Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor

Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Bachiya’s Blessing

“Bro, what did it feel like?” Zhang ZhengXiong pulled over the indifferent Ye Cang, who had a handprint on his face, and asked quietly.

“36Es. What do you think?” Ye Cang made a fist with his hand and smiled.

“If I knew, I would have gone to loot the corpse…” Zhang ZhengXiong looked over at ThornyRose who was angrily glaring in their direction. The words “I’m also extremely unlucky. Could you block me like that too?” got stuck in his throat and he swallowed them back down.

ThornyRose felt so angry she wanted to yell some more. All sorts of feelings were welling up in her heart, but they weren’t good feelings. She saw FrozenBlood sniggering and had nothing to say. She lost her first kiss just like that. Even if it was in virtual reality, it was still her first kiss. Although it wasn’t on purpose, all she got was a single sentence: please conduct yourself more appropriately. She clenched her jaw so hard that the sound of grinding teeth echoed through the cavern. She looked at Ye Cang acting indifferent, and her fist balled up even tighter. She couldn’t stop shaking in anger.

GreenDew thought to herself: “Sister Rose’s hatred towards that knight just shot up another few levels.”

“Brother Lil’White. Something good came out! A battle axe, a sword, as well as a skillbook.” Lin Le words brought ThornyRose back from her angry thoughts. A dark red battle axe, a longsword that we almost as high as Lin Le, about 160cm.

His luck really isn’t normal, GreenDew thought. They actually found a pair of weapons and a skillbook!?

Curse’s Rage (Masterwork – Demonic)

Category: Heavy Battle Axe

Requirements: 20 Strength

Damage: 12 – 15

Additional Fire Damage: 2 – 4

+2 Strength

+1 Constitution

Curse’s Rage: Using the force of the axe hitting the ground, deal 15 fire damage to enemies in range. There’s a chance of causing knockdown. Cooldown: 30 minutes.

Curse’s Thorn (Masterwork – Demonic)

Category: Light Two-Handed Sword

Requirements: 14 Strength, 12 Dexterity

Attack: 10 – 12

Additional Fire Damage: 2 – 3

+2 Strength

+1 Dexterity

Curse’s Thorn: Activate to perform a profound strike. Your next melee attack will deal an additional 75% damage. Cooldown: 10 minutes.

Berserk: Activate when your rage is full. Increase damage by 15% but also increases damage taken by 15% for 10 seconds. Cooldown: 30 minutes. (Requires a class with rage)

ThornyRose’s chest tightened. Three things and none of them were useful for her. That axe’s stats was really too violent, and that sword’s effect was really outstanding. It could be said they were top-notch equipment for the present stage of the game. Her gaze landed on the berserk skillbook and she hesitated a bit. Although she was tempted, she had already decided to be a defensive fighter. She shook her head and sighed. It’s all for the sake of the hidden story quest. She saw Ye Cang’s inquiring gaze and unhappily said: “You three can split the items, but give us two gold as remuneration.”

Ye Cang didn’t say anything. He wasn’t in the mood to speak right now. He nodded his head which still had 5 bright red fingerprints on it and threw two gold over. He then took the three things Lin Le brought over. He took the two handed sword for himself, and simply fastened it onto his back in a way that could be easily drawn. To him, the sword wasn’t too heavy or too light. It was the perfect weight to still be easy to handle.

As for the heavy axe and the skill book, they were both distributed to Lin Le. Lin Le became the one who reaped the most reward. The dark red, heavy axe that was almost as big as he was went on his back making him feel like a berserker. He raised his chin proudly.

Regarding the loot distribution, FrozenBlood and GreenDew had no objections. After all, they couldn’t use any of the items. Also, gold coins was something they really needed right now.

ThornyRose crossed her arms. She looked at the five fingerprints she left on Ye Cang’s face and seemed to have calmed down. She didn’t know why, but she felt like laughing. FrozenBlood saw ThornyRose’s appearance and smiled. “What, fallen for him?”

“Get lost! Don’t mess with this lady.” ThornyRose glared angrily. Originally her heart was already in turmoil. Now, she could fly into rage at any moment. She had to continuously control her mental state.

At this time, the lava in the cracks on the ground started emitting a red light. ThornyRose was calming her heart and happened to see this. She shouted: “Something’s happening!”

Everyone quickly gathered together, wary of the red light that was flowing like wisps of air and condensing together not far away.

The silhouette of a woman slowly took shape. It faintly said: “Brave warriors, thank you for defeating that greedy lava lamia and freeing this volcano…”

Everyone sighed in relief. If it was another dreadful boss, in the situation where they didn’t have the rune stone, it was basically guaranteed they would all be sent back to town.

“You’re too kind. If I run into injustice, I draw my blade to help. How could I allow these sins to pass while I live?” Ye Cang stepped up and slightly bowed, touching a fist to a palm1.

“Exactly!” Lin Le raised his axe going following Ye Cang’s lead.

“Hah…” ThornyRose who was planning to reply, let out a sigh.

“What does that mean? Anyways, to express my thanks, please receive my blessing!” The silhouette made of red light let out of burst of energy that enveloped everyone. The volcano began becoming active again and the nearby rocks were submerged in lava.

Everyone felt a warmth in their body.

“Congratulations, you’ve receiving Bachiya’s blessing. Permanently gain +1 Constitution and +1 Fire Resistance.”

ThornyRose, FrozenBlood, and GreenDew became happy. They were actually awarded a permanent attribute and fire resistance. This trips rewards were rather good. Naturally, compared to the three guys, they could only smile bitterly.

The red silhouette gradually dissipated. “I’m going to continue my slumber. Farewell, brave warriors.”

ThornyRose’s mood had become a lot better. Everyone turned around to leave and found that the exit was completely gone. All that was left was a chasm that they couldn’t possible cross. Peering at the surroundings, they couldn’t find any other path. What’s going on? This NPC was really too wicked. Giving a rewards and then giving them death. Although they wouldn’t lose too much experience from just dying once.

“How do we cross?” ThornyRose asked as Ye Cang came to the chasm’s edge and looked down at the lava. The other side was too far.

Ye Cang indifferently smiled. He took out a bundle of rope. He tied a big loop and a small loop. The small loop was tied onto his arrow. He aimed high at the other side. ThornyRose frowned, it wouldn’t work, the arrow couldn’t possible support their weight.

“I’m afraid this won’t work…” ThornyRose said. FrozenBlood and GreenDew also didn’t have any hope.

Shoo~ The arrow flew out, and stabbed into the rock wall on the other side. Ye Cang continued to calmly smile. He gave the rope a few good tugs.

ThornyRose sighed. “Like I said…”

At this time, the big loop perfectly caught on a stalagmite. ThornyRose looked at the rope that was not falling and couldn’t believe her eyes. She knew that this guy’s eyes could see further than the rest of them in the dark, but she still raised her eyebrows in surprise. This guy still has such skills hidden up his sleeve.

FrozenBlood sighed, this dangerous situation could be considered dissolved.

“You should cross first. One at a time. Quickly.” Ye Cang tied this side of the rope onto a stalagmite and urged ThornyRose.

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