Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor

Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Wu Na Meets Danger

The flasher uncle slowly got up and buttoned up his trench coat. From his pocket, he took out a hat and put it on. He looked towards the four, smiled and waved goodbye. “I’m going…” He stuck his hands in his pocket and left. The sight of his depressed back, made people feel sorry for him.

“Flasher Uncle! Will you continue to appear?” Ye Cang asked because today’s mental blow wasn’t small. He was one of the city’s ‘artists’, or so he calls himself.

“Naturally, this is a noble art. I will never give it up. White Hair, Shaking Bear, Lele, and Nana, I’m a man who will never give up on his dream.” Flasher uncle said without turning back, his voice filled with resolve.

Lin Le couldn’t help but feel some respect for this middle aged man. He stood straight and saluted.


“Right! Flasher uncle! Come be a guest at my next performance!” Wu Na shouted. Flasher uncle was quite famous in the east district. Many people had been sneak attacked by his junk. Even LinHai’s tourist office lists him as a mobile attraction. The police also had his name on a special list, in the future, he would probably have a get out of jail free card. Her own band was a punk music band. Having him join them would be a great publicity stunt.

“No problem! Hmph, my bass skills aren’t to be underestimated…” This time, the flasheruncle smiled and turned around. He then took out the card and murmured. “134 YueRong street? It’s pretty close. Let’s go and have a look…”

“Eh, that guy…” The four of them speechlessly watched him happily jog out of the alley.

Flasher uncle walked out of the alley and thought of something. He took a few steps back and shouted towards the group’s back. “Be a bit more careful at night, the western district has been dangerous lately.”

Ye Cang turned. “The organ trafficking?”

Flasher uncle nodded. “Anyways, just be careful at night. When I was performing over there earlier today, I happened to see it. It was gruesome. The eyes, and all the organs were gone. Even the body was torn into pieces. The school’s and city’s guards are all still investigating, however it seems like it will continue to be dangerous for a few days.”

Ye Cang nodded: “I got it.”

Flasher uncle started jogging away again.

“Brother Lil’White, it’s so scary…” Zhang ZhengXiong had already scared Lin Le with it before. Now, he was shivering in fear. Wu Na’s face was also a little pale.

“Scared of what? Whoever comes will be beat up by me!” Zhang ZhengXiong said without a care.

“It’s all right, don’t think too much. We’re in the east district…” Ye Cang smiled and pet Lin Le. The four of them left the small alley and started walking towards the nightmarket.

The four of them arrived at old Wang’s little stir fry stall and smelled a rich aroma. Ye Cang walked up beside old Wang to watch his cooking. He wanted to learn so that he could make something in the game that would make people cry, although he had already ‘reached’ that level. He carefully listened as old Wang taught him how to prepare and fry meat. He even learned how to remove the gamey flavor from feral wolf, feral boar and mountain chickens. Ye Cang was a like a sponge absorbing all the new knowledge. He use to think that cooking was just chopping stuff up, throwing it into a pot to cook with water, and then eating, but after learning from old Wang, his outlook changed. However, Zhang ZhengXiong didn’t keep his hopes up, because as long as there are slimes, that thing will definitely taste terrible.

With a table full of dishes, Zhang Zheng Xiong and Lin Le were already drooling. After eating so many of those ‘disasters’, seeing the food before them was like a starving wolf seeing high quality pork. Wu Na had the feeling that if she reached out with her chopsticks and grabbed a chicken1, she would be bitten. So it became a deadlock with no one willing to begin eating.

Zhang ZhengXiong took this chance to seize one of the chicken legs and started gorging. Lin Le vigilantly watched Wu Na, fighting over the right to the last chicken leg. Wu Na silently rolled her eyes. Was Really New Village a refuge camp?

