Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor

Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Shocking Instant Kill

Ye Cang reached out, removed the tape on her mouth and took out the towel stuffed inside.

Perhaps she was tired, or that she just just got out of danger, or maybe it’s because she saw that white silhouette now covered in red, Wu Na’s eyes felt heavy. She felt him pick her up and recalled that it was like this that time too. She was by herself at a museum and someone pulled the fire alarm. She was left behind when the alloy doors shut and the air was sucked out to extinguish the fire. She could only powerlessly beat on the the alloy door. A pair of hands had ripped through it and picked her up. The last thing she saw was a white silhouette with a calm, indifferent smile telling her: “It’s ok now…”

Ye Cang carried her back to her apartment and took a shower, washing off the blood. However, he wasn’t washing himself. He changed her into a clean pair of pajamas and tucked her into bed. After locking up her door, he looked out into the night. His pink pupils flashed silver.

Western district, In a meat processing factory.

It was a normal meat factory that distributed meat of domesticated animals. It also handled the butchering. It was situated in the western district and although it wasn’t well known, it was still a pretty big meat processing factory.

In a cabin not too far away, two handsome and clever looking woman, one tall and one short, were observing the factory.

The short girl, although petite, was curvy where she should and was slim where she should be. Her eyes had a teasing look as she said: “Qing Yun, this is their headquarters. I don’t know why leader gave us such an easy job, calling us over from so far away.”

The girl called Qing Yun, although not wearing highheels, was about 180cm tall. She looked young and beautiful, but also highly capable. She rubbed her eyebrows and said: “This is LinHai, where one of the five great schools is, it’s influence is strong. Also, Hong Ling, we’re still being reviewed so don’t be picky about the mission. Moreover, I feel like this time’s mission isn’t so simple. In the forest over there, I felt a ripple of power. This factory has at least one strong powered person. It’s best we be careful.”

“It’s just some peddler’s den. Don’t make it so complicated. Let’s quickly finish so we can report back earlier.” Hong Ling didn’t believe her words. The two continued to watch the factory.

“It should be here…” Ye Cang arrived at the factory entrance and murmured before directly walking in. He saw the guard passed out on the ground and frowned. “Someone’s here?” He faintly sighed and continued forwards. Arriving at the factory’s depths, he saw human like figures hanging on hooks, as if they were animals. The ground was also littered with injured or dead people. With a small torch, he slowly made his way to the back of the room. Inside a warehouse at the back, he saw two women, as different as fire and ice, attacking a shady looking man. Suddenly a shadow flashed by, the sound of three collisions echoed throughout the warehouse. In a flash all three were sent flying.

Qing Yun and Hong Ling felt like their chests had been smashed by a thousand pound hammer. They didn’t even have time to react. The man was even more dismayed. The three of them had all been sent flying into a steel wall. They felt like lambs waiting to be slaughtered. Who was it?

“Who’s the leader here?” Ye Cang calmly said. He knew there were some people from other organizations, but didn’t know which ones, so he didn’t immediately kill them all.

The three of them didn’t know what he meant so didn’t dare make a sound. They looked at the white haired, white browed man. Was he an enemy or a friend? Just the strength he showed earlier was terrifying enough.

Qing Yun spit out some blood, not knowing if she should answer. If he turned out to be an enemy, Hong Ling and herself would definitely lose their lives. The downcasted man on the other side also thought the same. None of them knew who he was and they definitely didn’t dare attack.

“None of you are speaking?” Ye Cang started a horrifying attack towards Hong Ling. Those thin, white hands were only a few centimeters away from her neck when he happened to see the tattoo on her’s collarbone of a coiling dragon and suddenly stopped. “Dragon Group?”

Hong Ling didn’t have time to react at all. Seeing the hand that suddenly appeared only a few centimeters away from her neck, this is the first time she’d been so close to death. She nodded terrified.

Ye Cang looked over at Qing Yun. “You too?”

Qing Yun looked at those silver eyes and slowly nodded ignoring her injuries. She let out a pained breath. At least 6 ribs had broken, not to mention the other internal injuries.

A white figure flashed, the two women still didn’t see it clearly. They only saw the shady man instantly explode into pieces scattering through the air. Even though they couldn’t see clearly, they could tell that it wasn’t caused by a weapon. He was ripped apart while still alive. It all happened extremely quickly.

“Should’ve said so earlier. I wouldn’t have accidently injured you two. Help convey my greetings to that guy, Ren Long…” Ye Cang turned towards them and calmly smiled. He shook the disgusting blood off his hands and turned to leave the way he came.

The two girl’s felt aggrieved. They were almost killed by an ally. Should’ve said so earlier? F*! He didn’t even give a signal before he attacked. They were doing just fine before and even had the upper hand. Their injuries started to hurt as they recalled his terrifying strength. It seemed like he knew their leader. Qing Yun squeeze out the words: “Thank you sir, for your assistance…”

“No problem, tell him he owes me a favor.” Ye Cang left, without turning back.

Hong Ling felt like she was going to pass out.

Qing Yun recalled the words that their 7th squad’s leader Ren Long said before they left. At the time, they didn’t give it much thought. Afterall, it was just a simple scouting mission, but thinking back to the previous scene, she couldn’t help but bitterly laugh. He was at least ranked A. Not even their 7th group’s vice leader Yue Lin, was this strong.

“If something happens and you need assistance, you can call this number. Although you two are rude and like to cause trouble, this mission shouldn’t be hard. There should be no problem.”

Qing Yun bore the pain and lifted Hong Ling and smiled. No problem? If he didn’t see Hong Ling’s tattoo, then the two have them would have ended up as a pile of limbs. Thinking back, she started to shiver. That bastard was really too dangerous and his attacks too ruthless. No, he’s too eerily calm. Even when he attacked. he shows no signs or emotion.

Ye Cang returned to their simple apartment. He heard Lin Le’s Hu~ Hu~ snoring sounds. Zhang ZhengXiong slowly got up. Although he couldn’t see clearly, but he smelled the reek of blood. “Bro, you…”

Ye Cang faintly smiled. “It’s nothing. Go sleep.”

Zhang ZhengXiong didn’t say anything. To him, Ye Cang was his good brother, someone he respected, and he’d more or less guessed what was going on. “Bro, then you should rest too.”

Ye Cang nodded. He took out a change of clothes, and entered the bathroom to wash off the remaining blood. He looked in the mirror and saw his own indifferent face. Even after killing someone, he felt no guilt or conflict. He whispered in an inaudible voice: “Am I just an unfeeling monster? Or perhaps… Afterall, I’m…”

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