Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor

Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Fluorescent Crystal ring

“Too cruel! Brother Lil’White! I want to take revenge for Brother Lil’Xiong. Happy Strike!” Lin Le shouted with a pout.

Ye Cang froze for a bit, then nodded with a smile. He looked at the charging Lele and quickly dropped his bow, kneeled and crossed his hands and put them on his knees to create a foothold.

Lin Le took a few big steps and stepped on his hands.

Ye Cang used all his strength to throw him upwards. Lin Le also jumped as high as he could, his axe raised above his head and his body forming a backwards C as he shot towards the slime.

Dang~ Clatter~ A clear shattering sound echoed out. The axe chopped straight through the crack into the ceiling causing the slime to fall. Without even giving it time to be dazed. Lin Le and Ye Cang both began to violently attack it performing fast thrusts and fierce chops.

“Congratulations, you’ve slain Crystal Slime – Harja. Received 450 experience.”

FrozenBlood and ThornyRose’s mouth hung wide open. You can do that? ThornyRose was astonished. How did she not think of something so simple?

“Haha~ It’s actually Happy Strike.” Zhang ZhengXiong laughed weakly. ThornyRose and FrozenBlood were puzzled. Was this a technique? GreenDew received the system message and quickly cancelled her magic to save mana.

“It’s our excellent little squad’s combined technique. Lele likes to dunk when playing basketball, but he can’t quite reach. Happy Strike is our secret signal, but usually it’s either Lele or Ye Cang using me as a springboard…” Zhang ZhengXiong saw ThornyRose’s confusion and explained.

ThornyRose, FrozenBlood, and GreenDew all felt their hearts tighten as they rolled their eyes. My god, making them look forwards to it, and it turns out it’s just 3 smelly idiots, two of which aren’t tall enough and need a springboard to dunk.

“Since Lele thought of using happy strike. I’ll let him loot and save my divine hands to loot the next boss” Ye Cang saw Lin Le’s smile after having taken revenge for Zhang ZhengXiong and retracted his unconsciously advancing hands.

Lin Le nodded, and started searching the corpse. “Brother Lil’White, we got a shield and a crystal ring.”

ThornyRose was moved. They actually found both a shield and a ring!? This was too lucky! Good shields wouldn’t lose in value to an accessory.

Everyone looked at the half meter large, crystal roundshield in Lin Le’s hand. It was made of a polished white crystal looking exceptionally beautiful. Everyone also fell in love with the crystal ring’s beauty.

Harja’s Crystal Rampart (Excellent – Rare)

Category: Shield

Requirements: 20 Constitution

+5 Defence

+3 Constitution

Harja’s Rampart (Passive): +3 Defence

Harja’s Crystal Ring (Excellent – Rare)

Category: Ring

Requirements: None

+1 Wisdom

+1 Constitution

Harja’s Protection: On activation, reduce incoming physical damage by 10% for 15 seconds. Cooldown: 1 hour.

ThornyRose’s heart rate rose. Both items were perfect for defensive classes. Especially that ring, it could be used for a long time. Too bad that wisdom was wasted, though it would help a fighter a little bit. As for the shield, it’s stats were really too perfect. A massive 8 defence, it was just like it’s name, a rampart. However, that 20 constitution requirement, she looked at her own, it was still 2 away. It was only her and Shaking Dog that could use them. What made her speechless was that a priest was competing with her for defensive equipment. She felt a heart-stopping panic and faintly sighed. Oh mother in heaven. She, a defensive fighter was actually letting a priest have first pick on defensive equipment. This was something that she never thought would happen. With some hesitation, she said: “He can pick first.”

“Go ahead and pick A’Xiong.” Ye Cang said handing over the two items for him to see.

Zhang ZhengXiong took the two items and received a system message.

“Your Fluorescent Ring and Harja’s Crystal Ring are resonating. Would you like to fuse them?”

Zhang ZhengXiong froze for a bit before choosing yes.

Everyone watched as the Fluorescent Ring and Crystal Ring both turned into a drop of jello like substance and charge at each other. They merged together like two slimes that hadn’t met for a long time.

“Congratulations. You received a ‘Slime – Fluorescent Crystal Ring’”

Slime – Fluorescent Crystal Ring (Superior – Rare)

Category: Ring

Requirements: None

+2 Wisdom

+3 Constitution

Fluorescent Crystal: Use to deal 10 light damage to a target and blinding it. The ring will become charged and if used again, will grant 15% reduction to physical damage for 20 seconds. Cooldown: 30 minutes.

ThornyRose saw the ring in Zhang ZhengXiong’s hand turn into a glowing crystal ring. It was exceptionally beautiful, and it was actually superior quality!? The stats were also so good they made others speechless. A whole 3 Constitution and 2 Wisdom, this ring could be used for a long long time. He might not even be able to find anything better. If it merged with another slime ring, it would become even more valuable. It was hard to say if they would find another ring or if it could fuse again, but for this stage of the game, it should be the absolute best ring. It gives life, control, and protection. Whether it’s slaying monsters or people, it was useful. If she wore the ring, she could equip the shield. However the ring was his. Although she didn’t know how his Constitution Priest build would turn out, but for now, he was tough enough to tank for the entire team. “Let’s temporarily let him equip it for now.” She thought to herself. Surprisingly, she didn’t feel bad about sharing with them. She didn’t know why, but being with them, she had no intentions of fighting over loot. She smiled and propped up her chest with her arms. “It looks like this shield is mine, but I currently can’t use it. Shaking Dog, you can equip them both for now.”

Zhang ZhengXiong glanced towards Ye Cang who didn’t say anything so, rubbing his hands together and immediately equipped them both. “Sister Rose, thanks for your consideration.”

Equipping them items, Zhang ZhengXiong took another step towards becoming a powerful tank, although he was a priest.

FrozenBlood didn’t understand. Their main tank was unexpectedly a priest. Also, that ring was way too useful, even she felt some longing for it. However even if it didn’t go to her, it was fine. Afterall, everyone was in the same boat. The most important part was the hidden story quest. Although they hadn’t been together for long, but they were convinced of their characters. It was only their common sense that was lacking. ThornyRose also thought so.

“Brother Lil’Xiong, Brother Lil’Xiong! Let me try the ring!! Hurry and let me try~” Lin Le thought it looked really powerful so he whined at Zhang ZhengXiong like a child wanting a toy. Zhang ZhengXiong helplessly took it off and gave it to him. “Just for a bit, then give it back…”

“Mm!” Lin Le happily took the ring and tried it on. “So beautiful…”

The three women couldn’t help but smile. This Lele was exactly like a child.

Ye Cang thought of something. He looked at the ring on Lele’s hand and said: “Right, Lele, Don’t…”

Before he could finish, a light flashed.

Zhang ZhengXiong and Ye Cang roared at the same time. “My eyes! Aaah~! Lele!!!”

“It wasn’t on purpose. I just wanted to give it a try…” Lin Le weekly said feeling wronged.

“…” ThornyRose facepalmed.

FrozenBlood smiled and shrugged. These three silly guys.

GreenDew rolled her eyes.

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