Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor

Chapter 29

Chapter 29: The Disappointed Flasher Uncle

Wu Na who was delivering food arrived. She couldn’t help but shiver seeing the three of them wolfing down their food again. What exactly happened at Really New Village? It must be something crazy. She shook her head. “So, I’m already level 5. Yesterday, me and the girls killed an elite. They’re all so strong, though I helped a bit too. Furthermore, it dropped a magic skillbook. Now I’m a proper spellcaster who can cast magic!”

Hearing Wu Na’s Words, the three of them ate even more carefully.

“Too delicious. What kind of magic?” Zhang ZhengXiong said licking his lunchbox.

“…” Wu Na didn’t know what to say about this behavior. “Light Wind Blade.”

“Not bad, you’ve improved. Nana, I have great expectations of you…” Ye Cang said, like some team captain, after finishing his meal and wiping his mouth. Wu Na rolled her eyes.

“Since there was a sale today, I bought a new dress. How does it look?” Wu Na asked as she got up and did a little spin, showing off her casual blue dress. Her spin sending a light fragrance wafting to the guys.

Ye Cang smiled and nodded. “Very beautiful.”

Wu Na happily raised her chin. “Of course, I’m beautiful whatever I wear.”

“Nana, we made 3 new friends in the game.” Lin Le happily said after he finished eating. Wu Na didn’t put it to heart. It was probably just some hairy guys.

Capital’s City College. Vermillion Bird district. In some villa.

ThornyRose didn’t know why, but she never noticed lunch was so delicious. Too delicious! Her appetite was enormous. Tears formed in the corner of her eye as she ate. Now this is food! Real food! She felt really thankful.

“Miss, today’s lunch seems to suit your tastes…” Nearby, an old butler amicably smiled. Usually the miss would eat only half a bowl of rice. Today, she ate 3. What exactly happened?

“Mm. Uncle Zhang, another bowl please.” ThornyRose held out her empty bowl towards him. The old housekeeper, uncle Zhang received the empty bowl, he back covered in cold sweat.

LinHai. City College. East District. YueRong street.

Ye Cang’s group of four watched ‘Sisters’ as usual then they lazily roamed the streets, and bought dinner to bring back. They also celebrated their first paycheck as professional players.

The four of them chattered and laughed as they walked. Wu Na saw a light blue, petal patterned dress in a specialty clothing store. It had a flowing skirt and gave a fresh feeling. Ye Cang saw the longing in Wu Na’s eyes. “What? You like it?”

“Let’s go, it’s too expensive. It costs 20000 federal dollars and I already bought one today.” Wu Na shook her head. With her hands clasped behind her back, she took the lead and walked away.

Ye Cang and the guys looked at Wu Na and smiled. Zhang ZhengXiong nodded. “Nana, she’s always taking care of us. Our first paycheck should be used to buy her a present…”

Lin Le nodded his head again and again. Ye Cang also thought so. She would come look after them every day. She could be said to be their only female friend within the entire city college. Of course, there’s still Lin Le’s tyrannical girlfriend, Song Xin.

Wu Na turned around and couldn’t find any of the three guys. She doubtfully looked over when she saw Ye Cang walk out of the store with a light blue dress. She felt happy, but at the same time, worried and guilty. “Hey! I already said it was too expensive. You three usually can’t even afford your living expenses. Go return it.”

“Nana, we earned a bit of money in the game. This is a present for you. Please receive it.” Ye Cang took the well wrapped dress and put it in her hand.

Wu Na doubtfully looked at him. She leaned over and whispered. “How much?”

Ye Cang took out his mobile terminal and showed her his balance. Wu Na’s heart shook. These three guys, they definitely dug up a treasure. She didn’t ask any further. It seems they’re quite suited to being professional players. “Seems you still have a bit of a conscience…” She said as she wrapped an delicate arm around Ye Cang’s shoulder. “Let’s go, there’s still a purse I want…”

“…” Ye Cang was speechless.

Wu Na contently held her new purse and dress. Seeing her so happy, Ye Cang couldn’t help but smile.

“Brother Lil’White, Brother Lil’White. Flasher uncle is over there!” Lin Le’s words made the three others stop. They looked over into the alley that Lin Le was pointing at. A bald, middle aged man wearing a gray trench coat was there. His two hands inside his pocket walking towards a professional looking woman holding holding some files. Her cold and strict cheeks looked a bit aged. It made the four of them think of the school’s director of public relations. However, she could still be considered somewhat attractive.

“Bro, do you think flasheruncle will succeed this time?” Zhang ZhengXiong murmured.

“He should be able to. I’ll bet 500 that after seeing his junk, she’ll scream and run away.” Ye Cang was a bit uncertain and only took out 500 federal dollars.

“Then I’ll bet against it.” Zhang ZhengXiong took out 500 dollars.

“I’m with brother Lil’White.” Lin Le took out his own 500 dollars.

“You guys. Hah~, I’ll bet 1000 that she won’t.” Wu Na said taking out 1000 federal dollars.

“It’s starting…” Ye Cang whispered. The four of them peeked into the alley, staring closely.

The middle aged man arrived in front of the professional woman. With a cold expression, he flashed open his trench coat revealing his butt naked body and his dangling junk.

The scream Ye Cang was expecting didn’t happen. The woman didn’t even show any expression. She calmly took her files and blocked the man’s junk. “Hey * 7cm. Even if it were lively, I bet * about 15 cm, but it’s fairly firm. This is my card, I’m looking for a long-term companion. Come find me if you’re interested.”

The woman acted very seriously then walked past him out of the alley. She left behind a dumbfounded and frightened middle aged man whose mouth was hanging wide open in surprise, as well as four tongue-tied observers.

“Why! Whats wrong with the world!?” The middle aged man kneeled on the ground full of despair.

“Brother Lil’White, it’s all your fault, now my pocket money is gone.” Lin Le pouted. Ye Cang sighed, he completely didn’t expect that.

Wu Na and Zhang ZhengXiong split the rewards, and the four of them walked over.

“Flasher uncle…” Lin Le glanced at the middle aged man and couldn’t help but sympathize a bit.

“White hair, it’s you guys.” The man who was called flasher uncle looked at the people who had just arrived.

“Lil’White, do you guys know? Once, I could still hear screams of: ‘Eeek! Beast! So scary! Pervert!’ and see their frightened running figure. But it slowly became: ‘Ah! An beast escaped from the zoo! So embarrassing! How hateful!’ And now, it’s become: ‘Wow! Check out that *! So cute! Everyone come look! Someone’s showing off his *! Grab it! Uncle, you’re so cute~~~’ this kind of reaction. It’s like the difference between night and day. Do people these days have no shame!? I feel that those frightened screams and looks of panic are now just myths…” Flasher uncle complained, while making a speech like some public speaker. He looked towards the endless sky and hopelessly closed his eyes.

The four sighed and shivered. But after thinking it over, this pervert had no right to say that others lacked shame!

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