Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor

Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Sai’s Fang

“They’re coming!” Ye Cang saw the black shadows approaching and warned.

ThornyRose shouted: “Ei!!”

The Volcano Bat Chief Sai heard the cries of it’s minions as they dived down. GreenDew started another chant. Ye Cang counted, there were still 6 smaller ones. Every time his finger’s released the bowstring, another one was shot out of the sky. He quickly hid back behind cover to prepare another arrow. Then he once again peaked around looking towards ThornyRose who was waiting for another attack from the swarm of bats, and shot down another one.

GreenDew’s magic was also ready. The magic missiles managed to shoot down 2. She missed with two missiles since the bat swarm was no longer very concentrated.

ThornyRose walked out, he longsword smacking against her shield, provoking the bats. The Volcano Bat dived down with an ear piercing screech, releasing a sonic attack. ThornyRose quickly returned back behind the stalagmite. Although she didn’t receive the sonic attack directly, the echo could still shake her mind and cause her to lose a little health.

Sai flew past the stalagmite that ThornyRose was hiding behind and landed. It turned back and performed another sonic attack. Zhang ZhengXiong leapt over, stuffing his shield in it’s mouth, and slashing down on it’s forehead with his machete. It let out an anguished shriek as it’s mind was thrown in disorder.

ThornyRose took advantage of this time to charge forwards, keeping low. Just as it was about to use another sonic attack, she leapt, spinning 360 degrees and her shield smashed into it’s lower jaw. Sai’s head was forced up causing it to miss it’s attack. Of the two smaller bats around, one was shot down by Ye Cang’s arrow and the other was obstructed by FrozenBlood, her dagger stabbing into it’s eye causing a spurt of blood.

GreenDew’s Magic Missile shot out again. The pale blue missiles hit the bat that Ye Cang had pinned down as well as the one FrozenBlood had damaged heavily, and finished them off. Finally one hit Sai’s wing making it look slightly crooked.

Lin Le circled around GreenDew and his axe slammed down, knocking two bat’s away but receiving some injuries in the process. GreenDew quickly pulled out her wand to smack one of the bats that had been knocked down in front of her. Ye Cang quickly provided support to GreenDew. His long sword flashed and a Straight Thrust was launched. The longsword instantly killed the one Lin Le was engaging. The three of them then worked together to quickly finish off the last one then turned to join the battle against Sai.

“Be careful of the bats that were shot down! GreenDew, how many more times can you cast Magic Missile!?” ThornyRose said as her sword set aflame and slashed left and right on Sai’s wings. It let out a blood curdling scream.

“I only have enough mana for one more!” GreenDew’s words made ThornyRose curse the mana and health regeneration system. Such a pain in the ass.

Ye Cang jumped and kicked off a stalagmite, nimbly jumping over to a taller one and climbed to the top. His field of view was now much wider. He saw 6 or 7 bats that were still moving, readied his longbow and started reaping lives. The Hemlock Longbow was much better than the wooden shortbow in both range and damage.

Sai brandished it’s wings, swinging wildly left and right. Zhang ZhengXiong was hit and sent flying away, losing over 30 health. ThornyRose blocked it with her shield but was still sent flying and lost quite a bit of health. She hid the ground with a roll and got up. Seeing the bat facing her storing up power to launch a sonic attack as well as flapping it’s wings to fly up, she roared: “A sound wave is coming! Don’t let it fly!”

Zhang ZhengXiong crawled up and threw himself at the boss. The soundwave was just about to be launched. ThornyRose knew she was in trouble, she raised her shield prepared to try and block it. Seeing that the boss was still facing her, she started to panic! If she was hit head on by that sonic attack, the remaining half of her health would definitely be extinguished. At that time, a flash of light shot out from Zhang ZhengXiong hand. As it was afraid of light, the effects were doubled! Sai abruptly raised it’s head and screamed in pain, the soundwave missing again.

