also didn’t know how to roll. She demonstrated: “Like this. Watch. The one who rolls highest gets it.” She then rolled the dice and got a 2.

The three guys threw out their dice. Ye Cang got a 1. Zhang ZhengXiong got 15. Lin Le got 100.

“I won! I won!” Lin Le cheered.

“This time didn’t count. I was just demonstrating. Also, Shaking Dog, what is a priest like you rolling for…” ThornyRose saw her own roll and hurriedly said while blushing with shame.

“Ah, miss, you can call me A’Xiong. Actually, when my Constitution passed 20 and my Strength reached 10, the system told me I unlocked Rage.” Zhang ZhengXiong replied.

“Get lost! You’re the miss!” ThornyRose roared. She felt that anything that comes out of a loser like Zhang ZhengXiong’s mouth becomes rotten, especially since he was a priest that had rage. The system probably already thinks he’s a fighter! She put her hand on her forehead and sighed.

“Then… Madam?” Ye Cang played with his eyebrows and tried.

“That’s good. Her name is a bit hard to pronounce. Madam…” Zhang ZhengXiong thought over it seriously and nodded.

“Madam, you’re trying to cheat?” Lin Le pouted, feeling wronged.

ThornyRose saw that the three of them had come to an agreement. Madam your sister! She roared again: “I’m not Madam!”

FrozenBlood couldn’t help laughing happily. “Very good. Madam…”

GreenDew was on the side, covering her mouth and trying to hold in her laughter.

“Icy! You!” ThornyRose powerlessly sighed. “I’m probably a bit older than you all. You can call me Sister Rose.”

“Ok. Madam ThornyRose!” Ye Cang laughed.

“Mm! Beautiful Madam!” Zhang ZhengXiong said.

“Madam Rose. It’s my win!” Lin Le hugged the skill book not wanting to let it go.

“Madam Leader, just give it to him.” FrozenBlood said holding back her laughter.

“Madam Rose, a white dagger dropped over here.” GreenDew joined in.

“Don’t call me Madam!!!” Her roar echoed out throughout the volcano.

The six of them continued walking and clearing out the red slimes and the large bats that appear at night. Partway up, they ran into a small swarm of bats. The 10 or so large bats caught the six of them unprepared. Fortunately, there weren’t too many of them. Flaming Dog’s Fang that was in ThornyRose’s hand spouted flame as it struck. Two hit’s caused extraordinary damage. ThornyRose was becoming too attached to it. If she brought it to PK, now that players didn’t have much defence, and she activated flame strike, two strikes, each dealing 20+ damage could instantly kill a player. Of course, it wouldn’t work on guys like Zhang ZhengXiong, who had fire resistance, a defensive skill, and even high Constitution. Zhang ZhengXiong currently had over 80 health.

Now that Lin Le had Heavy Chop, his damage increased by a lot. After the ambush, their food buffs had almost run out. They also needed to heal. However, they were almost at the top.

“Mada…” Before Ye Cang could finish speaking, ThornyRose gave him a murderous glare. “Sister Rose, lets heal a bit.”

Everyone looked at the red liquid in the pot. ThornyRose felt powerless, she said giving Ye Cang a serious look: “Can’t you make it taste a bit better? It doesn’t need to be good, just edible.”

“Eh~, this is the just how red slimes taste. Though I have a recipe that is edible, it doesn’t give fire resistance.” Ye Cang shook his head.

Everyone sighed. Although they’ve already eaten it many times, they still couldn’t help shivering and being nauseated by the stink. After everyone recovered consciousness, they continued up the mountain path.

They walked the rugged mountain path until they reach a steep slope leading to the peak. ThornyRose signaled to stop. “FrozenBlood, go take a look.”

Without a fuss, FrozenBlood sheathed her dagger at her waist and began quietly climbing up. She climbed as nimbly as a lizard, her figure looked graceful and elegant. She didn’t run into any problems on the way up and her speed was very fast.

Not far away, Ye Cang watched FrozenBlood’s noiseless and elegant climbing motions. She was a natural at concealment.

Zhang ZhengXiong stroked his chin and praised: “Amazing.”

Ye Cang slowly nodded. “Indeed.”

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