Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Entering Conviction

On the east side of the city college, in an apartment building on YueRong Street.

“Bro, about the classes in the game, what should we choose? There’s too little information about Conviction. There was no beta and even no class introductions. There is more or less only the introduction to the game. There’s not even something like ‘you can leave the beginner village at level 10’ or anything.” Zhang ZhengXiong frowned.

“Let’s wait till we’re in the game. Try to choose a useful class. Everyone turn on your virtual connections.” Ye Cang put on his connector.

Lin Le didn’t say anything. He was full of excitement and expectations and he couldn’t stop nodding.

The three of them waited for the countdown.

“5, 4, 3, 2, 1!!”

“Congratulations! For being one of the first 100,000 players into the game, you receive a novice gift box. We wish you a pleasant gaming experience.” Ye Cang receive the system message and became a bit pleased.

“Bro, I got a novice gift box!” A message from Zhang ZhengXiong was transmitted.

“Me too! Brother Lil’White!!” Lele’s excited voice was also transmitted.

“Tsk~, so this thing is of so little value” Ye Cang thought to himself.

After the announcement, the display changed into a character creation interface. In the race selection there was: Human, Elf, Beastkin, Devils, Spirits, etc. All kinds of races.

Ye Cang didn’t want to waste too much time. He thought that by the time Lele finished choosing, it would be breakfast time, so he quickly said: “Everyone pick human, don’t waste time!”

“Understood bro” Zhang ZhengXiong replied.

“Aww~” Lele’s unwilling voice transmitted.

While the three were picking their race.

Lin Le and Zhang ZhengXiong both picked human.

“Eh…” Ye Cang awkwardly sounded out. It seems he wasn’t paying attention and accidentally selected a random race.

Half-Elf: Offspring of a Human and an Elf. A relatively rare sub-race. Looks no different than a human and lives among humans.

Ye Cang played with his eyebrows looking at himself as a half-elf in the hologram. His height was pretty much the same, but his hair was blonde. After some thought, he made his hair and eyebrows white. Since they live among humans, they should have the same starting area as humans. “Quickly pick your class and appearance! We should strive to be the first team to kill or be killed by a BOSS! Then we’ll rapidly rise in fame!”

“Mm! I understand, bro / brother Lil’White!” Zhang ZhengXiong and Lin Le nodded.

Ye Cang rapidly looked through the human’s available classes: Fighter, Monk, Knight, Hunter, Mage, Summoner, Priest, Paladin, Rogue. He opened the stats charts. Fighters leaned towards strength, they were a strong frontline class. He looked at the knight’s chart, it looked like a pentagon. Tanking, healing, ranged and melee damage dealer, support, pvp; It could do it all! Wasn’t this too broken? Good! The knight it is! “I chose knight!”

“Bro, I chose priest!” Zhang ZhengXiong decided too.

“What about Lele?” Ye Cang nodded.

“I’m still taking my time choosing!” Lin Le replied sounding indecisive.

“Choose your sister! Hurry up! If you can’t decide then pick random!” Ye Cang urged.

“Oh? Then I’ll random… The system gave me a hidden class, Arms Dealer? What sort of class is that?” Lin Le said confused. Ye Cang and Zhang ZhengXiong both felt the ground give out under them. Fuck, that could happen!? Ye Cang then remembered to hide his own race. While he was going to do that, he saw his attribute allocation. Every attribute was at the base 5 points with 15 points free to allocate.

“Let me see… Knights are recommended leaders and should raise Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom…” Ye Cang saw the recommendations and immediately became speechless. He flew into rage! He felt like he was cheated. “I’ll raise your uncle! How is this any fucking different than telling me nothing! Random!”

“…” Zhang ZhengXiong heard Ye Cang and stayed silent. He saw that his own class recommended Wisdom. After thinking a bit, he put 5 points into Strength and 10 points into Constitution. A healthy body is healthy mind.

Lin Le looked at his own, Arms Dealer class’s, recommended attributes. They were Strength and Constitution. “Brother Lil’White. Brother Lil’Xiong. My recommended stats are Strength and Constitution. How should I assign my points!?”

“Random!” Ye Cang said, still feeling pissed.

” A healthy body is healthy mind!” Zhang ZhengXiong replied.

Lin Le didn’t understand, he shrugged his shoulders and put 10 point in Strength and 5 points in Constitution.

“You should all be done now right? Hurry and enter a name! Let’s start the game!!” Ye Cang put in Pale and saw the background turned into a big mountain covered in snow. A girl appeared in his mind. She was too beautiful for words, with a clear and bright smile.

“A’Cang. I say… Teacher Bie told me that you and my little brother are causing trouble. Really!”

“A’Cang. After a few years, when we’re married, Lil’Xiong will be your best man, let’s help him find a pretty bridesmaid.”

His mind was painting a pink pictures. Ye Cang slowly returned from his recollection and saw he had put in the name PaleSnow.

“This name is not yet in use, would you like to confirm?”


Character: PaleSnow

Race: Half-Elf

Gender: Male

Class: Trainee Knight

Strength: 11 (1 health, 0.5 attack power, influences your strength)

Dexterity: 8+1 (0.25 attack power, influences your ability to dodge and your reflex)

Constitution: 5 (3 health, influences your stamina and ability to resist attacks)

Intelligence: 10+1 (2 mana, influences the power and accuracy of your spells, your ability to read)

Wisdom: 7 (1 mana, influences the chance of being interrupted while casting and accuracy of spells, mental resistance, ability to find traps and hidden enemies)

Attack: 2 – 5

Health: 26 / 26

Mana: 27 / 27

Fury: 0 / 100

Energy: 100 / 100

Racial Characteristics:

Diplomatic (Human): Obtain +10% prestige. Raises social ability.

Learned (Human): Every 10 levels, you can add an additional specialization.

Graceful (Dark Elf): + 1 Dexterity and another 1 every 5 levels. Gain + 1 with bows.

Magic Power (Sunfury Elf): +1 Intelligence and another 1 every 5 levels.

Class Skills: 5.

“Would you like to enter the game?”


“You are player number T-15111, assigned to ‘Really New Village’.”

Ye Cang’s screen went black for a moment then he found himself in the middle of a village. It immediately became noisy. A sea of people were bustling around in excitement. He looked at the set of villager clothes he was wearing. It was useless with it’s 0 defence. In his backpack was a wooden sword and a novice gift box.

Shoddy Wooden Sword (Poor)

Attack 1 – 1

PS: Be careful! This sword breaks easily.

“…” Seeing the weapon in his hand, Ye Cang wanted to snap it in half with his knee on the spot. He sighed and turn on his virtual chat: “I was assigned to Really New Village, you guys?”

“Really New Village.” Zhang ZhengXiong reported.

“Me too!” Lin Le said happily.

“Good, let’s first get together. I’m at xxx,yyyy.” Ye Cang said. Zhang ZhengXiong and Lin Le hurriedly arrived at Ye Cang’s coordinates: outside of a farmhouse.

“Ye Cang, I’ve arrived. I’m in Maple Forest Village, you guys?” Wu Na’s call arrived.

“We’re at Really New Village.” Ye Cang regretfully said.

“Ok, then I’ll play by myself first.” Wu Na Laughed.

Ye Cang nodded and ended the call. “Nana is in Maple Forest Village. Ok, let’s first open our reward boxes then go level up.”

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