ThornyRose was delighted. This fellow still had such a card up his sleeve!

Ye Cang took this opportunity to aim an arrow at it, and accurately shot right into it’s ear.

FrozenBlood leaped onto Sai’s back, her daggers stabbing into it. Adding in her weight, she dragged the dagger down his back, leaving a long bloody scar. ThornyRose’s longsword ruthlessly stabbed at it’s mouth. This time, Lin Le also hurried over and chopped down with his axe. The final cast of Magic Missile launched and pummeled it’s body, finishing it off.

“Congratulations, your party has slain ‘Volcano Bat Chief – Sai’. Received 400 experience.”

“Don’t relax yet, there are still a few small ones!” ThornyRose saw that Lin Le was about to relax and sit down, so she reminded. Learning his lesson from before, Lin Le tightly gripped his axe and started looking around. “Where!? Where!? I’ll chop it to death!”

ThornyRose raised her torch and looked at Ye Cang’s fuzzy silhouette still standing up on the stalagmite. She looked around at the other stalagmites too. She saw he had chosen the spot with the best field of view for sniping. Cold and calculating. Compared to ElegantFragrance, this guy was much more terrifying.

“Let me loot the boss!!” Ye Cang shouted. jumping onto a lower stalagmite then madly launched himself towards the boss’ corpse. “Out of the way!!”

ThornyRose saw Lin Le had already looted the corpse and relaxed. Even if she had to loot it herself, she would definitely not let this guy do it. Although she was also unlucky, but it wasn’t so bad that she could make things disappear.

“Tsk~ Next time! Next boss! I’ll definitely loot it!” Ye Cang stopped his steps and turned away, in a bad mood. He clenched his fist to calm down.

ThornyRose facepalmed feeling very tired. Fighting a boss was already hard, then they still had to defend it’s corpse after. That cursed touch, and on someone who used it without a care. Good thing he’s usually fighting from a distance. She looked towards Lele and asked: “Lele, what dropped?”

“A dagger. A pair of boots.” Lin Le held a dark dagger in one hand and a pair of dark brown, leather boots in the other.

Sai’s Fang (Masterwork)

Category: Long Dagger

Requirements: 15 Dexterity

Damage: 4 – 7

+2 Dexterity

Linked Strikes: Quickly chain two attacks, each dealing 85% damage. Cooldown: 5 minutes.

Sai’s Wings (Masterwork)

Category: Leather Boots

Requirements: 12 Strength or 10 Dexterity

+1 Defence

+5% Movement Speed

+1 Dexterity

Sai’s Wings: Activate to raise movement speed by 15% for 10 seconds. Cooldown 15 minutes.

ThornyRose looked at Lin Le and was full of astonishment and happiness. There was actually two! This Lele’s luck was very abnormal. She recalled that his rate of finding items was much higher than the other’s.

FrozenBlood looked at her own dagger. She wanted the new one, it was so much better.

“What to do with the dagger?” ThornyRose didn’t know how Ye Cang had allocated his stats. Because the weapons a knight could use was too numerous. Fighter, Assassin, Hunter, and even wands, he could use them all. Since they were a new party, they had to be cautious about splitting loot. However she did understand Ye Cang a bit, he could be considered rational if you ignored the times after a boss died.

“Give it to your assassin, I’ll take the boots. That ok?” Ye Cang faintly smiled, thinking of a plan. He thought: “Hmph~ Once I have these boots, who can outrun me to the corpses and chests…”

ThornyRose took the dagger from Lin Le and gave it to FrozenBlood. She saw Ye Cang making a faint smile, and felt something was wrong. It couldn’t be that he picked the boots just for looting corpses. She shook her head, there shouldn’t be anyone so desperate.

Zhang ZhengXiong sighed. Next time he’d have to react even faster.

FrozenBlood put her old dagger in her off-hand and her new one in her main hand. At long last, she got a new weapon!

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