Ye Cang returned to his seat looking like he had enjoyed himself. He casually picked up that last chicken leg and started nibbling on it. Lin Le had just decided to take it, seeing Ye Cang so casually snatching it from him, he felt wronged. “Brother Lil’White, that chicken leg is not yours.”

Ye Cang looked the chicken leg in his hand which was half eaten and handed it over. “Oh, here you go…”

“…” Lin Le pouted angrily. Wu Na facepalmed and sighed. She ordered another chicken.

“Ok, Cheers!” Ye Cang smiled raising his wine cup. The other three followed and they all shouted “Cheers!” together.

They all emptied their cups at once. Ye Cang let Zhang ZhengXiong and Lin Le go home first, planning to walk Wu Na back.

“You don’t have to. You should go home first, this isn’t far from my place.” Wu Na smiled and refused.

“Oh, then ok…” Ye Cang nodded and turned around to leave.

Wu Na watched Ye Cang’s back, her smile becoming stiff. She unhappily whispered. “Dumb Blockhead. Leaving just like that…” She pouted as she picked up her new purse and the bag with her new clothes. She looked at the dress and a smile returned to her face. She turned and started walking towards her apartment.

Ye Cang walked for a bit then turned back. After thinking over it, he figured it was still better to send her home. He could also borrow one of her cooking books while he was there. He started walking back, passing through the night market, and arrived at Wu Na’s address, YueLin street. He walked by an alley and suddenly stopped his steps. In the alley was bag and slightly peeking out of one of them was a dress. There was also that pretty new purse. He recalled flasher uncle’s words. His pink pupils shrank as his body was covered in cold sweat. “Although it was me who didn’t send her home… You guy’s shouldn’t have come to the east district. And you definitely shouldn’t have touched my friend!”

YueLin street, in an old apartment building.

Wu Na woke up. She thought back and remembered that as she was walking down an alley, she felt a pain in her head, then she blacked out. Looking around, she realized she was tied onto a wooden operating table, unable to move. Her mouth was also taped firmly closed. In the dim lights, she saw a kind looking middle aged man putting on gloves. He started organizing his scalpels and other surgical tools. She tried to scream but her mouth was taped shut. She recalled the recent news about organ theft. She tried to struggle but didn’t have any strength. Her two eyes were filled with fear.

The man slowly approached. Wu Na was now able to see his face more clearly. He looked like some ordinary office worker who was fairly amiable.

He reached out his hand and stroked Wu Na’s cheeks. “Ah… what a smooth face. Her eyes are so pretty too. These eyes should sell for more than 15 million federal dollars. I can probably even find a buyer for your flesh. I won’t waste any of it. As for your innards, they’re probably very healthy. You’re practically the perfect product.”

Wu Na was already completely desperate. Tear slowly dripped down her cheeks. She watched as the surgical tools slowly approached her, closer… and closer. She closed her eyes, unwilling to watch. In her mind, she saw a calm but annoying face, with pink eyes, and that characteristic white hair, white eyebrows, and those fluttering white eyelashes. She saw him smiling while looking at her…

“Let’s start with these charming eyes…”

Wu Na felt something warm touch her face. She opened her eyes and was dumbfounded. Reflected in her eyes was the man, with a hand sticking out of his chest. His blood sprayed down on her.

The hand quickly pulled out, and the man slowly fell over. The silhouette that was blocked until now revealed itself. A familiar and calm face appeared. Under his white eyebrows was a face with an apologetic smile. His right hand as well as his white T-shirt was covered in blood. “You alright Nana?”

Zhang ZhengXiong Shaking Dog/Bear nickname in chinese is 狗熊: 狗 meaning dog 熊 meaning bear. Together they become black bear or coward (Why? I don’t really know…) Originally I wanted to play up the coward part while combining it with his IGN, since ThornyRose probably wanted to be insulting and a shaking dog sounded more cowardly. However now that others are using the same nickname, I figure I’ll change it to bear as the Xiong in his name sounds the same as the word for bear.

1: This dish

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